LA’s 25 Kickass Camping Sites Where you can Escape to Woods


“Got a palm tree paradise, Way out in the Countryside” Yes, of course, to feel the paradise, I am visiting Camping sites near LA. Camping always creates a way out for us to escape and enjoy the countryside into the woods.

So, to make your plan a little easy, we have prepared the list of the best camping sites near you in LA, which will also serve the purpose of popular hiking places, mountaineering, etc., depending on the location you choose.

We have included from high mountains to the beach sides, where you can visit relax. Some of the famous places are as follow- 

  • West Fork Trail Camp
  • Buckhorn Campground
  • Point Mugu State Park 
  • Carpinteria State Beach
  • Crystal Cove Moro Campground 
  • Doheny State Beach 
  • Lake Casitas 
  • Camp William Resort
  • Lake Hemet
  • Catalina Island
  • North Pines Campground Tahoe National Forest 
  • White Tank Campground 
  • Redwood National and State Parks 
  • Mendocino Grove 
  • Cold Springs Campground
  • Whiskey Falls Campground 
  • Sequoia National Park Crescent City Redwoods
  • Chino Hills State Park 
  • Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks 
  • Sonoma Coast State Park 
  • Yosemite National Park 
  • Green Cabin Flat Campground 
  • Butte Lake Campground 

Let us read about these places and choose one for a relaxing time during weekends.

15+ Popular Camping Site Near Me | LA People it’s a Chill Mode 

Following are the most popular and the best camping sites near LA, where you can enjoy whenever you feel like escaping-

1# West Fork Trail Camp 

West Fork Trail Camp - 5 Popular Camping Site Near Me | LA People it's a Chill Mode 

West Fork Trail Camp is one of the most liked campsites in LA. It is elevated above 3100 feet and has about seven great sites, which I feel are an added feature to this place. You can reach this place through the road in your cars or jeeps and set your camps.

Extra activities that might hinder the wildlife movement or ordinance can lead to prosecution; therefore, it’s better to go camping and enjoy like an average person than a hunter. This place falls under the US department of agriculture, thus affecting its purity and cleanliness will be a big mistake.

I would highly recommend this place to you, but camping services are only available for the ones who will arrive first. You will get parking for your cars and jeeps, and for a campfire, you might need permission from the Forest Service Office. So, this weekend after having a light snack at any café in LA, you can head towards this place.

2# Buckhorn Campground

Buckhorn Campground

It is not like another camping site; Buckhorn Campground is a well-maintained and popular campsite in the town. It is at an elevation of 6300 feet and has many more amenities than other camping sites.

Buckhorn Campground falls under the Angeles National Forest, and many adventurous sites can be enjoyed. At the same time, you can enjoy hiking, Waterplay, and trek to the nearby hills but after permissions.

The Buckhorn campground charges amount as well, but if they are charging you the amount. They provide you with necessities as well like toilets, water for drinking. It is a real escape; if you are done with your life in LA, I would highly recommend this place to each one of you.

3# Point Mugu State Park 

Point Mugu State Park

Located on the Thornhill Broome Beach banks, Point Mugu State Park is open to the tourist attraction of California and falls under the service of the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Point Mugu State Park is a known place and the campsite under the name Sycamore which has a lot to offer. You have hiking, camping and other recreational activities which you can perform here. It is one of the most fun and attractive places in US counties.

I would recommend you to take all the essential things like water bottles, torches, warm clothes (season you choose), packaged food, etc. to enjoy every bit of the place and not end up dealing with some inevitable occurrences. I am damn sure you will enjoy this place.

4# Carpinteria State Beach 

Carpinteria State Beach 

Carpinteria State Beach is a popular site for fellow citizens to relax and chill. If you are done with a hectic schedule and want to relax solo on weekends, I would recommend you visit Carpinteria State Beach, one of the most exciting places as reviewed by the peers of the USA.

The sunsets, a windy blow of air and in addition to that greens around. What else do you want to calm yourself up? I am delighted with this place and have enjoyed my literal self when I went up camping.

Along with camping, you can go up for surfing, swimming, exploring the beach, campsite, etc., and feel the sense of happiness and a rush of positivity while staying and even returning. The reason is, this place rejuvenates the person in and out. So, try it now!

5# Crystal Cove Moro Campground 

Crystal Cove Moro Campground 

With around 58 hopping campgrounds, Moro is the most excellent and dope camping site in LA. If you are always searching for some of the places where you can chill with your closely-knitted friends, I think this place is for you.

Crystal Cove Moro Campground is a reserved camping site where a reservation is necessary before entering the area. The site’s reservation demands a fee, and you get to enjoy the basic amenities like picnic tables, toilets, showers, etc.

Crystal Cove Moro Campground is one of the most affordable places in Laguna Beach; otherwise, laguna has some most expensive places. I would recommend you book this for the upcoming weekend and enjoy the vibe like a free bird.

6# Doheny State Beach 

Doheny State Beach

Situated at the Dana Pont, California, this state beach and camping site stands adjacent to the northern and the southern end. The southern end is said to have camping tents and vans, and if you choose the north end, you will find grounds for volleyball and basketball.

The land became a campsite in 1931, when it was donated by Edward L. Doheny, which he presented, hence named the same after him. 

It also falls under the Parks and Recreational Department of California; therefore, deteriorating this place for any personal or non-personal reason can lead to a heft penalty, which might lead to a prosecution. You can enjoy your weekends here, and I am telling you, the weekend will pass just like that. 

7# Lake Casitas 

Lake Casitas 

Anyone can vibe with this place just like that; It has a fantastic view and lake/ stream which walks down the camping site. The gushing sound of it can be heard 24 x7 making it a completely natural experience. 

Kae Casitas has about 400 sites that all might or might not have camping access to, but few of many give the visitors a new experience for a lifetime. It can be one of the escapes for the people who are into themselves. 

You will find a café next to it, which provides the best food. Other than that, a renting facility is available, or few means of transportations like boats, canoes, scooters, and Kayaks. So, I think if you want to travel light and don’t want to bother much about food, staying, transportation, then Camping at Lake Casitas will be the best choice. 

8# Camp William Resort

Camp William Resort

Situated adjacent to San Gabriel River East Fork, Campsite William Resort will be one of the best choices you will ever make in your life. It has everything to offer, nature, solace, a great location, and wind that makes you smile. 

Camp William Resort is like a chosen destination, which gives all the required amenities, but at the same time, camping is standard too. You can enjoy the best days of your life here, making you breathe nature and know about its beauty. 

If you are planning an off from your office, you are done working without a break, then peers you need to take a break and that too at Camp William Resort. 

9# Lake Hemet

Lake Hemet

It seems like a valley surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains, making your experience the best and, hence, making you fall for it at first sight (It is rare, I tell you). Lake Hemet is a place of adventure, luxury, and calming your hormones down (which are on a rush the entire week)

Lake Hemet has a water reservoir, luxurious tents, and some fantastic food parlors for the visitors to make the best of the money they will be spending. I like this place the most and want you, too, to enjoy the offerings this place has to offer. 

Lake Hemet will help you enjoy every breath which you will be taking and also the chills of the night breeze, you will count the minutes and hours spend there, but that will be lost later, as you will be into this place, the way I am lost writing these lines. It is magical and unbelievable. 

10# Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Do you think camping is enough with a campfire, tents, and few friends? I think no, there should be an added adventure which will camp a memorable thought. Catalina Island has it all to offer so that camping becomes more than what you ever thought of. 

There are packages for you and your family and friends. Hence you can enjoy the deal under apt pricing. You will be getting a hut to chill; boating is an attraction too, and how can I leave Ziplining behind. 

Now tell me, will you be missing any chances to visit this place. Catalina is and will remain one of the best camping sites on the list. Reservations are a must so, what are you waiting for?

11# North Pines Campground 

North Pines Campground 

Heading towards the Sierra Nevada Campground, North Pines Campground can be your next destination for traveling, as it has the best to offer, you have a fantastic climate and environment. Answer my one question- who doesn’t like traveling? Everyone wants it and prefers staying amongst mountains. 

If that’s the case, then I believe North Pines Campground should be your choice. There is everything that a camper would love, an Instagram-worthy surrounding, natural habitat, and yes, the utmost requirement is relaxation. 

I would highly recommend this place into the woods if you want to stay with your friends or want to spend some time in solace. 

12# Tahoe National Forest 

Tahoe National Forest 

You are going to stay in the forest under national surveillance. The movement is restricted to specific parts as the government takes care of the wildlife and makes it the priority. Tahoe National Forest has a lot to offer, and if you are planning to visit, then I think you will be enjoying a great relaxation time here. 

Tahoe National Forest has more than 60 camping lands where you can put your tent and a campfire. This place provides no basic amenities so, better for you to prepare yourself well before leaving for the camp. 

Tahoe National Park can become your favorite if you pack less and more essentials like water bottles, packaged food, and a torch because you will get lost in its beauty and end up camping alone. (Not scaring you!)

13# White Tank Campground 

White Tank Campground 

If you want to show your friends that you have traveled to the moon, where everything appears rustic and white, then camping at White Tank Campground will be your choice. (You Liar!) White Tank Campground is situated at Joshua Tree National Park, which in total has only 15 campgrounds. 

Nothing can beat the beauty of this place. If you still wonder that I didn’t mention trees, then dear peeps, it will be your first desert camping in the town. It has endless views which I suppose are mesmerizing and people can fall into it, just like that. 

White Tank Campground is a land where basic amenities lack greatly, so taking things from home would be a much better choice. Pack everything, not extra but essential; this is how you will pack smart. 

14# Redwood National and State Parks 

Redwood National and Stat

If you want to camp in the woods and enjoy the beach waves and enjoy both the places like a pro, the bro Redwood National and State Parks is a place for you. You cannot go wrong with it as a choice for camping and relaxing. 

You can start with long walks in the woods and then making a dive in the sea, not literally but drench yourself like a diva and make the best out of this place because I am entirely convinced with the scenic beauty of this place and would want you to enjoy the same. 

Redwood National and State Parks are also a campground of 300 spots that I think visiting is worth a time. 

15# Mendocino Grove 

Mendocino Grove 

This is one the most disciplined camping you would be doing, like don’t need much of a packing thing will be readily available, and you’ll be just relaxing in the woods with some unknown neighbors. Great, Way to socialize. 

I think this is not camping; it is more like chilling in some hotel, where the services are provided; it is just that this hotel is situated openly into the woods. Why have I mentioned this place here for you? It is because it is trendy amongst its peers and is also one of the top-rated places. 

Mendocino Grove is a little expensive, and I would seriously laugh at you if you call it camping. Lol!

16# Cold Springs Campground

Cold Springs Campground

Like I know what it feels like to spend time with your friend, and if you haven’t done it for a long while, then I would recommend this place to you. This place is like parking your car randomly in the forest and camping, 

It might look frightening at night during a campfire, but these are the things that will become memories later. Cold Springs Campground is one of my favorites; my peers and I visited this forest and relaxed like we never did before. Most of our college days were spent here. 

The best time to visit this place is during spring and relaxing like a Kuka bird in California between the trees. I am telling you this is the best life. Lol! Pack things up and grab the chance if friends are making plans.  

17# Whiskey Falls Campground 

Whiskey Falls Campground 

If you think you will be getting whiskey here for free, then you are highly mistaken. This is a very secluded place in California, where I feel introverts would love to read a book alone. Take your coffee mugs, prepare them and enjoy the solitude of this place. 

This is the most romantic place, so if you have decided to camp with your beloved, I would recommend this place. Make sure you do not take a lot of people with you as this place is small too. 

18# Sequoia National Park 

Sequoia National Park 

Sitting amongst those tall and never-ending trees is very dramatic, I believe. If you want to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty with a noise-free ambiance, then I think you should set your camp here at Sequoia. 

This place might give you chills, and a blanket will warm you up, so do not forget to carry one, that too on certain seasons. Sequoia National Park is one of those camping sites which can be best for proposing to your beloved at night in front of a campfire. I know it looks dramatic, but as I said, this place gives you the same vibe. 

I would highly recommend this place to each reading this because this place is heaven surrounded by nature. 

19# Crescent City Redwoods

Crescent City Redwoods

Crescent City Redwoods is one of those places which is under the KOA (campgrounds of America). It is the best place for camping, picnic, and small recreational activities. 

If you feel that you don’t want to go camping here, it has hiking, hence attracting you to visit this place. Crescent City Redwood offers other places in the same locations like SeaQuake Brewery, Battery Point Lighthouse, Jedediah Smith National Park making your trip worth staying for. 

Crescent City Redwood is open for 24 hours and has a minimal amount for booking tents and other essential things required for camping. Do not miss any chance to visit this fantastic place, if you ever get a chance. 

20# Chino Hills State Park 

Chino Hills State Park

“When they say woods are calling,” I think they forget to mention about Chino Hills State Parks, which is one of those places for camping, which is surrounded with some gushing shrubs, which makes this place worth visiting. 

If my friends and I ever plan to go out during weekends, Chino Hills always comes first in our brain, and that too always; because it is so beautiful and makes us believe in the magic this place creates. 

My recommendation to the first-timers will be that they should wear comfortable clothes and sporty shoes as you will be walking between the hills and carrying essentials is a must. Which si the other reason you waiting for? You should tie your boots up and walk out. 

21# Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks 

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks

Not just you, but many people have already enjoyed this place once the Jurassic Park’s makers used it as a backdrop for the film. You might feel that you are aware of this place already. 

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks is a popular place because it is more than just being a camping site; it offers a hiking trail, cycling site and does not forget an eyes-pleasing view. If somehow you have plans to visit a place nearby Prairie, then visiting the Creek Redwoods State Park can bring a beaming smile to your face. 

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks also helps you camp at a very minimalistic price, and your friend and enjoy the weekends. 

22# Sonoma Coast State Park 

Sonoma Coast State Park

Sonoma Coast State Park is located with three other prominent camping sites which need a glance. Yes, of course, these places are so beautiful that, even if you feel that you do not have time to visit more than one, the scenic beauty here will pull out your adventurous side, and you will end up seeing all three. 

Sonoma Coast State Park is best for hiking, camping, and viewing the pleasant sunset, which will flood our phones with good images. Sonoma Coast State Park can give you an escape from city life, and you will surely enjoy your relaxing mode. I hope you don’t carry it back home. 

If you are not satisfied with the camping site, which I don’t think will happen, you can sit near the beach and immerse yourself in the sound of sea waves. I know it is rejuvenating! Thank me later. 

23# Yosemite National Park 

Yosemite National Park 

Dare not to spoil the vibe of this place, as it now falls under UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. This place gives a never-ending view to your eyes that showcases tall mountain trees, granites all around, and, yes, a park for you to set the camp. 

Yosemite National Park is also under 24 x 7 surveillance; hence any effect to the wildlife will be a backfire then and there. It is also a land to 13 different campsites, a few of them mentioned above. 

If you ever get a chance to visit any one of the 13 campgrounds, you will be able to experience a lot more than just camping. 

24# Green Cabin Flat Campground 

Green Cabin Flat Campground 

Like all the other camping sites in the U.S.A., with giant sequoia trees, Green Cabin Flat Campground is the best choice for our cute oldies who want a spot outside their car. 

There is no walking as such, and you can get out of your car and site your tent up. Other than this “not so camping facility,” they also provide you a lot of basic amenities, which are water, etc. 

I would want you to visit this place, more than you will find me forcing you to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Lol! So, please make sure that you spare this weekend for camping here at Green Cabin Flat Campground. 

25# Butte Lake Campground 

Butte Lake Campground 

This is a hidden gem where you will find no other human. Yes, indeed, people in the U.S.A. are still not aware of this magical destination. Now, I think with this article, most of you will be flocking here. 

It is a small water reservoir where you can swim, relax, go boating and enjoy the relaxed vibe which this place has to offer. Whenever I visited this place with a few others, one thing always stuck in my mind: what if I travel alone?

I did, and I enjoyed the solitude. My body became calm, and so is my soul. So, if you are interested in doing the same, visit this beauty all alone.  

Final Word

These were some of the most popular campsites in LA, where you can enjoy and get away from the various responsibilities for some time. The impact of camping will be long-lasting, I assure you.

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