Best Video Chatting Apps in 2021


Do you get bored with the same voice calling? Do you want to try some cool video chatting apps but tired of searching best free video chatting apps? If so then I can surely help you.

With technology change, the world is moving towards a digital world. You can connect with anyone in the world with just one click. There are millions of video chatting applications available for meetings, group conversations and friends. Some are used to connect between android and iOS

According to the user reviews and rating and some little research on the internet. Here is the list of best video chatting and calling apps in 2021

  1. Zoom
  2. Facetime
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Google Duo
  5. Messenger 
  6. Houseparty
  7. Snapchat 
  8. Tango
  9. LINE
  10. Signal
  11. IMO
  12. Viber
  13. Skype

The above-mentioned video chatting app in 2021 briefed in detail below. You can read the features, design of the above apps below.

Free Video Chatting Apps

Read along the list to find the top video chatting apps that suits you best.


Zoom Logo: Video Chatting App
Source: Tech Radar

Zoom is the best video chatting app for iOS as well as an android with its graphical user interface you can connect with the app easily. Zoom offers a variety of services to its user. You can make audio/ video calls, messages with attachments and stickers. 


  • Hassle-free
  • Group chat option 
  • Useful for business organization
  • Ad-free experience

Zoom app is available online with a #1 rating in top free selling. The user rating of App is 4.3.


Facetime is a pre-installed video chatting app for iOS only. Facetime offers many features to their client. The Apple user can send messages, voice notes, stickers and document files over the internet with Facetime. You can video chat between iPhones, iPads and MacBook. Facetime is a simple and secure app from Apple Inc. Facetime supports HD voice and video calls. 


  • Simple, secure and convenient
  • Free for Apple user
  • Supports stickers and pictures
  • Night mode

Facetime is a pre-installed app in Apple products. Rated one of the best video chatting app of all the time.


WhatsApp Logo: Video Chatting App
Source: TechnoStalls

WhatsApp is a multimedia messenger app available for all platforms. You can send and receive messages over the phone’s internet. You can also make calls (voice/video) free of cost as the call is made over the internet. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. It is easy to understand and a secure application. WhatsApp easily syncs with your contacts and you can call anyone on WhatsApp in high quality and HD voice. 


  • Supports group chats
  • Simple and secure
  • Supports up to 25MB attachment
  • Video Groups chats

Whatsapp is available online with a user rating of 4.6.

Google Duo

Google Duo Logo: Video Chatting App
Source: The Verge

Google Duo is a video chatting and texting app. You can call or text your friends and family members on Google Duo. it is a safe and secure app. You can use it for business purposes.


  • Video Groups chats
  • HD video call
  • Low latency

Google Duo is available online with a user rating of 4.6.


Messenger Logo: Video Chatting App
Source: Google Play

Messenger by Facebook is an amazing free video chatting app that combines all your message in one place. The Messenger application syncs all the text messages and the Facebook Message in one screen. Messenger’s new features support audio and video calls, customized themes and chat heads allow you to switch between the apps easily.


  • Minimized chat heads 
  • Cool emojis 
  • Sticker support
  • Multimedia attachment

Messenger is available online with a user rating of the app is 4.1.


Houseparty is social networking that sends you a notification when your friend is online and ready to chat. Houseparty allows you to play games with your friend while chatting with them. You can communicate with your friends and share many things during facetime. The application offers a large number of filters for video chatting.


  • Group chat
  • Filters
  • Customized wallpapers
  • Works on slow internet

Houseparty is available online with a user rating of 4.8.


Snapchat Logo: Video Chatting App
Source: Twitter

Snapchat is a messaging app. You can use it as a video calling app with great oncall filters. Snapchat offers a ton of amazing and cute filters. You can share your snap with your friends and keep them updated about your lifestyle.


  • Supports Bitmoji
  • Disappearing messages 
  • Video call filters 

Snapchat is available online with a user rating of 3.6 


Logo Tango: Video Chatting app
Source: Google Play

Tango is the best video chatting apps for Android. It is a great app for meeting new people. You can live stream your talent and get featured in their online library. You can discover millions of people on the app and find new friends. Tango is in the top 2nd position in top-grossing social application categories in the play store.


  • All language support.
  • You can watch hundreds of live users.
  • Meet new peoples.
  • Easy to understand

Tango app is available online with a user rating of 4.4.


Logo Line: video chatting app
Source: Wikimedia

Line is a simple video chatting application that allows you to connect with friends and family in a touch. Line designed to change the old school method of communicating. The video chatting app is best for teenagers.

It allows you to share voice notes, stickers and multimedia messages on the go. The line is available in the lite version also so if you have low space you can also try the lite version. Line syncs with your device and creates the backup of chat.


  • Easy to use  
  • Work on slow internet
  • Support attachments
  • Preinstalled stickers pack

Line app is available online with a user rating of 4.1.


logo signal: video chatting app
Source: BBC

Signal is a free messaging application that supports video calls over the internet. You can talk to your friends, share multimedia files on Signal. Signal comes with different themes for couples, mates and friends. 


  • Supports graphical user interface
  • Encrypted chats
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to use and manage chats
  • Pin important chats.

Signal is available online with a user rating of 4.5.


IMO Logo: video chatting apps
Source: SeekLogo

IMO is the best instant messaging app that supports high definition video chats and text messages. You can make friends group and share things on the go. IMO is the best video chatting app for couples. The video and text chat is encrypted end to end so that no one can breach into your personal information. 


  • Simple and reliable
  • Encrypted
  • Supports attachments
  • High definition calling

IMO is available online with a user rating of 4.1.


Logo Viber: video chatting app
Source: Twitter

Viber is a calling application designed for helping you to reduce your monthly phone bill. Viber allows you to call and chat over the internet. You can share stickers, photos and documents by Viber.


  • Consume less data
  • Fast and simple
  • Easy to understand

Viber is available online with a user rating of 4.4.


Skype Logo: video chatting app
Source: Net Aware

Skype is a video chatting application used for many purposes. Skype is ad-free so that you can focus on the conversation without distractions. Skype is also a famous application used by millions of people around the globe for business purposes


  • Low latency
  • HD voice
  • Secure and safe

Skype is available online with a user rating of 4.3. 

Final Verdict:

The above-detailed description of the video chatting apps for android and iOS in 2021 is based on the Play Store user reviews and ratings. I hope your search ends here. If you use any of the above apps, please let us know in the comment sections. 

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