Classic Monster Movies You Have To Watch!


From urban legends to supernatural entities, there is a whole bunch of exciting monsters you can stumble upon in movies. Over the years, there has been a considerable change in the variety of monsters. Initially, monsters were mythological creatures and urban legends. Over the years, they evolved, and now we have zombies, aliens, and other types of strange beings in movies.

According to PIA’s blog piece, some of the most popular monsters we know today emerged from the first monster movies. It is undeniable that technological advancement has made it easier for creators to present more horrifying monsters on screen. But some classic monster movies can not be defeated. Additionally, some of these classic monsters are still fans’ favorites.

Classic Monster Movies And The Monsters They Feature!

When it comes to horror movies, creating a terrifying monster is one of the most classic ways to haunt the audience. There have been hundreds of movies that feature some sort of monster. 

To refresh your memory, we’re bringing you the top 5 classic monster movies you should watch if you enjoy watching monster movies. 

#1 Wolfman (1979)

Classic Monster Movies You Have To Watch!

The legends of werewolves have been depicted in multiple ways. However, the movie Wolfman is one of the first ones to explore the topic. Wolfman does not present werewolves as sentient creatures but portrays them as actual monsters. The film is memorable because it was one of the first stories exploring the topic of werewolves.

The pastor in their local region has cursed a family. Due to the curse, the males in the family turn into wolves after reaching a certain age. Wolfman presents the journey of Colin as he seeks revenge on the Reverend, who put the curse on his family.

#2 Nosferatu (1922)

Just like werewolves, the blood-sucking demons referred to as vampires have also always been popular. Vampires are usually presented as beings that are half-dead and survive on human blood. These beings can not go out in the daytime, and almost every legend suggests a different way to kill these beings. Nosferatu portrays vampires as bringers of death, and its portrayal of a vampire is quite true to legends.

Nosferatu presents the journey of a vampire named Count Orlok, who is fascinated with a young woman. To render the woman helpless, he calls her husband to his castle under the ruse of buying a house. However, the man discovers multiple creepy things within the castle and flees to protect his wife. At the same time, his wife learns that a pure-hearted woman can kill a Nosferatu by killing herself.

#3 The Mummy (1999)

Classic Monster Movies You Have To Watch!

Ancient Egyptian culture is full of myths and legends. With multiple curses and ancient godly myths being an of the culture, it is evident the creators made a monster based on the culture. The process of mummifying their dead was considered sacred, and according to legends, if you disturbed the resting places of the dead, you would be cursed.

The Mummy presents the same legend in the form of a deadly curse that befalls an archeological team. A team of archaeologists decided to dig up the tomb of a high priest named Imhotep. However, the team ends up activating a curse placed on the dead body, and the Mummy wakes up to kill the people who invaded its resting place.

#4 The Gorgon (1964)

Do you know of Medusa’s curse? Medusa is known as a creature that could turn people to stone at one gaze. She is usually depicted as a woman with green skin and serpents instead of her hair. The Gorgon is considered a modified version of Medusa.

The 1964 movie The Gorgon talks about Gorgon spreading terror in a small village. The villagers believe that a gorgon named Megaera comes out on the full moon from her home and turns people to stone. Even though the authorities try to stop the rumor, a visitor ends up falling into the trap of Megaera. This results in some professors from a university visiting the village to find the truth behind the rumors.

#5 Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

Classic Monster Movies You Have To Watch!

One of the most iconic monsters has to be the Gill Man from the 1954 movie Creature From The Black Lagoon. There could be precedents of a similar being, but the monster was most probably created from the greek mythology creatures called nymphs. Nymphs are half-human creatures that live in water. However, in some tales, they are considered ethereal creatures.

Creature From The Black Lagoon presents the horrifying version of nymphs in the form of a grotesque monster. When scientist ends up discovering a prehistoric being while looking for fossils, they end up capturing it. However, the creature eventually escapes, returning to kidnap a woman from the team he has fallen for. The movie is different than other monster movies as it explores the compassionate nature of the supposed monster. If you want to see a toned-down and less horrifying version of the Gill Man, you should check out the 2017 movie The Shape Of Water.


These were some of the most iconic classic monster movies that paved the way for many other variations of monster movies. The genre has evolved over the years, but these classic monster movies are quite terrifying despite the primitive filming technology. We explored everything from gorgons to ancient mummies as monsters. Which of these monsters sounds scariest? 

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