6 Best Board Games for Nintendo Switch To Relive the Child in You


Do you remember sitting in a circle on weekends and enjoying board games with your family when you were little? Well, we don’t know if you still have those games kept somewhere in your new house, but we do know that you can relive those times digitally with the best board games for Nintendo Switch. 

If you remember the games, you must remember how mom used to yell when a dice or a poking object from a board game would come under her foot and the never-ending lectures on how much space these games used to take back in the days. 

Nowadays, video games like Nintendo switch and other play stations have taken over the classic board games, but they have kept the essence of these games live on the platforms. So you can easily find any racing games, or sports games, or even card games from the old days on this platform. 

You are so preoccupied with the hectic work schedules and your life that you did not even know about these games existing on Nintendo Switch. So here we have picked a few board game classics that you will like to play and enjoy with your loved ones over the coming weekend. 

Best Board Games for Nintendo Switch in 2021

Read along to find the best board games that you can play digitally on your Nintendo Switch console system. 

#1 Monopoly 

Board Games for Nintendo Switch: Monopoly

When it comes to board games, how can we forget Monopoly? The no.1 board game for the family to sit around and enjoy a weekend together. However, everyone knows how much space these game boxes take and, more than that, how much we need to take care of the cards and other accessories of the game. If a single action card goes missing, it can ruin the game forever. 

Well, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the action cards anymore as you can play one of the best board games for Nintendo Switch – Monopoly now. The game is interesting than ever on Nintendo with new action cards, multiple board themes, and game objectives that can be modified. With Monopoly for Nintendo Switch, you can also change the modifiers to make the game shorter.  

#2 Raiders of the North Sea

Board Games for Nintendo Switch: Raiders of the North Sea

Next, we have Raiders of the North Sea on our list of best board games for Nintendo switch. The game is based on the adventures of Vikings, where you need to make decisions and drive the whole crew through their journey. Apart from decisions, you also need to look for resources and loot other Viking crews’ resources. 

You can play the game in both campaign and multiplayer versions in the offline and online modes. However, the multiplayer mode will give you more thrills and make the game enjoyable. You can also re-play the game and take several attempts to loot the other crews. The crew who has the most points at the end is declared the winner of the game. 

#3 Catan

Board Games for Nintendo Switch: Catan

If you are a hoarder for the best board games, you must have heard of the game The Settlers of Catan. After Monopoly, Catan is the second best board game ever discovered. You have to build your settlement in this game, but you need to make it better than the other players; otherwise, you will lose. The better settlement you make, the more victory points you will earn. 

In the beginning, it will feel like you are winning the game by making your territory quickly, but once the competition grows, you will see how challenging the game is. You will have to find the best place for your environment as it is a part of a huge settlement. 

#4 Dicey Dungeons 

Board Games for Nintendo Switch: Dicey Dungeons

Dicey dungeons was never a typical board game; it has been a digital board game from the very beginning. Instead, dicey dungeons is a roguelike game where you have to fight crazy monsters while guarding and building the fortress’s goddess. Dicey Dungeons is one of the most incredible roguelikes games you will ever find on a digital platform. 

You have to start the game by rolling the dice and then placing the rolling dice into cards to know how much and how frequently you can use them. Dicey dungeons offer the players different gameplay varieties to play along with some nice music. 

#5 Wingspan

Board Games for Nintendo Switch: Wingspan

If you are a lover of nature and its beauty, then Wingspan is the best board game for Nintendowitch that you can play on your console. The game is about collecting birds and making a nature reserve with them. Once you collect the birds, you have to figure out which birds should be teamed up together to benefit each other and the resource altogether. 

To collect the birds, you have to roll the dice, play some cards and see what you have left to manage to get the birds. The game is a bit complex for beginners, but once you understand its basics, you will not be able to resist playing the game. 

#6 UNO

Board Games for Nintendo Switch: UNO

The classic UNO is now available to play as one of the best board games on Nintendo Switch for you to play. Is there someone who hasn’t played UNO with family while growing up or even when they have grown up? I sure have enjoyed my time in college playing this game with my friends while screaming UNO on top of our lungs whenever we had only one card left. Those were the day. 

Hey, don’t get upset because you can enjoy that time with your friends again on Nintendo Switch. The digital switch version of the game has some extra benefits like digital animations and more advancements that make this game extra unique and fun to play. 


These are the best board games for Nintendo switch that you can play anytime, anywhere, given that you have a stable internet connection. Playing these games will make you remember the good old day of your childhood and let you relive those memories for some more time. So tell us in the comments section below, as a child, which of these games you loved playing the most. 

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