Can You Open Snaps On Snapchat For Web In 2023? Truth Revealed!


When you think about Snapchat, what do you think about it? A teen nonchalantly clicking away photos of his/her day out with friends? Well, close enough. Snapchat is defined by the app that we all have used on our phones at one point or the other. But, can you open snaps on Snapchat for web as well? Hey, if you’re really curious to know, then we have all the answers that you’re looking for!

Social media as we know it today has been built on the building blocks laid down by Snapchat back in 2011 – the year the app first came out. We have seen the app develop from a regular photo-sharing app to a media behemoth. We have also seen the birth of Snapchat creators, who have monetized their content. And today we finally have tons of ways to entertain ourselves through the Discover Tab.

In July 2022, Snapchat revealed that users can now access Snapchat on the web too. So, the question remains, can you open Snaps on Snapchat for web? Yes, you can open snaps on Snapchat for the web. The feature has certain caveats though. First of all, Snapchat for the web was only available for paid members. That is people with Snapchat+ were the only ones who could access Snapchat on their laptops.

Another thing you need to know is that in order to access Snapchat on the web, you will need to have Google Chrome installed, or Microsoft Edge. Support for other browsers isn’t out yet and will be updated soon. Does this mean you will be seamlessly able to switch between your phone Snapchat app and Snapchat on your desktop? Quite possibly so! Now, let’s check out other details of Snapchat on the web and the things you can do with it!

Can You Open Snaps On Snapchat For Web? Everything You Need To Know!

Can You Open Snaps On Snapchat For Web In 2023? Truth Revealed!

Snapchat first introduced the web feature to its Snapchat+ members. As promised, Snapchat will bring specific features to its paid customers first before considering whether to release it to the general public. All you need to do is pay a small monthly fee of $4 and you’re good to go. Also, you need to remember that this only works for people who live in the United States, Canada, and the UK. 

Users in Australia and New Zealand also reported having received these features soon after. But if you’re a paid user of Snapchat elsewhere, we have no official word on when it’s going to come to you! Snapchat will be coming out with an update sure enough, but don’t hold your breath for it!

How To Open Snaps On Snapchat For Web? Can You Open Snaps On Snapchat For Web?

Can You Open Snaps On Snapchat For Web In 2023? Truth Revealed!

So how does this all come together and how does it work? Snapchat has made its web platform quite simple. While most app-based services tend to neglect their website and its contents, Snapchat hasn’t done that. The Snapchat website hosts quite a lot of features, and in early December 2022, Snapchat announced that all of its features for Snapchat+ users were available to everyone.

That means you can access anything and everything on Snapchat web without having to pay a fee. So as long as you have a laptop, a working internet connection, and a Snapchat account, you’re golden! To access Snapchat on the web, follow the steps mentioned below!

  • Open your laptop and connect it to the internet.
  • Open Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Note that only these two browsers work for the moment.
  • Enter the address as web(dot)snapchat(dot)com and hit enter. The homepage will open.
  • Here, enter your login details and verify your credentials.
  • Snapchat will ask you to authenticate your login on the app, and once confirmed, you’re done!. 

That’s it! You’ve successfully logged in to Snapchat web and can now use Snapchat on your laptop. You can now continue your conversations that you might have left off on the mobile. Now – if your next question is what can you do with Snapchat on the web, then here’s a simple breakdown.

Things You Can Do On The Web Version Of Snapchat | Can You Open Snaps On Snapchat For Web?

Can You Open Snaps On Snapchat For Web In 2023? Truth Revealed!

One of the first things that will happen when you access your Snapchat account through the web version is that your bitmoji will change. Just like reacting to you traveling, listening to music, and other activities, your bitmoji will react to your laptop use too. The bitmoji on the snap map will show you holding a laptop. This will indicate to all your friends that you’re using Snapchat on your desktop.

According to Snap, the company has decided to bring in all its core features from its mobile app to the desktop version as well. This means you will be able to send snaps, open them, carry on text conversations as well as send bitmojis too. One of the main uses of Snapchat on the web – according to Snap – has been video calling. 

The company claims that users on average spend about half an hour every day on video calls. That’s not too bad if you ask us. While Snapchat has always been app first, it’s a nice change to see the features have been made available on a desktop so easily too!

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope your question of whether can you open snaps on Snapchat for web has been answered adequately! Don’t worry if you feel there are certain limitations on the things that you can do with the web version of Snapchat right now. Things are definitely going to improve from here on out. If there is anything else Snapchat-related that you need help with then feel free to drop a comment down below! We will surely try our best to help you out!

Can you log into Snapchat on browser?

Yes, it is possible to log into Snapchat without the app. Since the company has now introduced Snapchat web, you can easily use Snapchat on your web browser on any device. You can now continue your Snap Streaks through your laptop without your device. The Snapchat Web allows you to chat with your loved ones.

Is the Snapchat web a paid option or is it free to use?

The Snapchat web is an absolutely free option to use. if you’re paid subscriber then you get added benefits, but if you’re not, you can still use the web version!

Can you get Snapchat chat history?

Yes, you can access your chat history by clicking on chat history option. It includes message content, the name of your friends or group chat, media type (either MEDIA or TEXT), and the date and time the Snap was sent. Please be aware that only saved text messages and not saved media will have their content displayed.

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