14 Celebrities Banned From SNL | Prepare Yourselves For The Biggest Shock!


Saturday Night Live or SNL, the iconic late-night television sketch comedy show, has been running every week since it was launched in 1975. SNL has an old tradition of welcoming musical artists, actors, and great television personalities to arguably the most high-profile stage in the history of television. So, who are the celebrities banned from SNL? Are you ready to take a look?

While hundreds of talented players, hosts, rocking bands, and singers have graced the SNL stage, a few have managed to ensure they are never going to grace the stage ever again. Because of the type of content we see on SNL, one always thinks celebrities can pour their hearts out without any kind of restriction. But that’s not true at all. There are a lot of things that celebrities have to restrain from saying and if they don’t, they end up getting banned from SNL.

Canadian-American television producer Lorne Michaels is very picky when it comes to what goes live and what does not go live during the SNL episodes. if a celebrity plays dirty and starts ranting about sensitive issues, or discusses someone’s personal life, they will end up on the SNL No-Fly list. Over the years, a lot of celebrities have been added to the list and a lot of them have been removed as well. If you want to see the list of celebrities who are never going to make it inside the Studio 8H studio, you have come to the right place.

The main reasons for the celebs being banned range from violent performances, weed-smoking, behind-the-scenes insults, and much more. The issues may sound light-hearted but if Lorne Michales is upset, nothing can save the celebrities from the ban!

List Of 14 Celebrities Banned From SNL | How These Celebrities Lost Something Good! 

“Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live”. Does this line make you squeal with joy and ecstasy? If yes, then be prepared to see how Lorne Michaels’ wrath can destroy someone’s good time on the sets of SNL. Trust me when I say this, you are not prepared in the least to see how many celebrities have ended up on the no-fly list.

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1# Steven Seagal 

Steven Seagal was banned from SNL after the hosting stint that ended up with him receiving the title of the “worst host ever” (by none other than the SNL creator and producer Lorne Michaels) and being difficult to work with him. In an episode hosted by Cage a few days later, fans were able to see Michaels taking a jab at Seagel and his hosting skills.

2# Adrien Brody

Brody’s first foray into the world of television fell awkwardly flat when the actor was booked to host Saturday Night Live. Brody’s first mistake was taking up the SNL stage with a skit that wasn’t improvised at all. Brody’s second mistake was incorporating racially offensive elements into the skit. After the episode went live, Brady’s not-so-good skit was racially criticized by the audience.

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3# Rage Against The Machine

14 Celebrities Banned From SNL| Prepare Yourselves For The Biggest Shock!

When it comes to musical performances, the decision to recruit RATM will always be baffling. Things took a turn for worse when the best show was hosted by Steve, the two-time Republican presidential candidate and a billionaire who glorifies everything. Upon hearing their expulsion, bassist Tim stormed Forbes’ dressing room. A sense of shame was easily seen amongst the band members. After the incident, Rage Against The Machine was banned from the SNL stage.

4# Martin Lawrence

During a serious discussion about Lorena cutting her husband’s p*nis, several jokes were made that pushed the boundaries of SNL’s rules. Lawrence settled into a bizarre discussion about the female body and personal hygiene. Lawrence’s comments on the SNL stage resulted in more than 200 complaints and caused protests from several SNL sponsors. It resulted in Martin getting banned from the show permanently.

5# Sinead O’Connor

Leave racist comments aside, Sinead O’Connor took things to the next level when the pop icon was seen tearing a picture of the pope into two during a live performance on the show. As soon as Sinead did so, it was a guarantee that Lorne will add the celebrity’s name to the sh*t list. And boy the producer did it so well!

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6# Cypress Hill

When DJ Muggs smoked a joint during the live broadcast, Cypress Hill hit the headlines. In reflection, Muggs’ actions held less levity. But it was during the time when weed was still illegal in the state and Cypress Hill had managed to cause quite the stir. What kind of backlash he’d receive? Getting banned from the SNL celebrity list was all the backlash he needed to get a hold of his actions.

7# Robert Blake

Blake was never a compromising figure and we all know that very well. The star of In Cold Blood would take his role as host very seriously. When he was invited on the SNL stage, he was ready to take the command seriously as a host on the show. During his stint as the show host, Robert was all about abusing almost all of the cast members. Naturally, with such a lousy attitude, Blake was never invited to the show ever again.

8# The Replacements

The Replacements arrived on the stage as a last-minute guest, replacing the scheduled, The Sisters, who had been forced to cancel everything just before the show. But their catastrophic performance would see SNL producer Michaels banning them from ever returning to 30 Rock. 

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9# Andy Kauffman

In the career of Andy Kauffman, there is one title that he holds that no other musician, actor, or comedian has ever held in connection to Saturday Night Live. He is the only celebrity to have ever been banned from the show by the audience at home.

10# Fear

New York Post’s report claims that Fear caused $200,000 of damage to SNL studio, destroying the green room, a mini-cam camera, and a viewing room. Unsurprisingly, the band was never invited back on to the program, but their performance lives down in punk folklore.

11# Milton Berle

14 Celebrities Banned From SNL| Prepare Yourselves For The Biggest Shock!

When Berle arrived on set, he wasn’t beyond letting everybody within earshot just what a big deal it was. He went as far as even to pitch jokes with the preface that might be over your heads, but it was enough to provoke the cast to turn on Berle. Things turned worse when he went on stage because he was banned and never returned to the show.

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12# Charles Grodin

The star Grodin regularly skipped rehearsals for the show and even tried to ad-lib lines after arriving late; both were huge mistakes in the world of SNL. 

13# Kanye West

West has held in such high regard that producers allowed him a third performance segment. Rather than play a song, West delivered an off-the-cuff speech in praise of Donald Trump while wearing one of the politician’s signature hats. SNL time slot ran out, but West continued to walk around the stage, criticizing the media and dismissing allegations of racism levied at Donald Trump. 

14# Frank Zappa

Zappa never took himself seriously, often infusing the music with humor. He seemed like a good bet for SNL, and the SNL show makers hired him to do double-duty as both the host and the musical guest for an episode. Instead of a chill, good time, this installment became one of the worst ever.

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Final Words

The above-mentioned are some of the celebrities who have been banned forever from the SNL stage. Their rude behavior, over-the-top sarcasm, and good-for-nothing behavior were some of the biggest reasons behind their banishment from the SNL stage forever.

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