Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters


Anime and manga have captivated audiences worldwide with their diverse and memorable characters. Blue Lock, a popular soccer-themed manga series by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura, introduces a unique group of talented players striving to become the ultimate striker. As we delve into the world of Blue Lock, we can’t help but notice striking resemblances between some of its characters and beloved figures from other anime series. In this article, we will discuss Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters. 

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

If you are a fan of Blue Lock anime and are looking for anime characters who resemble other Anime characters, then below is our list of Blue Lock players who resemble other Anime characters. 

Isagi & Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

Blue Lock is an anime series that centres around the intense world of soccer, where talented young players compete in a high-stakes tournament to secure a spot on the national team. One of the main characters in Blue Lock is Isagi Yoichi, a determined and skilled striker who shares certain similarities with Kirito from Sword Art Online.

Isagi and Kirito possess a strong sense of determination and a never-give-up attitude. They face numerous challenges and obstacles in their respective worlds but remain resolute in their pursuit of their goals. Isagi, like Kirito, refuses to back down, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.

Also, both characters are highly skilled in their fields. Kirito is a formidable swordsman, while Isagi is a talented soccer player. They showcase exceptional abilities and often outshine their peers through their unique skills and strategies.

Furthermore, both Isagi and Kirito exhibit strong leadership qualities. They can rally their teammates and inspire them to perform at their best. Isagi, like Kirito, becomes a pivotal figure in their respective stories, taking charge and guiding their teammates toward victory.

While Isagi and Kirito may exist in different anime universes with contrasting themes, their shared traits of determination, skill, and leadership create a parallel between them. These similarities make Isagi a compelling character in Blue Lock, drawing comparisons to Kirito from Sword Art Online.

Chigiri & Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

Blue Lock is a popular anime series known for its intense soccer matches and complex characters. One character who stands out is Chigiri, and many fans have noticed similarities between him and Kenshin Himura from the beloved series Rurouni Kenshin.

Chigiri shares several characteristics with Kenshin. First and foremost, both characters possess exceptional skills in their respective fields. Kenshin is a legendary swordsman, while Chigiri is a highly talented striker in the world of soccer. The mastery of their chosen crafts sets them apart from other characters and makes them formidable opponents.

Furthermore, both characters exhibit a calm and collected demeanour in the face of adversity. Kenshin, known as the Hitokiri Battōsai, carries a painful past with him but maintains a gentle and compassionate disposition. Similarly, Chigiri, despite his competitive nature and drive to be the best, remains composed and thoughtful, never losing sight of his goals.

Additionally, both Kenshin and Chigiri possess a hidden darkness within them. Kenshin struggles with his violent past and seeks redemption, while Chigiri harbours a deep desire for recognition and validation. This inner conflict adds depth to their characters and creates a sense of intrigue.

In terms of physical appearance, Chigiri shares some resemblance with Kenshin. Both characters have striking eyes and distinct hairstyles that contribute to their unique charm.

The similarities between Chigiri from Blue Lock and Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin make for an intriguing parallel. These resemblances not only provide nostalgia for fans of Kenshin but also add depth and complexity to Chigiri’s character, making him a compelling figure in the Blue Lock anime.

Nagi & Near (Death Note)

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

Nagi, a character from the Blue Lock anime, shares some similarities with Near, a character from Death Note. While they may appear different at first glance, there are distinct traits that connect them.

Firstly, both Nagi and Near possess a highly analytical and strategic mindset. They excel in observing and deducing information, allowing them to outsmart their opponents. As a talented striker in Blue Lock, Nagi demonstrates his ability to read the movements of his teammates and opponents, much like Near’s observation skills in analysing the actions of others.

Furthermore, Nagi and Near exhibit a calm and composed demeanour, often maintaining an emotionless facade. They both prioritize rationality over emotions, which contributes to their analytical prowess. This detachment enables them to think objectively and make calculated decisions in critical situations.

Lastly, Nagi and Near have unique quirks that set them apart from their peers. Near’s fascination with toys and his distinct appearance, with white hair and pale complexion, make him stand out. Similarly, Nagi’s intense passion for soccer, coupled with his unconventional playing style and individualistic approach, makes him a distinct character in Blue Lock.

Although Nagi and Near originate from different anime series, their shared qualities of analytical thinking, composed demeanor, and distinctive traits make them comparable characters. These similarities contribute to the depth and complexity of their respective narratives and engage viewers in their stories.

Bachira & Kazutora (Tokyo Revengers)

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

Blue Lock and Tokyo Revengers are two popular anime series that has gained significant attention for their compelling characters and intense storylines. While the characters in these two series may share some similarities, Bachira from Blue Lock and Kazutora from Tokyo Revengers have distinct differences in their personalities and motivations.

Bachira, a central character in Blue Lock, is known for his exceptional skills as a forward and his unwavering determination to become the best striker in the world. He possesses a calm and composed demeanour, often analyzing his opponents’ weaknesses and exploiting them to his advantage. Bachira’s focus is solely on improving his abilities and achieving his goal, which makes him a determined and relentless competitor.

On the other hand, Kazutora from Tokyo Revengers is a complex character with a troubled past. Initially depicted as a violent and ruthless gang member, Kazutora undergoes significant character development throughout the series. He struggles with guilt and remorse, seeking redemption for his past actions and attempting to protect those he cares about. Kazutora’s journey revolves around personal growth and making amends for his mistakes.

While both Bachira and Kazutora possess a strong drive and determination, their motivations and paths are fundamentally different. Bachira is motivated by his desire to become the best, while Kazutora seeks redemption and personal growth. These distinctions make them unique and distinct characters in their respective series, showcasing the diverse range of personalities found in anime.

Kunigami & Ichigo (Bleach)

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

Kunigami, a character from the Blue Lock anime, bears a striking resemblance to Ichigo, the protagonist of the popular series Bleach. Both characters share several notable similarities, which have captivated fans and drawn comparisons between the two.

First and foremost, their physical appearances exhibit resemblances. Kunigami, like Ichigo, possesses spiky orange hair that stands out as a defining trait. This distinctive hairstyle, coupled with their determined expressions, adds to their striking resemblance. Additionally, both characters possess a lean and athletic build, emphasizing their prowess on the field.

Beyond their physical likeness, Kunigami and Ichigo share similar personality traits. They both display a strong sense of determination and a relentless drive to achieve their goals. Kunigami, like Ichigo, is portrayed as fiercely competitive and possesses an unwavering desire to be the best. This ambition and determination often lead them to push their limits, surpassing expectations and overcoming obstacles in their respective stories.

Furthermore, both characters exhibit a sense of loyalty and protectiveness towards their friends and teammates. They are willing to put their well-being on the line to ensure the safety and success of those close to them. This selflessness and dedication to their comrades highlight their admirable qualities and contribute to their enduring popularity among fans.

Kunigami from Blue Lock undeniably shares several resemblances with Ichigo from Bleach, including physical appearance and personality traits. These similarities have resonated with fans, drawing them into the captivating world of both characters and further fueling their appreciation for these compelling protagonists.

Gurimu & Connie (Attack on Titan)

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

Gurimu, a character from the Blue Lock anime, bears a striking resemblance to Connie Springer from the renowned series Attack on Titan. While both characters may share some physical similarities, such as their short stature and light-coloured hair, it is their personalities and roles within their respective stories that truly draw parallels.

Connie, known for his cheerful and optimistic nature, serves as a source of comic relief in Attack on Titan. Similarly, Gurimu’s character in Blue Lock exudes a similar light-heartedness, often providing comedic moments amidst intense soccer matches. Both characters bring a sense of levity to their respective narratives, offering a refreshing break from the overall seriousness.

Furthermore, both Connie and Gurimu possess a strong sense of loyalty and dedication. Connie’s loyalty to his friends and determination to protect them drives his actions throughout the series. Similarly, Gurimu’s commitment to the Blue Lock program and his teammates showcases his unwavering dedication. They both demonstrate resilience and a willingness to give their all, even in the face of adversity.

While the similarities between Gurimu and Connie may be superficial at first glance, their personalities and unwavering loyalty make them endearing characters in their respective anime. Their presence adds depth to their stories, providing moments of humour and warmth amid the larger plotlines.

Raichi & Bakugo (My Hero Academia)

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

Raichi from the Blue Lock anime shares striking similarities with Bakugo from My Hero Academia, making them two characters that fans often compare. Both Raichi and Bakugo possess fiery personalities and exhibit an intense passion for their respective crafts. Their aggressive and competitive natures drive them to constantly push themselves and strive for greatness.

In terms of physical appearance, Raichi and Bakugo share some resemblances. They both have spiky hair, with Raichi’s being blue and Bakugo’s being ash-blond. Their sharp features and fierce expressions further accentuate their similarities.

Furthermore, Raichi and Bakugo possess similar character traits. They are both hot-headed and prone to outbursts of anger, which can be seen as a defence mechanism to protect their vulnerabilities. Both characters have an unwavering determination to be the best in their respective fields. They refuse to back down from a challenge and will go to great lengths to achieve victory.

However, while there are similarities between the two characters, it’s worth noting that Raichi also has unique qualities. As a striker in the Blue Lock series, Raichi exhibits a level of strategic thinking and cunning that sets him apart. He combines his explosive power with intelligent gameplay, making him a formidable force on the soccer field.

Raichi from Blue Lock and Bakugo from My Hero Academia share several similarities in terms of personality, appearance, and drive for success. These resemblances contribute to the comparisons made between the two characters, while Raichi’s unique soccer-oriented skills add a distinct flavour to his portrayal.

Tsurugi & Rintaro (Steins; Gate)

Blue Lock Players Who Resemble Other Anime Characters

Tsurugi resembles Rintaro (Steins; Gate) in several ways, making him an intriguing character in the Blue Lock anime. First and foremost, both characters share a sense of intelligence and strategic thinking. Rintaro is known for his exceptional problem-solving skills and his ability to analyze situations thoroughly, while Tsurugi exhibits a similar level of intellect on the soccer field. Tsurugi’s tactical mindset and his ability to read the game give him an edge over his opponents, much like Rintaro’s analytical mindset allows him to navigate complex situations.

Furthermore, both characters possess a certain level of eccentricity. Rintaro is known for his eccentric behaviour and his unique manner of speaking, while Tsurugi’s quirky personality and enigmatic aura make him stand out among his peers. This eccentricity adds depth and intrigue to their respective characters, making them more memorable and captivating.

Lastly, both Tsurugi and Rintaro struggle with internal conflicts and undergo personal growth throughout their respective stories. Rintaro grapples with the consequences of his actions and the weight of his decisions, leading to significant character development. Similarly, Tsurugi’s journey in Blue Lock is marked by self-discovery and a constant search for his true identity as a soccer player. This parallel illustrates their shared themes of self-reflection and growth.

Tsurugi’s resemblance to Rintaro from Steins; Gate lies in their intelligence, eccentricity, and personal struggles, making him a compelling character in the Blue Lock anime.

Final Words

This concludes our list of Blue Lock players who resemble other anime characters. You can also check out our latest article on Cringey Shonen Anime Tropes Fans Actually Love. If you have any suggestions, let us know about them in the comment section. For more anime-related content, visit Viebly

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