5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In Marvel | The Greatest Of All Time!


The best superhero sidekicks in Marvel may be working from the sidelines, but they don’t let that fact steal away any of their thunder. Sidekicks are an important part of the superhero clan and have been helping them from the days of the glorious golden era. So, without further ado, let’s get started and venture a little more into a world full of awesome superhero sidekicks in Marvel. 

Marvel sidekicks are mostly designed to become their own heroes by giving them a strong introduction or teaming them with others and eventually giving them the lead role. You might have seen Tom Holland Siderman appearing in Captain America Civil War as a sidekick only to become an Avenger later.  In recent years, DC sidekicks like Wonder Girl and Robin have managed to dim the light of Marvel sidekicks but not anymore. Marvel has a fair share of courageous sidekicks who have worked hard and deserve recognition. 

5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In Marvel | Sidekicks With A Legacy That Outshines The Heroes! 

Marvel’s universe may be full of the strongest superheroes like Avengers, but who said they could fight all the evil alone? Even the most badass heroes with God-like powers need a loyal sidekick who has their back on the battlefield when things go South. Picking the best superhero sidekicks in Marvel was not an easy task because, let’s be honest, all of them are the best. However, after a lot of compromises, I am here with a list that will add more brightness to every Marvel fan’s dull day. 

1# Bucky Barnes | Captain America’s Pillar Of Support!

5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In Marvel | The Greatest Of All Time!

Contrary to popular belief that Falcon is Captain America’s best sidekick, I don’t put an ounce of belief into this fact. For me, Bucky Barnes was, is, and will always be Captain America’s greatest sidekick. Yes, Falcon may have surpassed Cap to be the country’s new hero, but it was always Barnes who kept Steve Rogers sane during his tough times. Back in the days of WW II, when Captain was the symbol of everything glorious in America, Bucky was a bright young kid kicking the Nazis in the jaw. 

There was a time when everyone thought Bucky sacrificed himself to save Steve Rogers, but later it was revealed that he was taken over by the Russians and brainwashed. Like everyone else, Bucky also had his fair share of bad days, but soon he found his way back to his old buddy, and everything went back to normal. 

2# Falcon – Steve Rogers’ Loyal Protege!

2# Falcon - Steve Rogers’ Loyal Protege!

Falcon may have become the new Captain America, and many consider him a prodigy, but he was just another guy who wanted to make a difference in the world. When I say that Falcon was not anything like Bucky Barnes, I mean it in every sense. Quite literally! Falcon wasn’t a trained black ops soldier, and neither did he have any battle experience. Falcon met Steve Rogers in Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014) while taking a walk in the neighborhood. 

While in the comics, Falcon was born after Captain America saved him from Red Skull, and Black Panther gifted him a flight harness made with precision in the vibranium hub, Wakanda. Like Bucky, Falcon also worked with Captain America and kept up a good fight through thick and thin. Sam Wilson’s courage is the biggest reason he is known to be one of the best superhero sidekicks in Marvel. 

3# War Machine | Tony Stark’s Best Friend!

3# War Machine | Tony Stark’s Best Friend!

Tony Stark’s longtime friend and confidant, James Rhodes, aka Rhodey, became an essential part of the Avengers universe. In the beginning, Rhodey served as Tony’s pilot for a long time after meeting him in Vietnam. Yes, Vietnam was where the trustworthy bond between Rhodey and Tony was born. When Tony was unable to wield the mantle of Iron Man, Rhodey stepped into the War Machine armor and stood like a rock by Tony’s side. 

Rhodey was more than a physically strong and courageous sidekick for Iron Man in Marvel. Tony always considered Rhodey his emotional mentor, who would guide him through thick and thin. In both Marvel comics and the cinematic universe, we have seen Tony and Rhodey enjoying fun moments together, along with a few sad ones as well. 

4# Weasel | Deadpool’s Sassy Sidekick!

4# Weasel | Deadpool’s Sassy Sidekick!

All the biased opinions aside, we all know Weasel is the only person in the Marvel Universe with a wacky sense of humor, right next to the OG Deadpool. Weasel is Marvel’s oh-so-famous weaponry expert, along with excellent technological knowledge. If you are a hopeless Marvel fan like me (welcome to the club!!), you can easily compare Deadpool’s sidekick Weasel to Punisher’s sidekick, Microchip. Calling Weasel a sidekick in Marvel may not be fair because he does it out of Deadpool’s fear (mostly), but it is what it is. 

Although there may be fear, threats, demands, and warnings, there is also a lot of loyalty and hidden love in this mentor-mentee relationship. Deadpool and Weasel are like the gin and tonic of the Marvel universe. They are both deadly together but balance each other out very well. Weasel never shies away from standing up to Deadpool and often puts him back into his place. 

5# Rick Jones | First Sidekick Of The Silver Age Marvel Universe!

5 Best Superhero Sidekicks In Marvel | The Greatest Of All Time!

MCU has countless superhero sidekicks in their roster, but no one has come close to the most important sidekick Rick Jones. He has been a sidekick to many Marve superheroes, including Hulk, Captain America, and Captain Marvel in the comics, and now we are eagerly waiting for him to make an entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rick Jones debuted in 1962’s The Incredible Hulk as an assistant to Bruce Banner and helped him to navigate through his new monstrous identity. Later he also became the gamma-powered superhero named A-Bomb himself. After the recent introduction of several young Avengers in the MCU, the emphasis on introducing young superheroes, it could be the perfect time to introduce Rick in the sidekick fold.

Final Words 

Marvel Universe has plenty of sidekicks in both comics and the cinematic universe, but that does not mean all can be included in the list. Before you jump to any conclusions and point out that I am biased, let me clear it out. The list includes only the best superhero sidekicks in Marvel who have made an appearance in both comics and the entertainment universe. If you spot your favorite sidekick in the list, let us know more about them in the comments section below. 


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