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There are two types of shows. One is the tv shows that you can watch once, and the other are the best TV shows that you can binge-watch repeatedly. If you are the type of person who falls in the second category, you are at the right place because we have a surprise for you. 

The rise of digital video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime has completely taken over us. Due to our constant urge to watch something new, these platforms develop new shows and movies almost every other day. 

However, this outburst of new releases also confuses us, and we often end up confused about what to see. There are a few best TV shows that release and stay with us for a very long time. When we have nothing to binge, they become our faithful companions and make our free time pass away quickly. 

Keeping this in mind, today, we have shortlisted a few of these best TV shows that you and I both will love to binge-watch. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the article and learn more about these shows. 

6 Best TV Shows That You Will Love Binge-Watching 

GOT: Best TV shows

Take a look through the list we have curated especially for you and select your next pick for the coming weekend.

#1 The Witcher

Honestly, I think Hanry Cavill alone is a pretty good reason to binge-watch the first season of The Witcher. Geralt of Rivia will take you on an adventure through the lands of The continent that ends up in a battle with the invaders from Nilfgaard. 

Reasons that Make The Witcher One of the Best TV Shows.

  • Once again, Henry Cavill. Do you need any other reason?
  • The series is full of beasts and mythical creatures. 
  • Only 1 season to binge-watch, with the second releasing in August. 
  • The series is built on an exciting storyline. 
  • IMDb rating of 8.2

#2 Schitt’s Creek

“I like the wine and not the label” this one dialogue from season 1 of the series makes me so happy to see that a show can introduce an LGBTQ member without creating a charade out of it. Trust me, like I am in love with the Rose family who has just encountered poverty, you will also fall in love with them. They are funny, sarcastic, and well have each other’s back. 

Reasons that Make Schitt’s Creek One of the Best TV Shows

  • Teaches you a lot about family and togetherness. 
  • The entire series has brilliant character development. 
  • Quick episodes that you can binge-watch easily. 
  • Takes bold steps in the representation of the LGBTQ community.
  • IMDb Rating of 8.5

#3 Game of Thrones

Do we honestly need a reason not to watch GOT? Well, the last season of the series may give you a bit of disappointment, but other than that, the entire series is a complete package of adventure, bloodshed, lust for the crown of seven kingdoms and dragons. (and for the last time, The Witcher and Game of Thrones are not the same)

Reasons that Make GOT One of the Best TV Shows

  • Eight long seasons to binge-watch. 
  • Each episode ends on a twisted cliffhanger.
  • The entire series is full of relationships that you would have never guessed. 
  • You can never imagine what new twist will be in the story. 
  • IMDb rating of 9.2

#4 Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the best coming-of-age TV series that feels more like a film. The show is excellent for binge-watching because of two reasons. One reason is the episodes are cut short and don’t take much of your time, whereas second that, it is full of humor, sarcasm, and thrill. If you like mysteries, then unraveling mysterious supernatural forces will give you a good time. 

Reasons that Make Stranger Things One of the Best TV Shows

  • Stranger Things is low-key, inspired by real-life events. 
  •  Three seasons so you can binge-watch the series quickly.
  • The series is one epic roller coaster ride of emotions. 
  • Each season takes significant emphasis on character development. 
  • IMDb rating of 8.7 

#5 Gossip Girls

Gossip girl has a story full of love, epic romances, catfights, and betrayals that are twisted than any girl’s curls. The series is about a popular high school girl Blair Waldorf and the threat to her popularity when her ex-best friend Serena joins the same school. 

Reasons that Make Gossip Girls One of the Best TV Shows

  • Six long seasons full of drama for binge-watch.
  • Each season starts with a new story and a tragic past.
  • The entire series is full of never-ending drama.  
  • Most followed show for its take on fashion trends. 
  • IMDb Rating of 7.4

#6 Breaking Bad

A brilliant chemistry teacher (now a drug kingpin) who is underpaid and an ex-student who is the mastermind of chemistry make a dynamic duo in this emotionally charged series. This long format series is filled with suspicion, action-adventure, and a roller coaster full of emotions that make it the perfect series for binge-watching. 

Reasons that Make Breaking Bad One of the Best TV Shows

  • The entire series is filled with drama and thrilling adventures. 
  • Each season is full of character and story development. 
  • Five long seasons worthy of binge-watch. 
  • Considered the greatest cult series of all time by millions. 
  • IMDb rating of 9.4 


These are the six best TV shows that you can binge-watch when you have nothing to watch. All of these series are set entirely apart from each other, and in different timelines, so you will not find the stories resonating with each other. If you have more suggestions, please drop them in the comments section below. 

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