How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft | 2 Easy Ways To Remember Commands


Tick speed is an integral part of Minecraft’s algorithm that means knowing how to change Tick Speed in Minecraft is very important for the players. The tick speed of a game decides how frequently an update will occur in the game and how quickly your events will be upgraded. 

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that lets you create anything from a simple house to the kingdom of your dreams using the game’s unlimited resources. If you have played Roblox, you will see that Minecraft is a Roblox-like game but different in a few aspects.  

With such game loops, you can always decide at what speed you want your game to update. The higher you set the tick speed, the slower your game will update. So knowing how to change tick speed is very important when it comes to playing a realistic game like Minecraft. Also it is very important to setup tick speed at browser games like agario unblocked, because it affects your game experience. At the moment Agario is the one of the most popular browser games.

Now, we know that learning such tricks is not an easy task, so we have compiled a quick tutorial for you that will quickly guide you through the process of “How to change tick speed in Minecraft?”

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft? Easier Than You Thought!

Read along to find how you can easily change the tick speed in Minecraft without going through many different answer threads on Quora or Reddit. 

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#1 How Tick Speed is Important In Minecraft?

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Tick speed or also called a game tick is known as the unit of time in Minecraft. Tick Speed is an essential part of the Minecraft game as the upgrades and advancements in the game take place because of it. Usually, the default tick speed in the Minecraft game is 20 ticks per second, making the average speed of a single tick be 1 in every 0.05 seconds. You can check the tick speed per second, TPS of the game by holding down the keys Alt + F3 simultaneously from your keyboard.  

#2 Tick Speed Commands In Minecraft | 2 Easy Alternatives

In Minecraft, the simple command “/gamerule” is used to switch between different variants of tick speed. The command is available with almost all the versions of Minecraft, but all of them also have another widely used command. So, you always need to make sure that you are using the correct command for changing the tick speed. The two different commands corresponding to Tick speed in the game are as follows-

  1. /gamerule random TickSpeed <value> – used to set an exact value of tick speed in the game. 
  2. /gamerule random TickSpeed – used to check the rule of the game. 

#3 Change Tick Speed in Minecraft 

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

“/gamerule” is the command that is used to change tick speed in Minecraft. All you have to do is open the chat window in your game and enter this command. Now all of you will not be using the same systems and versions of the game so let me tell you how you can open the chat window in different visions. 

  • We will begin with learning the Javascript and the Windows 10 edition of the game. All you have to do on these two systems is start the game and then hold down the key ‘T’ from your keyboard to open the chat window. 
  • For PS4 and Xbox users, an easy and quick way to open the chat window is by making use of the D-pad from their controllers. 
  • Another option you can use to change the tick speed is to open the settings while playing. Once you are in the menu, go to the option “Random Tick Speed” and tap on it to enter the new tick speed that you want to set. 

#4 Different Tick Speed Options In Minecraft | Know What’s Best For You

Random Tick Speeds: How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Though Minecraft allows players to set different variations of Tick Speed while playing the game, it is essential to know which will work better for you. Different tick speeds have different outcomes, and I guarantee that you will not like all of them. After each tick occurs, your game features start to advance. Plants multiply, while fluids and moving objects change their location after every tick speed change. 

For example, let’s suppose that you have set your tick speed at 0. It will disable all the random ticks in your game. If you set the tick speed between 1 and 3, you will speed up things in the game without destroying any feature. However, if you set tick speed above 8, your plants and other game aspects will start to desiccate faster. 

Final Words 

Changing tick speed in the Minecraft game is as easy as eating your favorite chocolate, but it comes with its benefits and consequences. If you set up the pace too high, you will not be able to enjoy the game very much, and if you set it too low, your game will lose its charm and essence. 

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