The Ultimate List Of Bruce Lee Movies On Netflix Right Now! 


Legends die, but their legacy remains. Well, our list of Bruce Lee movies on Netflix will connect you with the legacies of one such legend who died a little too soon but left behind the enormous heritage of his art. 

Introduced to the world as Lee Jun-fan, Bruce Lee was born to a Cantonese mother in San Francisco in 1940. As a teenager, he acquainted himself with several local gangs to learn a little kungfu for better self-defense.  

Had it not been for Bruce Lee and his movies in the 1970s, the existence of Martial arts movies as a different genre would be highly questionable. Founder of the Jeet Kune Do, a hybrid martial arts philosophy, Bruce Lee became an icon among the Chinese and the Americans. He surely defied the stereotypical notion related to the enfeeble Chinese male. He established a renewed presentation of the Chinese man in the upcoming American films.

Bruce Lee’s untimely death shocked his fans to the core. He had collapsed while dubbing for his movie, Enter The Dragon (1973), and was declared bought dead at the hospital. The news of his death had left the whole world with a broken heart, but his work was there to shine when he could not.  

The 4 Best Bruce Lee Movies On Netflix For Some Action-Packed Entertainment

Way before we were swooned over by the likes of John Wick and Captain America, Bruce Lee had invaded the space of action. He had managed to establish himself as an inspiration for the action-themed movies that were about to come out in the future. 

He was an actor, producer, screenwriter, martial arts artist, and instructor. As the ‘most influential martial artist,’ Bruce Lee successfully bridged the gap between the West and the East.  

Our list of some of the amazing Bruce Lee movies on Netflix promises you an exhilarating experience from the king of action himself. 

#1 The Big Boss (1971)

The Ultimate List Of Bruce Lee Movies on Netflix Right Now! 

Starring Bruce Lee in his first major lead role in the film industry, The Big Boss (1972) is a Hong Kong action drama movie. 

The Big Boss starts with an introduction to Cheng ( Bruce Lee), a city boy who has pledged not to go down the road of violence. He starts working with his cousin in an ice factory, but strange things happen around him. Whenever a family member is acquainted with the management, they go missing. This weird disappearance does not sit well with him, and he takes the matter into his own hands.

Lee overshadows his fellow co-actors with a strong and engaging performance, thus establishing his worth in his debut movie. The Big Boss on our list of the greatest Bruce Lee movies on Netflix is highly recommended. 

Director: Lo Wei, Wu Chia Hsiang

Duration: 1h 39 minutes

IMBd Rating: 6.9/10

#2 Game Of Death 2 (1981)

The Ultimate List Of Bruce Lee Movies on Netflix Right Now! 

Starring Bruce Lee, Tae-Jeong Kim, and Jeong Lee H Wang in the lead roles, Game of Death 2 (1981) succeeds the legacy of its former part, Game Of Death (1978).

Game of Death 2 starts as an investigative movie. While investigating his friend’s death, a renowned martial artist Billy is killed under mysterious circumstances. His younger brother, Bobby, investigates both of these deaths and, as a result, ends up in Japan. There, he befriends the master of the Castle of death, who, too, is brutally murdered by some gang members. Now Bobby must find a way to enter the mysterious Fan Yu temple and face off with his worst enemy. 

With action-packed scenes filled in the climax, Game of Death 2 on our list of Bruce Lee movies delivers some serious competition to the world of thrill. 

Director: See-Yuen Ng, Sammo Kam- Bo Hung

Duration: 1h 36 minutes 

IMBd Rating: 5.2/10

#3 Fist Of Fury (1972) 

The Ultimate List Of Bruce Lee Movies on Netflix Right Now! 

Internationally titled The Chinese Connection (1972), Fist of Fury (1972) is an action drama thriller directed by Lo Wei. 

Fist Of Fury opens with Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) returning to Shanghai to live with his fiance in a story of revenge and vengeance. He discovers that his Sifu, Huo Yuanjia (master of martial arts), has succumbed to death. 

At his funeral, some members of a Japanese dojo gang bully all of the students, but Chen fights back. Eventually, after some investigation, he finds out that his teacher was secretly poisoned by the same gang who disrupted his funeral. Thus, he sets out to seek revenge on these foreign invaders trying to capture his land and people. 

Touching the controversial topics of the Japanese colonialism invasion,  Fist Of Fury on our list of bruce lee movies on Netflix promises to deliver you with an adrenaline-filled ride. 

Director: Lo Wei 

Duration: 1hr 48 minutes 

IMBd Rating: 7.3/10

#4 Enter The Dragon (1973)

The Ultimate List Of Bruce Lee Movies on Netflix Right Now! 

Regarded as ‘the greatest martial arts movie of all time,’ Enter The Dragon (1973) is directed by Robert Clause. 

Starring Bruce Lee, John Saxon, and Jim Kelly in the leads, Enter The Dragon opens up with an investigator trying to mix into the crowds at a fighting tournament. He is hired to look out for a possible opium trade that will go down in the event. Meanwhile, two buddies enter the deadly tournament to fight against each other for different reasons.  

Selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry, Enter The Dragon was defined as being “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress. It was Bruce Lee’s only completed movie before his untimely death at 32. Enter The Dragon is on our list of Bruce Lee movies on Netflix because of its undying legacy and jam-packed action.  

Director: Robert Clouse

Duration: 1h 42 minutes

IMBd Rating: 7.6/10

10 Movies Like Bruce Lee Movies On Netflix | Four Options Ain’t Enough!

If you love watching Bruce Lee’s exhilarating moves and actions, here are some movies you should look forward to :

Movie Director DurationIMBd Rating 
Ip Man (2008)Wilson Yip 1h 48 min8/10
36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)Liu Chia Liang 1h 55 min7.7/10 
Drunken Master Yuen Woo-Ping 1h 51 min7.5/10
Shadow (2018)Zhang Yimou 1h 45 min7/10
Return of the 36th Chamber (1978) Liu Chia Liang 1h 39 min6.9/10
Ali (2001)Michael Munn 2h 37 min6.7/10
Blood and Bone (2009)Ben Ramsey 1h 33 min6.7/10 
The Paper Tigers (2021)Bao Tran1h 48 min6.4/10
Best of The Best (1989)Bob Radler 1h 37 min6.4/10
Mulan (2021)Niki Karo 1h 55 min5.2/10

Final Words 

Though taken away from the world way too soon, Bruce Lee lives in the heart of his fans with his undying legacy and art. Our list of Bruce Lee movies on Netflix is sure to leave you feeling nostalgic.  


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