How Is Cheating In Esport Different From Cheating In Traditional Sport


A New Definition of What “Gaming” Means. So the term “cheat” has a negative connotation, one which ultimately ends up giving a lot of people the wrong impression—at least as regards esports. Esports “cheating” isn’t “cheating”, it’s something ultimately core to professional gaming. That’s not the case with “regular” sports, where cheating is just a way of winning unethically.

In order to get an idea of what the reality is as regards esports “cheating”, we have to take a brief look at the history of video games, and the history of esports; then you’ll start to understand what the truth is. At a minimum, hopefully, this writing will help you expand your gaming horizons.

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Esports Has A Deeper Legacy Than You Thought

If we’re being technical, esports stretch back to the 1950s when competitions between humans and computers took place within the game “XOX”. Over time, more access to computer-based games expanded who could or couldn’t play, making the concept of esports something accessible to everybody, not just computer designers.

By the 1980s, esports had gone mainstream. The arcade era was in full swing and would continue to dominate gaming until the end of the eighties and the onset of the nineties when console games became more prominent. Within a few years of that time, computer gaming at home among the general population started to be tangible, and outpace console options.

Part of what changed things was Windows. In the seventies and eighties, computer programming was a lot more “free”, it didn’t have the weight of corporate juggernauts behind it. But IBM came calling for an OS (Operating System) programming design in the eighties, and Bill Gates managed to grab the contract; it’s quite fascinating, really.

Now there’s controversy over what really happened, but the upshot of the deal was, that DOS was instrumental, alongside Apple’s innovation of the cursor, in bringing high-dollar computation into the common man’s living room. Suddenly, average Joe’s could program, whereas before, it was sort of a niche thing among a select few.

What This Developed Into

How Is Cheating In Esport Different From Cheating In Traditional Sport

People who were gaming enthusiasts in the nineties on Windows devices became savvy at general “hacking” as a consequence of the operating system, and monetary realities surrounding it. Games like Castle Wolfenstein gave 3D experiences no console could replicate. Also, you had more access to coding on PC games than on console games.

So the market grew in conjunction with technological breakthroughs, eventually resulting in online championships of varying kinds. Throughout this time, video game championships did exist, but it was the worldwide computational revolution that expanded gaming globally over consoles or arcades.

You won’t find a lot of consoles or arcades in certain countries, but everyone needs computers, and properly gaming in a foreign capacity requires increased “hacking” familiarity. Ultimately, this means gamers around the world use patches and the like which are conventionally called “cheats” colloquially, rather than as a descriptive term.

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Collateral Realities

How Is Cheating In Esport Different From Cheating In Traditional Sport

It’s worth considering, too, that certain “cheats” are necessary to make a game run on a computer not designed for that game. Also, many game designers hide easter eggs and other things in a game’s programming, so if you don’t know how to use cheat codes, you can’t experience all the game’s content.

So the reality now is this: people who dominate at esports do so because they play extensively, earning requisite skills, and that ultimately tends to mean greater familiarity with patches, cheat codes, and other workaround that facilitate better gameplay.

Cheats are a misnomer, because they’re fundamental to what modern gaming means. If you don’t know these things, not only do you not get the whole experience, there will be a “wall” to your skill capability you’ll never be able to overcome. All computer games are code. Ultimately, that means understanding how to manipulate that code makes you a better gamer.

The bottom line here is, that cheats aren’t cheats, they’re digital muscle, and you need to have it to have any chance whatever at esports. If you’re thinking about learning best practices associated with successful hacking, check out some of GuidedHacking’s Hacks. Because hacking is so fundamental, learning it has gone mainstream.

Where Things Presently Stand In The Gaming World

How Is Cheating In Esport Different From Cheating In Traditional Sport

So now we’re in 2022, and esports is a global revolution. Games like League of Legends are changing what it means to game. Virtual reality is more tangible than ever with the Oculus system and Facebook’s push for Meta. Meanwhile, Roblox is a game that is kind of like the map-maker in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 but refined for the modern era.

Essentially, now you can design games without even knowing how to code. The way things are trending, eventually a sort of gaming treadmill with endless online access will be in everybody’s home. At that point, if you’re not familiar with the way virtual software can be “hacked”, there will be entire realities of society you have no ability to interact with.

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What The Future Holds

How Is Cheating In Esport Different From Cheating In Traditional Sport

In fact, things are kind of that way now, it’s just that the hacking element of gaming isn’t quite as mainstream as it could be, and that is changing. So remember: esports “cheats” or “hacking” is symbiotic to the sport generally, meaning the terms defining these activities really aren’t quite accurate, as neither represents a “hack” or a “cheat”.

Maybe call it “spicy” gaming, or non-traditional gaming. Whatever the case, you definitely want to learn how to push through the conventional intentions of game designers. You will experience an enhanced level of content, you’ll be stronger as a gamer, and you’ll be more able to skate around limitations in the world that’s coming.

As digital treadmills are used in VR combined with decentralized remote occupational infrastructure, becoming a professional esports athlete will require being both physically fit, and technologically literate. Baseball wasn’t always America’s pastime, eventually, that was the case. In the near future, the world’s “baseball” will likely be esports.

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