How Many Characters Die In Manifest? The Series Kills More Than It Makes!


Death is a part of life and an essential part of every Netflix and other popular TV show. In some cases, it becomes necessary to kill a character to move on with the story, but it is not the same for the creators of Manifest. If you have seen the show, you already know it is impossible to keep a count of people who die in Manifest

Manifest is an entertaining supernatural series created by Jeff Rake for the NBC network. The plot of Manifest revolves around the passengers and the crew members of a commercial flight who reappear after being presumed dead for five years. In these five years, their friends and family members have moved on, but the passengers have a hard time accepting it. 

The crazy thing about the return of the passengers is that five years have passed since their disappearance, but according to them, they were only experiencing severe turbulence that caused a delay in their flight. An even crazier thing happens when these missing passengers start having random visions and hear voices that no one else can. These unwanted voices and visions are referred to as Callings and let the people experience events that are yet to occur. Not only that, but once these callings arise, the people experiencing them start to die. 

Over the three seasons of the show, many important characters in the series have died because of these callings. Read to know more about their death and if anyone was lucky enough to escape their end. 

7 Major Characters Die In Manifest | Hoping Season 4 Will Put An End To The Death Date!

Manifest’s time on NBC was tough because it couldn’t attract the audience’s attention and recorded a low viewership. After airing on the network for three seasons, Manifest was canceled by NBC for low ratings and was added to Netflix earlier this year in 2021. Surprisingly, the series topped the rating chart on the globally popular platform and was renewed for a fourth and final season with 20 episodes. Although any updates are yet to be reported regarding the cast and the production rumors are that the new season will hit the screens sometime in 2022. 

1# How Does Grace Die In Manifest? End Of Grace & Ben’s Epic Love!

1# How Does Grace Die In Manifest? End Of Grace & Ben's Epic Love!

Coming back to the death track of binge-worthy TV show Manifest, Grace was one of the most important characters in the series and loved by many, including Ben. Ever since Ben’s return from the flight, there was a constant push and pull between him and his wife, Grace. In these five years, Grace had mourned her husband’s loss and moved on with Danny. While Grace and Danny did have a beautiful relationship, she was always meant to end up with Ben, and that’s what happened at the end of season 1. 

With season 2 starting, the couple was elated to find about Grace’s second pregnancy and the happiness their second child would bring. The season began with new beginnings, love, and lots of hope for the couple. During this season, Grace started to experience callings of her own and realized how important it was for Ben to solve the mystery. With the season moving towards the end and Grace having complications in her pregnancy, Ben’s decision to save her over the baby cemented their newly healed relationship. 

Season 3 was not at all what everyone thought it to be. Grace and Ben were determined to protect their family and the newly found happiness at all costs with a new baby. However, their happiness was short-lived because Grace was stabbed by Angelina, a fellow passenger who also kidnapped baby Eden (Grace and Ben’s second-born).  

2# Does Zeke Die In Manifest? Cheers To New Beginnings For Zeke!

2# Does Zeke Die In Manifest? Cheers To New Beginnings For Zeke!

The more we understand the connection between the passengers and their death dates in Manifest, the more confusing it gets. While it may be a little easy to understand Ben and Grace’s story, it certainly was difficult for us to get through Zeke’s amazing yet confusing story. Zeke was one of the very few characters on the show who started to experience callings and death dates without being a part of Flight 828. Zeke’s first appearance on the show was simple where he minded his own business while buying a magazine with a tribute to the flight on its front cover. 

Moments later, Zeke finds himself in the middle of a terrible blizzard while hiking. The guy does everything he can to prevent himself from freezing to death, but all his efforts go in vain, and he dies. Call it lucky or unlucky, but shortly after a year, Zeke is resurrected, and this time he meets Cal (Michaela’s nephew), who helps him with the callings. 

3# Does Vance Die In Manifest? The Mysterious Government Official!

3# Does Vance Die In Manifest? The Mysterious Government Official!

In the beginning, everyone thought of Robert Bobby Vance as just another broody government official trying to keep secrets. However, as days passed, it was revealed that he was in the dark as much as the passengers of Flight 828. Vance slowly made his way into the trustworthy circle on the show and started helping Ben and Michaela solve the mystery behind the callings and the vision. 

Just when the audience thought they would see more of Vance’s thoughtful side, creators pulled in the death card. A big bang explosion at the Unified Dynamic Systems’ secret facility took Vance’s life, and just like that, his story on Manifest came to an end. 

4# Does TJ Die In Manifest? The One Who Dies For Love!

4# Does TJ Die In Manifest? The One Who Dies For Love!

Through seasons 1 and 2, TJ Morisson was one of the main characters in Manifest and a fellow passenger on Flight 828. At the end of the second season, while Ben and Michaela were trying to save everyone from the fire at the church, TJ was playing Olive’s savior. Olive, aka Ben’s elder daughter, was stuck in the fire and could not find a way out. Much to her and Ben’s relife, TJ came at the right time and sacrificed his life to save his friend Olive. 

Later it is revealed that TJ manages to find shelter and survives. After being pulled out of the ashes by Love and Ben, there is no clue what happens to TJ in season 3. In season 3, it is mentioned that TJ is continuing his research work in Egypt, but what about his on-again-off-again relationship with Olive? Their story ended abruptly without any closure, but maybe we can see more of them in the show’s final season. 

5# Does The Major Die In Manifest? Saanvi & Major’s Scuffle Ends With A Big Twist!

5# Does The Major Die In Manifest? Saanvi & Major's Scuffle Ends With A Big Twist!

Zeke might have survived his death date in season 2 of Manifest, but sadly it wasn’t the same for everyone. Everyone knew about Major’s crazy abilities from the beginning of the show. For most of the show, the government operative was abducting the passengers of the flight under the disguise of Saanvi’s psychiatrist. Saanvi, on the other hand, was ready to confront the Major with a master plan that involved poisoning her. 

Fate had other plans for Saanvi as the fight between her and the Major led to the antidote vial breaking down. Unable to save Major, Saanvi leaves the scene and walks away with the disturbing truth that she took a life. Major’s death was a big fallout from season 2 and can come back to bite Saanvi’s back in the upcoming show. 

6# Does Cal Die In Manifest? Cal Makes It Back To Grace Just In Time!

6# Does Cal Die In Manifest? Cal Makes It Back To Grace Just In Time!

Ben and Grace’s son Cal may be the only character to have a normal future. As much as the viewers desperately want this theory to be true, there’s not much to say until Netflix drops the show’s final season. In the previous season, Cal was against his family’s wish when he planned to visit the Flight 828 tailfin. The moment Cal touches the debris, he vanishes into the thick air just like that. Poof! 

This does not mean that Cal has died. Instead, moments later, an elder version of Cal is seen by Grace’s side as she lays on her death bed. During her mother’s final moments, a 17-year-old Cal reveals that he understands what needs to be done to keep everyone safe. This new turn can change the future of Manifest and possibly take things in the right direction for everyone. 

7# Does Saanvi Die In Manifest? Saanvi’s Demons Are Catching Up to Her!

7# Does Saanvi Die In Manifest? Saanvi’s Demons Are Catching Up to Her!

One of the passengers and a medical researcher by profession, Saanvi Bahl, is one of the many mysterious characters on the show. Saanvi has a troubled past, and she is constantly seen trying to run away from her demons. As season 3 of the show Manifest finds itself closer to the secrets behind Flight 828, Saanvi finds herself stuck in the middle of them. After coming across a mysterious piece of wood that many think is a part of Noah’s Ark, Saanvi tries to examine it. 

Every time she starts testing the wood, her eyes begin to bleed, and it does not stop until she admits that she killed the Major. Saanvi may not have died as of now, but now that her secret is in the open, who’s to say how much time she has left. 

Final Words 

Currently, there are no updates regarding the fourth season of the show and its release date. The fourth and final season of the show will see major characters like Ben, Cal, Saanvi, Zeke, and Michaela make their return with a love triangle waiting for the love birds Zeke and Michaela. It will be fun to see whether Netflix will stick to NBC’s original story for the show or come up with something new. 

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