What Is In The Store Of Blood Of Zeus 2? Wield Your Swords And Get Ready To Spill The Blood


Blood Of Zeus 2 is one of the biggest sensations now, thanks to Season 1’s awesome animated and action-filled mythological story of Zeus and Electra’s son Heron! 

Netflix marvel Blood Of Zeus, released in October 2020, is a power-packed action series with awesome graphics and a gripping mythological plot. The creators, Vlas Parlapanides and Charley, left no stone unturned to make this awesome series spread over eight episodes to entertain us.  

The first season became an instant hit and received a lot of love. It ended with a lot of action, twists, and new entrants. It left a lot of questions unanswered and the future of Olympia at stake! Thus, Blood Of Zeus 2 will address these issues and provide new dimensions in the story. We expect a lot of action, plotting, secrets, and magic in the upcoming season! 

After Blood Of Zeus Season 1, fans eagerly wait to know what will happen in Blood Of Zeus 2, its release date, and its upcoming storyline! Hold on your breath! I have all of your answers! Let us get started.

Is Blood Of Zeus 2 Happening For Real, Or Is It A Hoax News?

What Is In The Store Of Blood Of Zeus 2? Wield Your Swords And Get Ready To Spill The Blood

Blood of Zeus was featured on Netflix in October 2020 globally. It received immense love and views and rose to the third position in Netflix’s Best Global Series. Everyone was expecting season 2 after the enormous success of its first season. And the good news is- it has been officially announced that it will release the next season soon!

There were mixed rumors about its future, but Netflix took to its Twitter handle to announce Blood of Zeus 2 will surely come. The super cool graphics and par level of action in animation deserve a long screen time!

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Will We Find Answers To These Questions In Blood Of Zeus 2? Which Question Bothers You The Most?

 What Is In The Store Of Blood Of Zeus 2?

Now, as we already know that season 2 is hitting Netflix very soon, there are a lot of queries and unresolved questions that we demand an answer to! Though the series will show continuity, many things keep my mind wondering. I am sure you have the same questions too! 

  • We all want to know what the future will hold for Seraphim. In the last epic battle, he was forced to pledge his loyalty to Hades. But how long he can be captured and controlled will be exciting to watch next season. Seraphim’s ambitious moves and plans are surely in the Season 2 store!
  • Now the throne of Olympia is vacant after the heroic death of Zeus; it would be interesting to watch who will succeed. We might witness tussle between Heron, Hades, and Hera and faction-formations. Will Heron succeed?
  • We have many questions regarding Hera’s future and her next mission. How will she make her comeback in Olympus? Will she manage the wrath of gods and earn back her position? This is something we all want to know!
  • If Hela comes back (and it will happen!), what would be her reaction to seeing Zeus’s bastard son among the Gods? Will she accept him, or her hatred would again dominate the next season?
  • What will happen between Heron and Seraphim? What will Hades have on his mind? What is the future of Mount Olympus? 

We want answers to every question in Blood Of Zeus 2! Did I miss any important points? Let me know in the comment below! 

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What You Should Know Before Watching Blood Of Zeus 2? Know The Basics First!

What Is In The Store Of Blood Of Zeus 2?

If you are unaware of Blood Of Zeus season 1, here I am to help you out! The story is about Heron, son of God Zeus and mortal Queen Electra, facing a lot of crisis and humiliation. However, his destiny has greater plans for him! 

There is a fiery battle going between gods and demons, and the story’s main villain turns out to be his half-brother. Despite Heron’s reluctance, he is dragged into the war, which costs him heavily. He has to deal with many secrets, suspense, and jealousy of Hera (Zeus’s wife).  

The dynamics of relationships keep changing, creating different dimensions of the story. The constant interference of Zeus for protecting Heron leads to factionalism among the gods. This leads to the culmination of the epic final battle, the death of Zeus, saving Earth & Olympia, and the defeat of Seraphim in Season 1. 

Where Can We Binge-Watch Blood Of Zeus 2? Kill Your Boredom just Like That!

What Is In The Store Of Blood Of Zeus 2?

For now, there is no release date of Blood Zeus 2, but you can catch up on this fantastic series’ Season 1 only on Netflix. We are expecting Netflix to announce the release of Season 2 soon. Due to the ongoing pandemic and global crisis, it might take some time. But it’s going to be released for sure!

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Where & When You Can Watch The Latest Trailer Of Blood Of Zeus 2? Mark The Date Or At Least Pretend!

Since we have not got any official release date, we are still waiting for the trailer of Blood Of Zeus 2. Only a brief teaser was made during the announcement of the renewal of the series. But only after the release date can we expect an official full-fledged trailer. Till then, you can treat your eyes with the Blood Of Zeus trailer on Youtube and all episodes only on Netflix.

Final Words

Blood Of Zeus is a well-performed cinematic masterpiece that will take you on a bumpy ride in a different world. What makes it more thrilling is the gripping storyline and awesome stunts. So, being a true fan, tell me- Are you as excited as I am for the Zeus Of Blood 2? If yes, share your thoughts in the comment section.

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