A tough competition that divides the audience while going to watch a film in theatres. That constant question that stands tall is can Bollywood beat Hollywood? Today we will search for an answer. 

Hollywood is a place in LA, California, part of the US. The site has famous movie studios, theatres, and entertainment business platforms. It is considered one of the largest film industries in the world. It is a house of Academy Awards, and many of them are popular amongst the artists belonging to the industry.

On the Contrary, Bollywood is just a thing. It is not a place. The place that stands in contrast to Hollywood is the Hindi Film Industry producing the world’s most influential films. It is situated in the Mumbai, Maharashtra part of India. Mumbai was called Bombay; hence referring to Hollywood, it was named Bollywood.

The two film industries are distinct in their respective way. But why the one is better than the other, we will discuss in today’s article. 

Most people feel Bollywood is already beating Hollywood in so many ways that the world is unaware of. 

Hindi Film Industry is employing more than millions of people in the country India. 

7 Top Reasons – Bollywood can beat Hollywood

Following are the top seven reasons discussing that Bollywood can beat Hollywood:

#Catering diverse audience

If we keep the primary audience of both the respective film industry, Hindi film industry possess a more diverse audience belonging to different beliefs, religion, thinking, etc. On the other hand, Hollywood’s primary audience belongs to the US and all of them possesses somewhat same views, same religious value, etc. 

If a comparison is based on that, Bollywood is beating Hollywood in the true sense. A diverse audience is what makes the content challenging, and Hindi filmmakers are winning in that area.

#Musicals means Bollywood. 

Bollywood has songs for each celebration, emotion, feeling, etc. Musicals lack in Hollywood films with a significant margin. This can also be the reason how Bollywood is beating Hollywood, just like that. 

Everyone enjoys musicals, and when musicals are inserted in the film, the narrative becomes a task for adjustment. For that, Hindi Filmmakers are doing a great job, reflecting in the number of the audience watching it. 

#Bollywood actors are Global 

When we talk about globalization, it means one world domination, which is evident in the Hindi entertainment industry. Bollywood has quite a few examples for their portrayals in Global films such as Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan, Anupam Kher, and the list goes on. But can you name any Hollywood star other than Indian descent who has grabbed a full-fledged Hindi film? If yes, there will be very few.

Hindi Films seems easy, but if you don’t belong to country India, then being an actor and learning a language could be a task for you.

#Fictional is also believable

Most of the well-acclaimed films are fiction both in the Hindi and English entertainment industry. Still, the degree to which the English film industry develops a fictional story is quite unrealistic. 

Yes, a Fictional story also demands a strong base for the narrative to stand on it, which is visible in Hindi films, whereas in English, sometimes the entire movie is hard to digest.  

 Few of the unrealistic films can be based on comic series or derived out of fantasy cartoons or the scriptwriter’s imagination, quite a task to consume and understand.

#Extreme weather conditions

#Extreme weather conditions
Source: India TV

The weather condition in India is at its extreme degree in most of the months. On the contrary, the weather conditions in the US are bearable, and most of the time of the year, it is pleasant there. 

Shooting in these extreme weather conditions for Hindi cinema actors can lead to specific health issues. Still, yes, under all those conditions, films are made well and are distributed in the entire nation and across the border.

#Layering of Characters

#Layering of Characters
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The films’ characters are the most crucial part of any film industry. When we discuss Hindi Cinema, there we can see evident layers in the characters of the film.

To your surprise, the reason behind this is that all human possesses basic expressions and emotion, but people from India possess double the number of expressions and their emotions are active and loud on their face. It helps in writing more complex yet understated characters.

Another reason could be based on deliverance, as the film is watched by people belonging to any race; therefore, Hindi Cinema filmmaker tries not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, beliefs, in regards to the layering of characters and releases his/her film.

#Gender Biasness

The report Celluloid Ceiling is released every year to show the percentage of women included or given a chance to join the entertainment industry. It mainly focuses on the one-eye view by the industry runners because they feel a woman cannot run or make a film.

Hollywood is the most prominent example of it. Yes, the instance can simplify it for you. There are only two women who have ever received Oscar for the best filmmaking, and in addition to that, the nominations for women-filmmakers are less in number. Hollywood is considered as the most misogynist film industry behind the camera.

Compared with Bollywood, it is also not less than Hollywood, but the numbers are still bearable. Female filmmakers like Zoya Akhtar, Anvitta Dutt, Konkana Sen, Arun Raje, and many more, who have taken the rein in their hands of the Hindi Cinema, and no men can produce such notable films that these women are making.

These were some of the seven reasons answering that why Bollywood is definitely beating Hollywood in all the ways possible and will soon emerge as the world’s biggest and best Entertainment Industry. 


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