5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In DC | They Also Need Recognition!


Since the origin of DC Comics, sidekicks have always played an important role in winning the war or enlisting some help from the main superhero. Whenever a sidekick is given a chance, they come out of the shadows and steal the show by providing help in the best way possible. There are many superheroes that look incomplete without their sidekicks. Let’s have a look at the best Superhero sidekicks in DC and find out more about them.

The most commonly seen sidekicks are like teen heroes working alongside their adult mentors, and their support makes the experience of being a superhero more exciting. They are considered sidekicks because they don’t lead the plot and are often overlooked. The fact of the matter is that many of them have done a tremendous amount of work. They have proved their mettle from time to time, and some of them have become heroes, as we see in their own stories.

We would like to take your attention to some amazing superhero sidekicks, so let me introduce you to some of them!

Here Are Some Best Superheroes Sidekicks In DC | They Have Mind-Boggling Potential!

We should start recognizing sidekicks for their work because our heroes are incomplete without them. Here are some sidekicks with immense potential!

Barbara Gordon | The One Who Never Lacks Courage

5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In DC | They Also Need Recognition!

Barbara Gordon is one of the vigilant sidekicks inspired by Batman (a superhero and protector of a city named Gotham). She is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and the first modern-age Batgirl. Interestingly, she learned everything about him, and this passion for Batman made her a self-made hero who also designed her own Batgirl costume.

To manifest her potential even after losing her legs, she gained various skills like computer hacking and operation. With the help of these abilities, she became capable enough to breach the highest security systems. Interestingly, among the bat family, she is the highly computer-literate one. Due to the training from Batman, she is in the team of the world’s greatest detective. 

Other than all this, she obtained a Juris Doctor degree (law degree), through which she was able to sit in the state’s bar exam. Surprisingly, she is trained in martial arts, boxing, karate, and more. Later she became the founding member of the Birds of Prey and was one of the most cherished protectors of Gotham City.

So, now you know that she is a complete package of talent and intellect!

Dick Grayson | Holds A Special Position In Comics 

5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In DC | They Also Need Recognition!

Dick Grayson is a vigilante belonging to the Bat-family and was Batman’s first sidekick, Robin, before he chose to become The Nightwing. He also took the mantle of Batman when he was thought to be dead and became Nightwing again after the events of Flashpoint. Later he became the leader of the Teen Titans.

When it comes to his specialties, he is well-versed in acrobatics because he is a natural athlete. Other than this, he ranks on the peak level of human agility. Besides his other abilities, he knows computer hacking as well. Interestingly, one thing that differentiates him from others is his skill in escapology (ability to escape). That’s why he is capable enough to free himself even from the handcuffs of the police.

Lastly, he is equipped with skills in using firearms, which include handguns, shotguns, and many more. Due to his mastery in detection, he is a master detective, which ranks him second after Batman.

Tempest | The Protector Of The Land Of Atlantis 

5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In DC | They Also Need Recognition!

Tempest is an Atlantean who first appeared as the teen sidekick of Aquaman (the ruler of seas) other than Aquagirl. Besides this, he is also a founding member of Teen Titans (a group of young vigilantes).

Some of his jaw-dropping powers are hydrokinesis (ability to control water bodies), super-strength, and invulnerability (ability to withstand physical damage). Above all, he can survive at any depth of water. Interestingly, these are some of the natural powers that permit him to live in the underwater city named Atlantis. 

In addition to his powers, he ranks among the best users of magic in the DC Universe. Due to this, he is a member of Sentinels of Magic ( a group of magic users).

Donna Troy | The Original Wonder Woman 

5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In DC | They Also Need Recognition!

Donna Troy began as a Wonder Girl but changed her identity to Troia and Wonder Woman later in her days. She is almost a mirror duplicate of Diana, who was created as a playmate for young Diana. That’s why she is also considered her sister but has mostly been a sidekick. She became a founding member of the Teen Titans and is one of the beloved characters of DC Universe.

Being a duplicate of Diana (whom you know today as Wonder Woman), she possesses the same powers. Other than this, she has some unique powers as well, which differentiates her from Diana. Due to her flight power, she can glide on wind currents for some time. Interestingly, her power of psychic link (mind link) permits her to have an insight into others’ emotions and thoughts. 

Her superhuman agility, flexibility, durability, stamina, and strength make her no less than any other superhero. Unlike others, she possesses a long lifespan. 

Roy Harper | The Best In Archery Skills 

5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In DC | They Also Need Recognition!

Roy Harper is a sidekick of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow- a superhero that fights against crime with archery) and is known by the name of Speedy. Due to his intense practice, he developed the skills of someone twice his age.

Some of his unique powers include cybernetic enhancement (substituting a body part with mechanical equipment). That’s when he loses his hands in one of the fights, his hand gets replaced by bionic equipment. Further, he is highly skilled in archery and using firearms. Interestingly, he stands apart from the rest due to his analytics skills and deductive ability. And his leadership qualities have allowed him to lead teams in the initial stage of his life.

Also, his training in martial arts with Oliver Queen makes him proficient in it. Surprisingly, he is among those few sidekicks who are multilingual and can speak Russian, Japanese, and Navajo. Other than all these specifications, the most interesting one is that he is a drummer for a band named Great Frog. 

So, here’s someone who is into almost every field and is multi-talented!

Final Words 

So, these were some of the best superhero sidekicks in the DC Universe who have not got a significant amount of recognition. I hope by now you are familiar with these sidekicks and all abilities they have. Lastly, try to share the one you liked the most!


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