Best Utility and Tools Apps in 2021


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If you need a tool or a utility app on your device, which can be a helping hand, then you are in the right place.

Utility and Tools apps are essentially required so that you can make a straightforward approach in your day-to-day life. It makes your various tasks efficient and helps you save time as well.

Best Utility and Tools apps in 2021 are Cam Scanner, Google translation, Google Assistant/ Google search, Glass wire Proton VPN, Google maps, Wi-Fi Analyzer, Google Drive, YouTube, Google fit, Klok, 1Blocker Legacy 1Password, Translation, Safari, iCloud, iMovie; etc. These apps will make your various tasks easy.

Lets us read about them and know why we should download these particular applications.

17 Best Utility and Tools Apps in 2021 

Following are the best utility and tools apps, which you should download on your device.

1. Google Translator

it is a logo of Google Translator-  Top 10 Best Tools and Utility Apps for Android in 2021

Language is the only medium to communicate efficiently. Whenever we communicate with the other person, the language remains common. But what happens when two individuals speak different languages?

At this moment a google translator comes into play. We can type what we want to communicate to the other individual and either speak after translation or can make the device to speak the translated text.

This is by far the most helpful tool or app that can be used in our day to day life. Google translator is an amazing app.

2. Cam Scanner

it is a logo of CamScanner-  Top 10 Best Tools and Utility Apps for Android in 2021
Source: Behance

Cam Scanner is the most valuable app ever produced. It helps in scanning the pages in a very professional manner just as the paper scanned with the help of an actual scanner.

During the pandemic in 2020, a lot of scanning was done with the help of this app, by the people who were deprived of an actual scanner.

Cam Scanner also helps in scanning pictures, documents, etc. in the best of the resolution, which can be managed with the help of an individual’s requirement.

3. Google Assistant/ Google search

Hey Google! The easiest option to search for anything that is required to be known. Starting from the weather outside to the price of a vegetable.

Google Assistant is just like your personal worker, which will search for various titles on your one command.

Due to the technology being around every time around us, we can now switch off our lights or even switch them on just being at our spot and commanding our Google assistant.

4. Glass wire

it is a logo of Glass Wire-  Top 10 Best Tools and Utility Apps for Android in 2021
Source: PCMag

Glass wire is an app that will bifurcate the data usage for a better understanding of data division on your device. This is the most essential app that will help an individual who has a limited data pack.

This app will create a table that defines timings and the amount of data utilized by the particular app. This is a very useful app and a necessary one in today’s scenario, where everything is about data and its usage.

5. Proton VPN

it is a logo of Proton VPN-  Top 10 Best Tools and Utility Apps for Android in 2021
Source: PCMag

Proton VPN is a free app that, allows either one or two of your devices to connect and perform various searching tasks.

The requirement of  Proton VPN app is necessary for today’s generation to get access to certain links that are not in the allowance of surfing.  

Proton VPN is the best choice, as it is free; but to avail of the upgraded version, the app demands a small amount. All in all, this is a magnificent application that Android and iOS users can install.

6. Google maps

It is a logo of Google Map-  Top 10 Best Tools and Utility Apps for Android in 2021
Source: The Verge

A creation that will save you from getting lost in a particular area. Google maps are the only app that everyone relies on, before going out or searching for an area.

Google map is an essential app for all the people living in big cities because you don’t have small areas there to memorize, you have big roads and big towns.

This app provides the service of mapping without any cost. The need to confirm from a resident of a particular area is now not needed.

7. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Most Wi-Fi users do not bother to install this app, but this is the need of the hour. With the help of this app, we can analyze our Wi-Fi Connectivity, boost your Wi-Fi signal, and make changes if required.

We can find out the unknown devices paired, and why the speed of your Wi-Fi is not as great as before.

This is the best app that will help you rectify the loopholes of slow Wi-Fi Connectivity.

8. Google Drive

it is a logo of Google Drive-  Top 10 Best Tools and Utility Apps for Android in 2021
Source: Google

Google drive is the most amazing app by googles, that is directly connected with other apps of google like Google Doc, Google Sheets; etc. if login through a common mail Id.

Google Drive is one of the sorted applications, use to store documents, photographs, make folders, etc.

Google Drive also has an option to share documents using various links, instead of sending mail.

It is easy, sorted, clean, and an app that is at your fingertips. The space offered by Google drive is around 15GB but space can be increased, by buying it at a minimal cost.

9. YouTube

The most conversational app in today’s time is  YouTube which consists of billions of videos from various users all around the globe.

If you want to know anything in a detailed form, there will be a video available online, which helps you to explore and search for the content.

YouTube is the most user-friendly app that is available online today.

10.  Google fit

It is a logo of Google Fit-  Top 10 Best Tools and Utility Apps for Android in 2021
Source: Google

An app that will connect you with the details about your health. It will count your calories, your steps, keep a record of your ECG, and various other health-related information.

It will help you count your steps and determine the calories. This is a free app and a necessary app.

11. Klok

Install Klok from App Store- Which are the Best Tools and Utilities for iOS 2021?
Source: Buuuk

Klok is actually a time zone converter available for iPhone users. It helps in converting time zones, just like that with a feathery swipe. Klok is a premium application that gives you clear access to different time zones, depending on the areas selected.

Features of Klok:

  • It will be added to your widget list.
  • You can access Klok, even if your iPhone is locked. What an amazing feature!
  • An accurate time converter, that makes things more efficient.
  • A rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the iPhone adds to its supremacy.
  • With options for various languages, makes it likable for people around the globe.
  • It can be installed for free and is up to 36.8 MB

Why don’t you install it right away?

12. 1Blocker Legacy

If you want to keep your phones safe and free from malicious content, then go and install the 1Blocker Legacy Utility application. It involves a single touch and you can just block away from all the unsafe links, sites, and data installed.

Features of 1Blocker Legacy:

  • It will automatically remove all the unwanted ads and sites, that can harm your device.
  • It also protects your device from online data trackers and data collector, that can enter into your device.
  • It also keeps your children away from the Adult site, as it blocks them.
  • It also boosts the speed of your device and makes your Apple devices fast.
  • It is available for free, with no installation charges.
  • If you are an iPhone user, this application is a must for you.

13. 1Password

 logo of 1Password- Which are the Best Tools and Utilities for iOS 2021?
Source: PCMag

If it is difficult for you, to memorize your password, you can go ahead using this tool. It can be added as an extension to your chrome or safari. It will save all your passwords or can also help you in forming a strong password.

Features of 1Password:

  • Can add it as an extension and will automatically save all your password.
  • Provides a one-month free trial. Hence a space to try what this tool has to deliver.
  • Best organizer for all your passwords, stores passwords in an accessible manner for your convenience
  • It even helps you to label your passwords into categories depending on your various passwords.
  • It has around 900,000 + users, with positive reviews.

14. Safari

Safari is an inbuilt, web surfing application available on iPhone, that obviously provides you with relevant answers, but also keeps you safe on the site from the trackers and malicious content creators. It does not allow cookies or ads to surf around your Mac or iPhone. Safari is one of the safe search engines.

Features of Safari:

  • It is the safest web-browser to search content on, will not allow other users or trackers to track your device.
  • It maintains history so that you can surf them again.
  • Allows you to mark things important and also in a bookmark so that you can refer them later.
  • It filters the best search answers for you from the clutter.
  • It is the most friendly and very responsive web browser.
  • It is the best option to surf the internet if you are an iOS operator.

15. Translate

apple Translate logo- Which are the Best Tools and Utilities for iOS 2021?
Source: TechFans

You visiting a new place and is unaware of the place’s language and dialect. If you are an iOS operator, you will never feel confused with a language. It has inbuilt a lot of languages, that will help you translate whatever you can’t understand.

Features of Translate:

  • It is easy and probably can be used without internet connectivity.
  • It translates with correct grammar and required syntax in languages like French.
  • The translation is available into various dialects well.
  • It’s an easy access application, formed for all the age groups.

16. iCloud

iCloud Logo- Which are the Best Tools and Utilities for iOS 2021?
Source: TechRepublic

Just like for all android users, google drive is a vault for saving files, iPhone has it’s own formulated, drive known as iCloud. iCloud comes with a renewable policy where you buy storage.

Features of iCloud:

  • It is a storage for all the essential applications on iPhone or applications in use.
  • If somehow you are unable to buy the space, it will store it on iCloud, and later will allow you to access the file.
  • iCloud comes with a minimum price, also differs for students.
  • It is the safest and secure storage application.

If you are still thinking to buy storage, just get it done and save your files on a safer option.

17.  iMovie

iMovie logo- Which are the Best Tools and Utilities for iOS 2021?
Source: Macworld

We all love to edit our photos and clips into a video. iMovie is a utility application that I will personally recommend to all the editors out there or the beginners. iMovie makes you experience the professional journey of editing a video.

Feature of iMovie:

  • It has inbuilt templates, that will make your work a little easy.
  • Easy to understand and accessible for beginners.
  • The best thing about iMovie is that it’s for free, you need not pay anything.
  • Has a lot of inbuilt audio and music.

These applications will help you to perform your day-to-day tasks in a very efficient manner. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download this app.