Body Spray vs Perfumes| Difference Explained In 4 Simple Points


Body Spray vs Perfumes: We have been making this mistake for the longest time in our lives – using perfumes and body sprays as interchangeable terms when they are not. Right from the composition to the results, they are two different entities altogether.

While both are meant to keep the body odor at bay, the main difference is – 

PerfumeBody Spray
mixture – Different oils and extracts mixture – alcohol + water + other extracts

The significant difference between perfume and body spray that people often shut their eyes to is – perfumes are meant to be sprayed on the clothes. In contrast, body spray is used on various body parts (like a deodorant). One of the many other differences is the duration of odor.

To understand the difference between perfume and Body spray in a better sense, you can go through the article and sort it out for yourself. 

Body Spray vs Perfumes? Which Is Good For You?

The following are the significant differences between perfume and spray- 

1# Body Spray vs Perfumes: Composition

Body Spray vs Perfumes: Price

Body Sprays either have antiperspirant properties or give lots of fragrance. So if you want a pleasant fragrance, then go for expensive perfumes, while if you work out a lot and are concerned about the sweat, then antiperspirant body sprays are something you should buy.

Perfume essence and base liquids (alcohol-based or oil-based) form perfume and vary in the ratio (5-20%) in terms of both these ingredients. Parfum has the highest ratio, and eau de cologne has the least ratio. The more the perfume essence, the more the long-lasting fragrance.

2# Body Spray vs Perfumes: Price

Body Spray vs Perfumes: Price

The deodorant is a lot more affordable, and each of us possesses it, but its fragrance ends up lasting for only 3-4 hours sometimes (depends on the brand mostly). 

Exotic Perfumes, on the contrary, are long-lasting and less harmful for your skin. So, we can’t expect them at a lower price, can we? Invest in a good quality fragrance for a long-lasting pleasant experience.

3# Body Spray vs Perfumes: Durability / When to Wear Them

3# Body Spray vs Perfumes: Durability / When to Wear Them

Wear body spray if you are busy with the usual stuff like shopping, a quick coffee with a friend, visit a doctor, bank, or a church since the fragrance will support you only for a few hours.

And when it comes to perfume, it will cling to you like your loving pet all day long, and you can trust its longer-lasting fragrance for school, parties, trips, or events like parties.

4# Body Spray vs Perfumes: Is The Way To Apply Them The Same?

Body Spray vs Perfumes: Is The Way To Apply Them The Same

The first thing you need to learn before heading forward is – what exactly are pulse points? So, to be very precise, this is the area where blood vessels are closer to the skin, like knees, necklines, and collarbones. Wondering why – Since these points have extra heat, it rises into the air, and the fragrance will likely be smelled. 

Preparation of Body spray: Firstly, choose a fragrance you like. There are plenty of them – spicy or woodsy (men prefer them mostly) and floral, musky or sweet (women prefer them mostly). Take a shower to entrap the scent for a longer time.

Application of Body spray: Body sprays or deodorants are more effective when used on the body itself rather than the clothes. Men may spray it on their chest, neck, and armpits. Do not forget to keep a gap of six inches while spraying it. Don’t spray for more than 2-3 seconds. More the distance, more the coverage (7-9 inches is ideal). However, do not apply it more than once a day unless you have some extensive physical workout. Women may consider using the body spray at their pulse points.

Preparation of Perfumes: Firstly, take a bath. Make sure the water is hot (if you want better results). Try and use an unscented soap if you do not want two different fragrances to clash. Cleanse and hydrate your skin before applying the perfume. Perfume stays longer on hydrated and smooth skin. Wash your hair also if you want to use perfume over there.

Application of Perfumes: Rather than the clothes, perfume should be directly worn on your skin. If sprayed on your clothes, watermarks will ruin your dress, and indeed, you don’t want that to happen. So leave the clothes and target the pulse points instead. Remember, the molecules interact with the direct contact with skin. Maintaining a distance of five to seven inches, spray the perfume on your body. Again, pulse points are essential.

Tip – wait at least for 10 minutes allowing your pulse points to get dry, and do not rub it meanwhile. 

5# Body Spray vs Perfumes: Summary of the Main Points of Differences – 

Sr. no. PerfumeBody Sprays
2Duration of odor – longer Duration of odorless needs frequent reapplication
3Nice, strong scentA milder form of perfume. 
4High concentration of extract ad oilsLess concentration of extract ad oils

In A Nutshell 

Hopefully, by now, you have chosen a clear winner in your head from body spray and perfume. An essential piece of information – Body lotions, gels, and fragrances like aftershaves and perfumes can be layered with body sprays due to their light and delicate nature. Keep experimenting. Fun fact – body spray variants of many popular perfumes are now made available by many brands themselves. 

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