Buying Beverly Hills’ Alexia Actually Has A Boyfriend IRL!


Buying Beverly Hills’ Alexia actually has a boyfriend IRL! Whattttttt? I also reacted in the same way! 

Alexia Umansky, part of one of the best real estate companies in the US, has gained quite a fame over the last few years. Known as Kyle Richards’ daughter on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Umansky has shown her struggle as a junior agent in her family’s real estate firm, The Agency.

But if you are also guessing over the fact whether the Buying Beverly Hills star really has a boyfriend in real life then yes! Your guess is right. Alexia Umansky does have a boyfriend.

Buying Beverly Hills’ Alexia actually has a boyfriend! What else is confirmed? Check it here.

Buying Beverly Hills’ Alexia Actually Has A Boyfriend IRL

It has finally been confirmed that Buying Beverly Hills’ star, Alexia is dating Jake Zingerman, reported by Mauricio Umansky himself in an exclusive interview. The two have been together since 2020. It is quite clear from the couples’ Instagram, that they are so in love. Umansky even shared a glimpse of her boyfriend on her Instagram profile.

Recently, Alexia while celebrating her 26th birthday in June, her boyfriend, Jake took to Instagram and wrote, “Happy birthday sweetheart, my best friend and whole heart.’’ He further added, “the most amazing girl in the world. I love you with everything I got. 26 never looked so good.’’  Even the Umansky family finds them cute together.

The couple started to appear on each other’s social media from around May, 2020.

But What About Joey Ben-zvi?

Buying Beverly Hills’ Alexia Actually Has A Boyfriend IRL!

Yes! Buying Beverly did indicate a possible romance between Alexia Umansky and Joey Ben-Zvi, but the duo decided to remain good friends, though there definitely was some kind of relationship between them in the past, however they confirmed there was no real romance.

Alexia and Joey are long-time friends and currently both are a part of The Agency’s team.

More About The Buying Beverly Hill Star, Alexia Umansky

Already being introduced as the Umansky’ daughter in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Alexia Umansky rose to fame in her recent Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills, where her entire journey is showcased, her struggles, ups and downs, her personal and professional life along with her workers and much more.

Currently, Alexia works as The Agency’s Marketing Specialist. But her boyfriend, Jake is not part of the real estate industry and works as the Managing Director of Direct Cash Group.

Final Words

No doubt the chemistry between Alexia and Joey looked so amazing that the fans used to ship them together. But since they have themselves confirmed that there’s no romance between them. We can just hope that both Alexia and Joey always remain good friends.

And wish the beautiful couple (Alexia and Jake) a happy life together.

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