Best Board Games on the Big Screen in 2021


Not all board games are on the top shelf, gathering dust until your next game night with friends. Some fun board games stand the test of time by seeping into other entertainment formats, such as the big screen and video gaming. Read on to uncover why – and which board games have become movies.

Board Games Shifting Mediums

Board games have influenced the production of films and video titles for a long time, and these other entertainment mediums have influenced the production and development of board games.

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For example, Monopoly has influenced the production of video games and movies; it even produced a famous documentary on real-life Monopoly players called Under the Boardwalk (2010). Recently, a new film is rumored to be led by comedian and actor Kevin Hart. But some other movies have also influenced Monopoly. The success of the Harry Potter movies meant that new variations of Harry Potter Monopoly were made in what has become a cycle of borrowing and lending in different entertainment mediums. In doing so, creators can ensure they already have a readymade market for their new movie, video game, or adapted board game.

Board games have developed into other gaming niches away from video consoles, namely through casino gaming. Monopoly has been used to trailblaze a new type of live casino game with a host, unlike any other casino game on the market. Monopoly Live is a delicate mix of roulette and elements of the standard Monopoly game, and it’s turning heads in the casino gaming industry right now.

What Board Games have been made into a movie?

#1: Dungeons and Dragons

Board Games

In 2000, a Dungeons and Dragons movie was made based on the classic table-top strategic war game. The movie kept many of the game elements maintained, but critics were not as easily impressed, and some think it was a bit of a disaster. It was also made into a series that didn’t fare much better among reviewers.

#2: Cluedo

Board Games

The who-done-it classic has been used as the fundamentals of detective and crime movies for decades, but there was a movie based specifically on the board game. This move was called Clue and used the same characters as in the game with a comedic twist in some scenes.

A random group is invited to a mansion for dinner, but the host is mysteriously murdered. It’s down to the guests and the mansion staff to work out who the killer is. It’s worth a watch!

#3: Battleships

Board Games

Battleship was released in 2012, but you could be forgiven for not believing this film was based on the battleships game where you had to logically think to sink unseen enemy ships. Director Peter Berg decided to move away from this narrative and added sci-fi elements into a military movie.

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