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You need to have done something worthwhile to make people wonder about you and if people are wondering about you after you have passed away, only one word that can describe you is ‘a legend.’ Such was the enigmatic personality of Bob Marley.

Born on 6 February 1945 in Jamaica, Bob Marley was a lyricist, singer, musician, and whatnot. He gifted a whole new genre to music called ‘reggae’ and took Jamaican music to great heights. Unfortunately, Bob Marley passed away due to skin cancer in Miami.

Bob Marley passed away in 1981 after famously uttering his last words- “Money can’t buy life.” However, he had defied death before when an attempt was made to assassinate him in 1976.

He was an interesting character who intrigued the people of his times and still casts a spell on the youngsters.

8 Reasons That Make Bob Marley Immortal

The following are the eight reasons which arouse curiosity in the minds of people about Bob Marley even after so many years of his death:

#Defied Death Once Before He Died

#Defied death

In 1976 he organized a concert called ‘Smile Jamaica’ wherein he was planning to persuade the masses to end the eruption of violence. 

But a couple of days ago, he was targeted by a group of men who wanted to assassinate him by shooting him. His wife also got injured due to the bullet she received on her head.

The killers were later executed, and Bob Marley left for England for two years due to his own will as a precautionary step.

# Invited Death and It Was Quite Early

# Invited death

1977 turned out to be a black year in the life of Bob Marley. His toe got injured while playing football.

The doctors advised amputation to him several times, but he was not ready to listen to anybody. His religious beliefs held him from doing so. He followed Rastafari tradition religiously.

So he lost the battle against cancer partially because of his own conscious decision. 

# White Father, Black Mother- Was It Trouble For Him?

# white father black mother

He had a mixed ethnicity and was very sensitive to that. To make his hair more black

He surprisingly used to apply the shoe polish on them.

His parents had an unusual age gap of 41 years. He was born to Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedella when they were 60 and 19, respectively.

He was often teased in his childhood and used to be mockingly called “white boy.”  

# Lice in Hair- Was It A Rumor?

# Lice in hair- was it a rumor?

Bob Marley didn’t cut his hair because of his Rastafarian Beliefs, and his love for his deadlocks is well known.

Humanity will perish one day, but rumors are here to stay. It is a surprising rumor that scientists discovered around 19 types of lice in his dreadlocks.

Nowadays, his hairstyle is known as bob Marley dreadlocks.

# His Love For Football, Confused His Image As A Sportsperson

#His love for football, confused him as a sportsperson

He has been photographed with a soccer ball plenty of times. 

Football can also be said in a way to push him into the clutches of death.

He got injured while playing this game, and the rest is history.

When he passed away, the brand Adidas used his photo, including the colors inspired by the Rastafari movement.

# Was Buried With His Guitar, One of His Precious

#buried with his guitar

He died on 11 May 1981 and rested in a chapel in his native village. Public mourning was observed at his untimely demise.

This exciting character received an interesting funeral.

He was buried along with a bible, ring, marijuana bud, football, and Les Paul guitar. All these things can be said to define his persona in a certain way.

# Bob Was Interested in Palmistry

# Bob was interested in palmistry

In his formative years, he had a particular interest in reading the palms of his friends and scaring them by foretelling the unknown.

When he turned seven, he ceased to get pleasure in this activity.

Once, he had also predicted his future by telling everybody that he will become an artist – a singer, to be more precise.

# Extramarital Affairs Were The Headlines

#extramarital affairs were the headlines

Bob Marley and his wife Rita were often the talks of the town due to their wavering interest in each other.

Marley is said to have fathered eight children out of wedlock, while Reeta delivered three illegitimate children.

Despite all this, they remained a married couple till Marley’s death.

So these were the seven facts about the legendary singer Bob Marley which hooks the present generation to him even though he passed away 40 years ago! He used to rule in the hearts of the masses and continues to do so. 

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