Why Should You Buy Cheap SSL Certificates in 2021?



In the age where everything you desire is mostly a couple of clicks away, you wonder if there can be a dark side to all the convenience. Yes, valued readers, there are always two sides to every coin, and ensuring security in the cybersphere is no exception.

With the convenience of running online businesses comes the threat of increased cyber-attacks by hackers and scammers. This is where the need to install an SSL certificate arises.

It secures the communication that transpires between the web browser and the client-server by encrypting it. The intended recipient can only decrypt this encrypted information. 

I believe that there is no need to waste your money purchasing an expensive certificate when you can get similar encryption levels from even the cheapest SSL certificate on the market. Today, I will tell you why and how you can acquire a cheap SSL certificate. But first, let us get to understand what the SSL certificate is. 

What is an SSL Certificate?

Best SSL Certificate Providers in 2021 - Cheapest SSL Certificate

So, what is an SSL certificate? SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer. The SSL certificate is a small cryptographic protocol essential in authenticating and encrypting data and communication between two ends on a network. Today, the SSL certificate has been updated to a more advanced version called the Transport Security Layer (TLS certificate). However, the term SSL certificate is popularly used in place of the TLS certificate. 

The SSL certificate and TLS certificate are often used interchangeably to refer to the secure HTTPS connection used to secure the connection between browsers and web servers. In short, the SSL certificate protects (through encryption) all sensitive information as it is transmitted between two ends on the internet. 

To establish a secure connection, the certificate uses a system referred to as asymmetric cryptography. 

Data encryption means that the data is converted into an undecipherable format that can only be decrypted by the intended recipient who owns the decryption key. The SSL certificate, therefore, keeps intruders off the radar. As you can see, the main purpose of having an SSL certificate is to provide data encryption and protect it from cyber intruders. 

The SSL market is now full of different SSL certificate options. They all come at different prices. You are probably wondering whether the price is the measure of encryption levels. The thing is all SSL certificates provide equal levels of encryption. It should not surprise you to learn that the most expensive SSL certificate provides equal encryption levels as the cheapest SSL certificate. If you are after encryption, you do not have to waste your money purchasing expensive SSL certificates.

The next question we seek to answer is how much does an SSL certificate cost? Let us look at some of the cheap SSL certificate options that will be ideal for you. 

Benefits of Cheap SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate
  1. Same Encryption Levels

A cheap SSL certificate will secure your website just as well as the most expensive SSL certificates. What impacts the price of an SSL certificate is the Validation Levels that it brings. For instance, DV SSL certificates come cheap because they only verify that the person requesting the Secure Socket Layer has control over the website. On the contrary, Extended Validation is the most expensive certificate because they perform a complete background check on the entity requesting the SSL certificate. That said, it is possible to get SSL certificates with different validation levels at affordable prices. All in all, understand that paying more does not guarantee higher security than paying less. 

  1. Measure Quality Through Certificate Authority, Not Price

The Certificate Authority is the organization that has the mandate to issue and revoke SSL certificates. They verify the validity and identity of people and organizations that want to purchase SSL certificates. Not all Certificate Authorities are the same. It is, therefore, important that you only acquire your SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority. Web browsers usually have a list of Certificate Authorities that they trust. If you acquire a certificate from a CA that browsers do not trust, they will flag your website as “not secure.”

Here is a list of trusted Certificate Authorities where you can acquire an SSL certificate from:

  1. Comodo
  2. DigiCert
  3. RapidSSL
  4. GlobalSign
  5. Network Solutions
  6. Symantec
  7. Thawte SSL

When going for an SSL certificate, look out for these SSL Providers and acquire your SSL certificate from them. You can be sure to have the best SSL experience by using the certificate provided by the above Certificate Authorities. Do not focus so much on price. You may be acquiring a fake SSL certificate from a CA that is out to extort money from unsuspecting buyers. 

  1. Cheap SSL is an Efficient yet Cheap SEO Strategy

In 2015, Google announced that they would give priority to websites that had an SSL certificate. From the announcement, Google meant that it would rank HTTPS websites higher than HTTP websites. HTTPS websites are those that have an SSL certificate. Please, get this. Search engines do not rank websites with expensive SSL certificates higher than those with cheap SSL certificates. It is a fair game. As long as you have an SSL certificate, you get the ranks.

Cheap SSL certificates are, therefore, a cost-effective SSL strategy that will help you rise through the ranks in the search engine results pages. Get your cheap option today to increase your visibility in search engines and beat your competitors. 

  1. You Save a Lot of Money by Having a Cheap SSL Certificate

Why spend a lot of money on expensive SSL certificates when you can have cheap ones that offer similar benefits and equal encryption levels? Why not channel the extra money to more productive business projects? Cheap SSL certificates are majorly ideal for startups. Instead of spending too much money on an SSL certificate, it would be prudent to acquire a cheap one and channel the money to other website elements such as design or marketing. 

Does Brand Matter for your SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate

I have been asked several times whether brand matters for SSL certificates. If your activities revolve around eCommerce or basic website activities, then cheap SSL certificate brands will work for you. You do not have to pay an arm and a leg if your primary means of making a transaction is through web browsers. 

However, you might want to consider going for a name-brand certificate if you do transactions on devices that do not support third-party browsers. For instance, let’s say you intend to make a secure transaction on a set-top box application. In such a case, you should consider name-brand SSL certificates such as VeriSign. 

Where Do I Get My Cheap SSL Certificate?

After reading all these, you are probably wondering where you can get your cheap SSL certificate. Worry no more. ClickSSL provides solutions for all your Cheapest SSL needs. You can visit our site to view some of the cheapest SSL certificate options that we are offering. Be sure to get multiple offers, discount prices and coupons.  


Cyber breaches are increasing rampantly. Website owners need to have proper measures and security protocols that can help them prevent cyber breaches. One of the best security protocols that have been effective in website security is the SSL certificate. SSL certificates come at different prices. However, because the price is not the measure of encryption strength, there is no point in going for an expensive SSL certificate. This article has explained the meaning of an SSL certificate, cheap SSL certificate options and the benefits of cheap SSL certificates.