7 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners


When I started with video editing, no one helped me to get my basic clear, but today we have some best video editing software for beginners which can teach them from tip to toe of video editing and will make them learn all about editing. 

Video Editing software is accessible on every device, but there are quite a few which will only work on your apple device, such as iMovie, FCP, etc. We have a list of alternatives as well.

Some of the leading video editing software which can help you learn about video editing in an easy go are-

  • Wondershare Filmora 
  • Blender
  • Shotcut 
  • VSDC
  • Avidemux
  • iMovie
  • Openshot
  • Hitfilm Express
  • Machete Lite
  • Lightworks

Let us dig deep into the best video editing software, which will help all beginners to learn quickly and in a more competent manner.

7 best Video Editing Software for Beginners 

Following are the seven best Video Editing Software for Beginners, which will help you get your basics clear for editing a small video to make it creative.

1# Wondershare Filmora – A tested Software

Wondershare Filmora – A tested Software- 7 best Video Editing Software for Beginners

When you are a beginner, editing videos can be a strenuous activity. You have to choose the best software for the best basic experience, and I know Wondershare Filmora can do that for you. 

Windowshare Filmora has the best 4k editing window and access to amazing graphics for news designing or adding titles. The HD & 4K video quality is what this particular software can help you with.  

If you are a YouTuber and making vlogs and videos is your everyday task, Windowshare Filmora will provide you with some breathtaking royalty-free music, images, and clips so that you can have the best experience of learning how to edit videos.

Supporting Devices

Both MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro and Windows

2# Blender- Blend your Videos with best effects available


If you are on the verge of starting video editing, I would recommend you choose Blender, as it may help you learn the blending and transition techniques with more perfection.  

Blender allows the editor to edit videos with some impressive 3D animations and graphics. It gives them an upper hand to understand the colors, making the whole editing experience an enthralling one. 

The techniques may differ from application to application, so if you are into editing videos to make it a carrier option, it will be better if you shift to another application after learning the basics to work more technically sound. 

Supporting Devices

Both MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro, LINUX, and Windows

3# Shotcut – Let’s Cut the shot 

Shotcut – Let's Cut the shot

When the film arrives on the editing table, the editor can make or break the movie. He/she has the absolute power to make things happen even if the film’s director or videomaker has completely ruined the film drive. 

On the other hand, Shot cut is one such software, which can make the film. The editor will tear apart all the shots and arrange them into a meaningful and result. 

The intensity of this software is mild if compared to any other software available in the market. It has transitions, Graphics, Royalty free music, which we demand from editing software. It is the most suitable software for beginners. 

Supporting Devices

Both MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro, LINUX, and Windows

4# VSDC- becoming a master of video editing

VSDC- becoming a master of video editing

VSDC is the most accessible video editing software, which I suppose you can learn as quickly as munching your food and drinking your drinks ordered from Best Food and Drinking apps. VSDC will make you come across some of the best video editing settings and techniques. 

It has features like audio editing too. Color correction is an added & essential feature for all video editors. The Best thing about VSDC is that it can make you enjoy the editing time. 

Once you are into this software, the addiction to this software will not let you leave. If you want to access all the valued features through a pro version, it will cost you around $20; hence the editing experience will be one of the best experiences. 

Supporting Devices

Both MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro, LINUX, and Windows

5# Avidemux- Maximize your Learning experience 

Avidemux- Maximize your Learning experience

If you want to come across some fantastic video editing tips, this software is the best choice for you. Avidemux will make your editing experience the most learning experience if you are starting as a beginner. 

Avidemux has some fantastic editing shortcuts which will help you edit your video quickly and get your things done. 

I’m not too fond of this software because few things and features are hidden from the main taskbar, so we have to search for them.

Supporting Devices

Both MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro, LINUX, and Windows

6# iMovie- Apple Software are the best 

iMovie- Apple Software are the best

I learned about video editing through iMovie regarding some of the YouTube Videos. I used it in all my college projects for making videos and films used this software.

iMovie is the beginner version of Final Cut Pro, I suppose. From starting with iMovie in 2018, today, I use FCP just like that. This transition was easy and made me aware of updates that I came across through iMovie only. 

I would highly recommend every apple user to try this video editing software as it is suitable for your MacBook and iPhones. Hence, if you are into filmmaking, you should download this on your devices. 

Supporting Devices

Both MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro and iPhones.

7# Openshot – making your shots meaningful 

Openshot – making your shots meaningful

Openshot for beginners is like a garage for videos; you open them, correct the parts, put them together, do some polishing, and the result and new looking video. Openshot is the most suitable software for all beginners. 

The open shot is one of the easily accessible software which will help you do time-mapping, Layering, Masting, and animating. If you want your videos to stand out., The open shot is an app for you. 

I would highly recommend you use this application and make your beginning days more hardworking to turn into an expert sooner. 

Supporting Devices

Both MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro, LINUX, and Windows

These were some of the software suitable for all the beginners who want to learn about editing in a more extended way because this software are user-friendly and easy to access. 

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