10 Best Websites To Watch Chinese Dramas With English Subtitles



Are you mesmerized by these Chinese dramas but language is a barrier? Looking for reliable websites to watch Chinese dramas with English subtitles? We have managed to gather plenty of them here for your convenience. From now on, you can have a jolly weekend. 

China is said to produce a lot of dramas in comparison to other countries. Over the years, it has also surpassed the popularity of Korean dramas. So, to Cater to the needs of the already existing and ever-growing audience, the number of websites to watch Chinese dramas with English subtitles is rising.

10 Best websites to watch Chinese dramas with English websites are – Viki Rakuten, Newsasian TV, Kissasian,  WeTV,  iQIYI, Dramacool, Asian Crush, YouTube, Fall Drama, and  Youku.com.

Watch some of the best Chinese dramas and tell us about your valuable opinion on the never-ending debate revolving around the supremacy of Korean dramas vs. Chinese dramas. ( Pakistani dramas smiling at a distance).

10 Interesting Websites To Watch Chinese Dramas With English Subtitles

Make use of the following websites to watch Chinese dramas with English subtitles – 

1# Viki Rakuten

Viki Rakuten

Visit this website to watch any Chinese drama. The subtitles are very accurate, and you can catch any new Chinese drama on this app. However, you need to have a Viki pass for some of them.

2# Newsasian TV


Go to this website to watch any genre of Cdrama of your choice; however, beware of the browser of the excessive annoying ads on this site. So have an ad blocker on your browser for a better surfing experience.

3# Kissasian


Apart from giving access to many gripping Chinese dramas, the reliable website Kissasian has something for everyone – it enables you to watch Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, and anime in English subtitles.  

4# WeTV

WeTV 10 Best Websites To Watch Chinese Dramas With English Subtitles

WeTV is a legal website that enables you to watch Chinese Dramas and anime as well. Please do not take the trouble of being a VIP user, as most shows become free when they end.

5# iQIYI


iQIYI is a legal website that provides you access to the most popular Chinese dramas to its VIP users. If you don’t want to spend money on this, that’s fine too, as, after a few days, the website gives access to the free users as well. 

6# Dramacool


The best thing about this popular website is that it uploads the subtitled episodes within a day of their actual release. It also enables you to download episodes of different video quality. You can also watch Korean dramas here.

7# Asian Crush

Asian Crush

Visit the website Asian Crush if you want to watch some of the most outstanding Chinese dramas. A major Highlight about this website is that no disturbing ads are there to interrupt your binge-watching.

8# YouTube


Nowadays, producers have started uploading the legal episodes of plenty of Chinese dramas like – Winter Begonia, The Guardian, etc. However, they sometimes skip releasing them with subtitles, and it disappoints the Cdarama lovers. 

9# Fall Drama

Fall Drama

Fall Drama is another good website for watching Chinese dramas. The good thing about this free website is that it has arranged all the dramas according to their genres, and you can see their ratings. 

10# Youku.com


This largest internet video company in China provides access to freshly released Chinese dramas. However, the people living outside of China would have to watch them through VPN.

60 Must Watch Chinese Dramas

Best Chinese dramas
  1. Love Me If You Dare
  2. Winter Begonia
  3. The Rumored Third Princess
  4. Go Go Squid
  5. Find yourself
  6. The Sweet Love Story
  7. Love Of Thousand Years
  8. Serenade Of Peaceful joy
  9. Love 020
  10. My Amazing Boyfriend
  11. A Love So Beautiful
  12. Memory Loss
  13. Go Ahead
  14. Here To Heart
  15. The Fox’s Summer
  16. When a Snail Falls In Love
  17. Stay With Me
  18. Diamond Lover
  19. If I Can Love You So
  20. Accidentally In Love
  21. The Prince Of Tennis
  22. Ever Night
  23. Story Of Yanxi Palace
  24. Sweet Dreams
  25. The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love
  26. Ode To Joy
  27. Go Princess Go
  28. Meteor Garden
  29. Sweet Combat
  30. Cinderella Chef
  31. My Huckleberry Friends
  32. The Bad Kids
  33. Skate Into love
  34. Put Your Head On My Shoulder
  35. The Untamed
  36. Nirvana In Fire
  37. Joy of Life
  38. Eternal Love
  39. The King’s Avatar
  40. The Legend Of Concubine Zhen Huan
  41. Guardian
  42. Love Is Sweet
  43. Heavy Sweetness
  44. Arsenal Military Academy
  45. Battle Of Changsha
  46. A Love So Beautiful
  47. Princess Agent
  48. Le Coup de Foudre
  49. Boss And Me 
  50. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart
  51. Legend Of Fu Yao
  52. The Story Of MingLan
  53. Fighter Of The Destiny
  54. My Girlfriend Is An Alien
  55. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me
  56. When We Were Young
  57. The King’s Women
  58. Legend Of Chusen
  59. Well Intended Love
  60. Love And Destiny

In A Nutshell

These websites are a boon to any Chinese drama fan. Enjoy binge-watching them without any disturbance. The fantastic weekend they have guaranteed! And, if your partner is not into Chinese drama stuff and all – we have something for them as well. Ask them to select a movie of their choice from these best online streaming sites so that both of you manage to have a fun time.