Being referred to as Virginia Tech. Virginia tech stands for Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with its campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. The college has educational facilities in six regions state-wise and a study abroad site in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland.

The school offers 280 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to around 35,000 students and also manages a research portfolio of around $522 million placings it 46th ranked university in the US

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The Virginia Tech

Address: Blacksburg, VA 24061, United States

Official site:

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What is Virginia tech known for?

At Virginia Tech, they have many major programs includingEngineering, business, Management, Marketing, along with related supportservices such as Family and Consumer, Human Science and Social science, etc

Virginia tech has an average freshman retention rate thatis their indicator of student satisfaction which is about 93% the highest ofany college there

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Is Virginia tech a good School?

Virginia tech provides the best in class education totheir children’s at a very low cost possible and in comparison to the similarschools 

Among all of this Virginia tech ranks #305 on the overallbest colleges for money list making it one of the best colleges for those whocan’t afford expensive colleges and don’t want to take a loan

There is no doubt that Virginia Tech is best in class ata low price among all of its competitors.

Talking about Virginia Tech let’s get into GPA (GradeAverage Point) required for admission 

What GPA (Grade Average Point) required to get intoVirginia tech?

Different colleges have different criteria for the selectionof students based on their system. Some colleges need a low GPA (Grade PointAverage) whereas some colleges need a high GPA to select their students.

There are some colleges who require only a 2.5 GPA (GradePoint Average) and there are some colleges also who require a 3.7, 3.8 GPA(Grade Point Average) Virginia also comes in a similar position

To get a sure shot place in Virginia Tech you just need aGPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 4.4 

But because of this many people thinks that they can’t getinto Virginia Tech with an average GPA. So let’s take a dive into can we getinto Virginia Tech with a 3.3 GPA

Can I go toVirginia Tech with a 3.3 GPA (Grade Point Average)?

Unlike Other colleges, Virginal tech gives you options tocome with either a low GPA or high GPA

So the answer to this question is Yes, One can get intoVirginia tech because the minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) required to getinto Virginia tech is 2.5 so take your chance and dive in deep.

Above everything, the Virginia tech Office notes that thecandidates who have a 3.0 GPA will give more competition.

Going further let’s take a look at What SAT/ACT score youneed to get into the Virginia Tech

What SAT do we need to get into Virginia Tech?

Usually, Colleges have different criteria for SAT scores

but in Virginia Tech you will need the most-lowest score than in any college possibleVirginia Tech requires an SAT score of as low as 1070

Hence proving one of the best colleges which require less money, less GPA (Grade Point Average), and more passion and talent to learn things.

Now we know what GPA and SAT we need to get into Virginia Tech. now let’s take a look at what is the acceptance rate of Virginia tech?

What is the Acceptance Rate of the Virginia tech?

Different colleges have different acceptance rates based on their system. Some colleges have a high acceptance rate of 72% whereas some have a low acceptance rate of 18%

To take a peek at the acceptance rate of Virginia Tech it

is 64.8 %

So it’s not that difficult for aspirants to get admission into Virginia tech. One can easily get admission based on GPA and SAT scores in Virginia Tech

Is Virginia tech a tier 1 school?

Virginia Tech is just another public university based in the state of Virginia that has received a Tier 1 ranking by US news. The school is one of the largest in the state with over 23,000 undergraduate students.

What are the documents required to get into Virginia tech?

According to the Application Checklist of Virginia tech to get admission to Virginia Tech one must have their following things:

  • Test scores of SAT and ACT
  • Virginia Tech General Scholarship Application
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

So now you have got an idea of how you can get admission into Virginia Tech with a 3.3 GPA as well


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