7 Chris Hemsworth Movies On Netflix From Dope To Nope!


I know all the Avengers fans are dying to know about some entertaining Chris Hemsworth movies on Netflix, but they don’t know whom to approach. With a Ph.D. in entertainment nichè, Viebly will definitely provide you with his best-rated films. So, dear Hemsworth’s worthy fan, please note them all.

Netflix has made sure that it doesn’t disappoint its audience, so it has handpicked some amazing and top-rated films, which you will definitely discuss after watching. (only if you are a cinema geek)

Let’s not stretch it further and come straight to the topic, below are his best films on Netflix, which you should watch anytime, you feel like watching something fun, entertaining and I would say something worth spending time for.

Seven! Seven! Seven! Chris Hemsworth Movies On Netflix | From Best To OKK Ratings!

From action to comedy there is no genre left that this actor hasn’t put his hands on and yes, it would be an injustice, if I don’t say that he is the most versatile actor in the film world. If you are his die-heart fan, please scroll and read about some of his best movies on Netflix that will make you fall in love with him.

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1# The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

7 Chris Hemsworth Movies On Netflix From Dope To Nope!

From soft to loud waves of laughter in the theatre, The Cabin In The Woods (2012) is an American horror comedy movie that stars Chris Hemsworth as Curt Vaughan along with Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins, and Bradley Whitford.

Released on April 13, 2012, the movie follows the story of five college friends who go on an adventure for a weekend in the woods but soon end up in the hands of mad scientists and foul zombies. The story starts when all the friends pile up in a van and drive down into desolated woods where they borrow an old cabin for a weekend. Unknown to the fact that the cabin is not an ordinary cabin but a set for diabolical scientific experiments. They soon find themselves as gunnie pigs of these scientists and the victim of foul backwood zombies.

It sounds interesting, right? Guess, how amazing you will feel while watching the film. Watch this film on Monday, so that you can feel better after your loaded working hours.

  • Directed By: Drew Gerrard
  • Run Time: 95 minutes 
  • IMDb Rating: 7/10
  • Box Office Collection: $66 million

2# Extraction (2020)

#2 Extraction (2020)

If you are an action movie lover, then Extraction (2020) is made just for you. Chris Hemsworth portrays an Australian black-ops mercenary along with actors like Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Randeep Hooda, Golshifteh Farahani, Pankaj Tripathi, and David Harbour. 

Released on the 24th of April 2020, the film is based on the rescue mission of an Indian drug lord’s kidnapped son, who later turns out to be more terrible than it was thought earlier. The story starts when Ovi Mahajan, son of the imprisoned drug lord, sneaks out of his house to go to the club. The already known twist (Lol!!!) is that he gets kidnapped by two policemen working for a rival drug lord.

The boy from there is sent to Dhaka and then to Sri Lanka. On the other hand, Tyler (Chris) was set on the mission to rescue him but soon, all the planings related to the mission’s execution gets awry, after he is double-crossed. I would suggest you watch it on weekends because this film will dissolve you in it with its high-intensity action.

  • Directed By: Sam Hargrave
  • Run Time: 117 minutes
  • IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
  • Box Office Collection: $1 millon

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3# 12 Strong (2018)

12 Strong (2018)

Dear war movie fans, if there is any film, that you should not miss is 12 Strong (2018). It is based on the Horse soldiers starring Chris Hemsworth as Mitch Nelson. Other actors like Michael Shannon, Michael Peña, and Navid Negahban are also part of this amazing film. With such an amazing star cast, what do you expect? Obviously something best!

Released on the 19th of January 2018, the movie is based on the US Army special forces which were sent to Afghanistan. Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth) the US Army captain was moving to his new home after the completion of his duty, but soon volunteers with his team to go to Afghanistan immediately after the September 11 terrorist attacks. What happens next, for that you have to watch it on Netflix.

  • Directed By: Nicolai Fugalsig
  • Runtime: 129 minutes 
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.6/10
  • Box Office Collection: $71 million 

4# Ghostbusters: Answer The Call (2016)

 Ghostbusters (2016)

When comedy is mixed with supernatural stuff, the effect is the same as getting a drink filled with laughing gas, and that is the case with Ghostbusters movies. Ghostbusters: Answer The Call (2016) features Chris Hemsworth as Kevin Beckman.

Released in July 2016, the movie focuses on the story of four eccentric women with an interest in paranormal activities. They later start the ghost-catching business in NY city. Soon they discover a great threat to the city, as they realize someone is trying to cause an apocalypse by summoning all the ghosts.

  • Directed By: Paul Feig
  • Runtime: 116 minutes
  • IMDb Rating: 6.5/10
  • Box Office Collection: $229.1 million

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5# The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016)

When you are a die heart fan of movies like Harry Potter & its other series, or my precious The Lord of the Rings then there are 99% chances that you will also love this fantasy action-adventure film.

The Huntsman: Winter War was released on March 29, 2016 prequel and sequel to Snow White & The Huntsman (2012). The movie plots on Eric as Chris Hemsworth and Sara fighting to survive the rage of the evil sorceress Queen Freya, and her sister Ravenna, while they also try to tuck their feelings for each other.

  • Directed By: Cedric Nicolas Troyan
  • Runtime: 114 minutes
  • IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
  • Box Office Collection: $165 million

6# Red Dawn (2012)

Red Dawn (2012)

The remake of 1984’s movie with the same name, Red Dawn, is an American action film released on 14 December 2012. The movie stars Chris Hemsworth as Jed Eckert along with Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The movie is set on a group of young people protecting their town from North Korean invasion. The story starts, with the invasion of the city by Northern Korean paratroopers. A marine veteran Jed Eckert along with his brother Matt Eckert escape to the forest, to protect themselves but, soon after the death of their father, they form a Guerilla group to fight back.

  • Directed By: Dan Bradley
  • Runtime: 93 minutes 
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.4/10
  • Box Office Collection: $50.9 million

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7# Jay And Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

It’s a reboot of the 2001 film Jay and Bob strike back. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a buddy comedy film that stars Kevin Smith and features Chris Hemsworth along with Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 

Released on 15 October 2019 the film story is the same as its earlier released part that follows the witty adventures of Jay and Silent Bob when they unknowingly give their names signed for a new Bluntman and chronic movie and later set out their Journey to Los Angeles in order to stop the shooting of a film produced by Seban Company.

  • Directed By: Kevin smith
  • Runtime: 104 minutes
  • IMDb Rating: 5.7/10
  • Box Office Collection: $4.7 million

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Final Words 

These were some of the best and interesting Chris Hemsworth films on Netflix. I would suggest you watch them, not because these films are in this article, but they are worth watching. Happy Cinè time, dear friends and let us know in the comment section, about your favorite out of these seven.

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