How to Choose Best Wall Art for Home Decor in 2021


There are so many opportunities you get to be creative and express your style while decorating the walls. Every wall in the home is like a blank canvas. You must give it a new look by adding different wall decor ideas.

The best wall art should complement a design and talks about your lifestyle, pattern, and taste. Art pieces selected for decor should be according to the needs of your home style. 

Best Wall Art Size

One central décor point to keep in mind while selecting wall art is the size of art pieces that fill the space. However, if you are planning to decorate the room with different art pieces, size is tricky to focus on.

The size of the wall art should not be too big for a wall. Few standard artwork sizes to consider are oversized, large, medium, small, and mini.

  • Oversized artwork looks stunning when placed above big furniture like sofa, bed, dining table.
  • Large artwork adds beautiful statement pieces to the rest of the places, like busy gallery walls.
  • Medium wall art with two or single art pieces to the gallery wall speaks for empty room space.
  • You can combine small wall art with two to six small pieces of artwork for a beautiful effect. Also, you can place them in a mix match manner on the wall.
  •  Mini Frames or prints look best when grouped on the wall. These can be of any theme from slags, signs, floral, metallic, quotes, etc.

Styles of the Wall Art

You can easily glam up the walls of your home with different art styles if chosen rightly according to the room. Some of the types are as follows:

  • Portraits of different styles and colors add a great look to the wall.
  • Modern wall art adds religious signs and symbols that catch the eye of the viewer.
  • Storytelling artwork leads to communication and connection with the person, no matter who you are.
  • Geometric artwork is a fun and playful form of wall art. It need not be meaningful according to space. Instead, it adds colors and texture to the wall.

Wall Art by the Color

Ways of selecting wall art by color depend upon the color of the walls. If the walls of your home are neutral in color, play with a variety of wall art from dark to light colors.

If your walls have bright colors, opt for a wall art color a little opposite to the wall color. It gives a more vibrant feel.

Define Your Home

The right kind of wall art makes a huge difference to your home, as it sets the look of your space. In addition, your home should tell you about your feelings and unique style.

Wall art adds definition, dimension, and vision to the room and allows you to play with colors and textures. 

The Theme of Room

The theme of your room plays a vital role in picking up stuff for wall decoration. The art pieces should match the furniture and accessories of the house.

For example, a beachy home goes well with colorful art pieces that give a coastal feel to a home. To decorate your dining room, you can check wall art ideas from here

Wall Art Should be Unique

Houses with wall art set them apart from the rest of the places. Unique wall art in a home gives it a different look and class.

Houses with gallery walls, fabric walls, murals, mirror walls add a unique look to the interiors. Try to pick a wall print that looks unique and complements the other decor pieces in your home. 

 Wall Art According to the Floors

The golden rule for those working with open floors is to buy wall art that clearly defines your space. One problem with the floors is that it leaves a minimal gap between rooms and wall decor to differentiate.

Go for artwork complementing the theme or color of the home without creating a fuss in the home’s decor. The best option is to go for gallery walls by putting art pieces in one place without any overcrowding.


It does not matter how you pick wall art for your home. The only thing that should be kept in mind while selecting wall art is that it should not become a difficult task.

If you love it, don’t stress over it and let your creativity shine. By adding tips and tricks from here and there, one can surely choose the best artwork for space.

The above ways of selecting wall art will help you choose amazing prints for home decor. Keep in mind that wall art can instantly change the look of your home and can make it look more attractive. 


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