5 Best Of Sword And Sorcery Movies | The Action Of The Sword Bearing Heroes!!


Were you the child who loved to play sword fighting games with your brother or friends and carried plastic swords wherever you go? If that was the case, you were very much like me, who enjoyed living in the magical world and was the greatest sword-bearing hero there. Now to refresh your earlier childhood imaginations, here are some of the very best sword and sorcery movies that will land you in the fantasy world of mightiest heroes.

Sword and Sorcery entertainment movies are mainly the stories of sword-bearing heroes. The tales of these heroes majorly focus on personal battles. The films are better known to have the elements of romance, magic, and supernatural stuff. Now, If you are very new to this genre or have never watched these types of movies, I will guide you with the best starters of their menu.

5 Best Of Sword And Sorcery Movies | Movies That Are Of No Comparision!!

Are you ready to enjoy the stories and adventures of great warriors!!!! If Yess!! (Never say No) then get hold of our detailed list and enjoy the ride.

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#1 Jason And Argonauts (1963)

The cult classic movie known for fighting sequences, Jason and Argonauts, is a mythological fantasy adventure film released on June 19, 1963. The film plots on a young man who journeys with some of the greatest warriors to find a precious golden fleece. In his journey, he faces various struggles when he stumbles across hydras, a few harpies, and a skeleton army. 

After 20 years of a long voyage, Jason returns to his kingdom to claim his throne, but before that, he is tasked to find a precious golden fleece with healing powers. Now for this task, he recruits a crew of some greatest warriors, sailors and sets his journey to an unknown mysterious land where he fights with big giants and huge venomous creatures, all for the sake of the precious fleece.

Directed By: Don Chaffey

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Run Time: 104 minutes

#2 Conan The Barbarian (1982)

Another popular cult classic, Conan the Barbarian, is an American sword and sorcery film released on May 14, 1982. The movie was a greater commercial success on its release that plots on a Young man named Conan, the greatest warrior who sets his mission to take vengeance on the sorcerer who killed his whole family.

Thulsa Doom, a sorcerer and evil ruler of the Snake cult, attacks a village, and his warriors kill Conan’s parents in the massacre. From there, Conan is forced into the slavery of this cruel ruler, and when he grows up, he becomes the greatest gladiator and regains his freedom. From there, Conan commits to destroy the Snake cult, revenge on Thulsa Doom for his parent’s death and massacre he did in his village.  

Directed By: John Milius

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Run Time: 129 minutes

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#3 Krull (1983)

#3 Krull (1983)

Praised by the critics for visuals, Krull is a science fiction swashbuckler film released on December 27, 1983. The film, on its release, faces a mixed review from the critics and plots on a young, wise prince who sets his mission to save his beautiful princess from the alien invaders.

Princess Lyssa is destined to become a queen and marry Prince Colwyn, but soon an evil creature called beast attacks the planet, Krull. With his devious army, he kidnaps the lovely Princess Lyssa. To save the princess, Colwyn teams up with the greatest warriors and sets his journey to defeat the beast army. But before that, he has to find a special magical weapon that can kill the beast. 

Directed By: Peter Yates

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

Run Time: 121 minutes 

#4 The Lords Of The Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

#4 The Lords Of The Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

The highest-grossing film with a box office collection of $2.991 billion, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is a three epic fantasy adventure film released in 2001. The films were based on the novel by J.R.R Tolkien that plots on a ring that is the power of the greatest devil warrior that needs to be destroyed to prevent the earth’s doom.

The Dark Lord Sauron’s powers are rising again, and he is building his army to regain his control on earth. The primary source of Sauron’s powers is the ring that he lost in his last battle, but the ring is somewhere on earth. Through a long journey, the ring has made its way to Frodo Baggins (a hobbit), and now he is tasked to destroy the ring in Mount Doom, where it is forged so as to stop Lord Sauron and protect the whole earth.

Directed By: Peter Jackson

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

Run Time: 558 minutes

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#5 Immortals (2011)

#5 Immortals (2011)

Praised by the critics for the visuals, action sequences, and production, Immortals is an American action-fantasy film released on November 11, 2011. The film was a big blockbuster that grossed $226 million in box office collection and plots on a Theseus, a mortal man chosen by God to fight with King Hyperion, who is tearing the Greece Empire.

King Hyperion is a despot ruler who is marching across Greece and on his way burning all the villages and killing innocents to get his hands on a magical weapon. With the invincible weapon, he will summon the Gods and become the greatest ruler of the whole world. To stop him, God chooses Theseus, a mortal man, who will protect the entire Greece empire from this bloodthirsty king.

Directed By: Tarsem Singh

IMDb Rating: 6/10

Run Time: 110 minutes 

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Final Words

Where some of the movies are very old, the chances are they might not be available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix. So, if you are getting difficulty in finding these movies, then the best place to search for them is on criterion.com.

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