What are Cal State Chico admission requirements? What GPA do you need to get into? Do you need your SAT/ACT score? Well, the blog will deal with all your questions related to admission and GPA scores to get into the University.

However, colleges require lots of documentation and approvals but mainly the college requires three basic things which one must be eligible for to get into the college.

  • GPA requirement
  • Testing requirements, including SAT and ACT requirements
  • Application requirements

Further, we will discuss how all the above things matter and what score you exactly need to get into the college.

Cal State Chico Admission Requirements?

The average GPA at Cal State Chico is 3.5. Hence, the college is strongly competitive. With a GPA of 3.5, the college requires you to be around the average or below average. Cal State Chico accepts below-average students as well. The administration just wants to see whether you can handle coursework and academic difficulty or not.

Moreover, if you are junior or senior then it will become difficult to change your GPA in time for application. Other than that.

Since this will help you when you are not having an average GPA score which the college demands or having much less GPA you can also submit your SAT or ACT score. This thing will help to compete with a wide range of options. There will be a lot more applicants so you try to make sure you will be having these scores if you are not able to make a good GPA score.

Acceptance Rate at the Cal State Chico  95.1%

If you want to get admitted to the college you need to look at the acceptance rate of the university. You just make your mind clear knowing how competitive the college is?

The admission rate at the university is 95.1%. It means for every 100 applicants school selects around 95 applicants.

This means that the school is not too selective. But other than this there are also other things you will be required to ask by the college for getting admission. The college will require you for your SAT/ACT score. If you will meet these requirements then you probably get selected otherwise you have no other chance of getting in.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Every college has different standards on the basis of which they select students. Some require SAT/ACT and many will require SAT subject tests.

If you are have taken SAT has a good score on it then you are the lucky one who will get a chance to be in college. This will be a strong point to improve your impression in front of the administration.

SAT Requirements

If you are willing to get admission by applying through SAT score then you must keep in your mind that you should be above the average SAT cutoff of the college.

The average SAT score composite at the ——- is 1160 on the scale of 1600.

However, some colleges do not even have SAT score cutoff but still, colleges require to have and fulfill SAT requirements as per the college standards. This score will tell how competitive the college is?

This means that Cal State Chico is competitive in nature. The 25th percentile New SAT score is 1050, and the 75th percentile New SAT score is 1280. In other words, 1050 on the New SAT places you below average, while 1280 will move you up to above average.

Tabular form of required score in particular subject:

Cal State Chico ACT Requirements

SectionAverage25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 580 520 640
Reading + Writing 580 530 640
Composite 1160 1050 1280

The average ACT score at the University is 25. With this score, we can say that the Cal State Chico is  Moderately Competitive for ACT scores.

The 25th percentile ACT score is 22, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 28.

Since the Cal State Chico  has no minimum ACT requirement but if you are going to apply with only 22 scores or below then you should not hope that you will get admitted to the college as 22 or below ACT scores are pretty low.

ACT Score Sending Strategy

So, What is the ACT score sending strategy? Well, your selection into the college merely depends that how you decide to show your scores to the readers which means you are having an open choice for sending your ACT score in which you have really good or high scores. You can just pick up any 10 ACT tests which are having the highest score.

This is going to help you to have a good impression on the readers and they will get impressed by your high scores. And make sure you select your scores carefully as it will affect your admission procedure.

Yes, this is not like the SAT where colleges require to send all subject tests ever taken.

The question arises if you are having an ACT score of 22 or less then what should you do? So, we recommend you to retake the ACT and prep in that manner that you could easily score more than 25 and then tell the readers about the score.

ACT Superscore Policy

Most colleges do not follow the ACT Superscore rule (Superscore means where the school takes your best section/subject scores from all the test dates you submit, and then combine them into the best possible composite score). However, most schools will just take your highest ACT score from a single sitting. It will be a little difficult for us to find the exact ACT policy for the college.

Cal State Chico SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

Since, both SAT and ACT have an optional section of writing essay

However, the Cal State Chico recommends you take the written section tests i.e SAT Essay/ACT Writing section. These tests will make your chances to get into college more strong.

SAT Subject Test Requirements

Different schools have different SAT subject test requirements. However, some schools require these tests and some don’t.

We didn’t find any information related that the Cal State Chico requires SAT subject tests. Moreover, most likely it does not. But for your safe side you before applying for the school you should double-check the requirements before 6 months of admission date.

Final Verdict

Since the school is selective and competitive so you should try your luck to get into college. You can be sure about this when you are not falling short below average in any of the requirements by the college. As long as you are meeting the requirements you need not worry about not get selected.


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