Learn How To Clean White Shoes | 8 Simple & Effective Hacks!


Everyone wants to wear clean white shoes, but no one wants to get involved in cleaning them. It takes a lot of time to remove dirt stains from white shoes, therefore, we avoid wearing them regularly. There are only some special occasions where we wear them and make sure that we don’t ruin them. 

White shoes are an everyday fashion staple for boys and girls and are found in everyone’s closet. If you are wearing simple jeans and a t-shirt, wearing clean white shoes under them makes your look trendy and elevates your look instantly. 

It’s not easy to go out wearing white shoes and not worrying about staining them. As the color shade is light, even the slightest dirt stain on them gets highlighted. Cleaning white shoes is also a task because, in most cases, we don’t know what to do. However, if you use the proper method and products for cleaning like magic erasers and crep wipes, no damage will be caused to your favorite pair of white shoes. 

Now, if you want to know more about these cleaning hacks, Read about it below and find out more.

From Boots To Converse | Learn How To Clean White Shoes?

Don’t worry about what type of white shoes you own because you will find solutions for everything here. We have got you covered with everything from cleaning a white leather boot to getting rid of the dirt stains from suede boots. 

Clean Your White Sneakers Using Expert Hacks! 

White sneakers are everyone’s favorite to wear but ruining them with dirt is a nightmare. The pesky mud stains are too hard to get rid of so you end up dumping our shoes. If you follow the cleaning hacks shared below, you will get rid of the stains quickly and get a chance to wear them every day. 

#1 Hold Your Shoes Firmly For Brushing 

shoe trees: clean white shoes

First, to begin cleaning your white sneakers, you have to stuff them with a shoe tree to maintain their shape. If you don’t have shoe trees available, you can stuff them with newspapers also. This step will help you efficiently clean your white shoes because you can hold them firmly without causing any damage to the shape. 

Next, you will take a shoe cleaning brush with soft bristles to brush off the dry dirt and mud stains from your shoes. Brushing will ensure that the stains don’t penetrate deeply into the surface, leaving a permanent mark behind. 

#2 Crep Wipes To Get Rid Of The Stubborn Marks 

micellar water: clean white shoes

You can get rid of the stubborn dirt marks from your shoes by using crep wipes to clean the surface. Take a crep wipe and use its hard side to scrape off the dirt stains. Once done, use the soft side of the crep wipe to rub your shoes gently in circular motions. If you don’t have crep wipes, you can use micellar water on a clean cotton cloth or cotton pad to clean your white shoes. 

Magic eraser is also a great alternative to crep wipes. Before using a magic eraser, remove your shoelaces to remove the dirt from the tiniest lace holes in your shoes. Take the magic eraser and gently rub it on your shoe’s surface in circular motions. 

#3 Use An Old Toothbrush To Clean White Shoes 

toothbrush to clean white shoes

If you don’t have crep wipes or a magic eraser available, then you can use an old toothbrush, dish soap, and a clean cloth to get the dirt off your shoes. If you have white canvas shoes, you can rub the surface vigorously because of the strong fabric of your shoes. 

Take some dish soap in a bowl and dip your damp toothbrush in it. Now, start rubbing this mixture on your shoes. Start with gentle circular motions, but if the dirt does not come off, increase the speed of circular motions. Once you think the stains are gone, take a clean damp and use it to wipe your shoes. 

Tried And Tested Ways To Clean White Converse Shoes 

Sneaker lovers, don’t worry about ruining your shoes with dirt anymore. With these tried and tested cleaning hacks, you can quickly get rid of the stubborn dirt marks and wear your white sneakers any time you want. 

#1 Baking Soda And Vinegar To Begin With 

baking soda and vinegar: clean white shoes

Baking Soda and Vinegar are not helpful kitchen ingredients. If used properly, they prove to be excellent stain removers. To clean your shoes, grab these two ingredients, along with warm water and a toothbrush. 

Add warm water to a bowl along with two parts of vinegar to one part of baking soda. Now, using a plastic spoon, stir the mixture to create a thick paste. Take an old toothbrush, dip it in the mix and rub it gently in your shoes to clean them. Once done, rinse the shoes under cold water and let them dry. 

#2 Science Experiment With Hydrogen Peroxide 

hydrogen peroxide: clean white shoes

To get rid of the stubborn dirt marks from your white converse shoes, you need to perform a small chemistry experiment. Get some hydrogen peroxide, gloves, warm water, and baking soda to clean your shoes. 

In a bowl of warm water, add 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide to 1 tbsp of baking soda. Use an old toothbrush to turn the mixture into a thick paste and apply it over the shoe’s surface. Rub the surface of your shoes in light circular motions using gentle hands. Once you successfully remove the dirt stains, rinse your shoes under cold water and let them dry.   

#3 Acetone To Get The Work Done 

acetone: clean white shoes

Nail paint removers contain acetone which is also used as a dirt stain remover. You can clean white shoes easily using nail paint remover, a cotton pad or a clean cloth, and laundry detergent. 

Dab some acetone on a cotton pad or a cotton cloth and use it to rub the surface of your shoes. You can also rub the cotton pad over the dirt stains only. Now in a big bowl, add laundry detergent and warm water to create a soapy mixture. Dip your shoes in the mix and scrub them well to remove the remaining dirt stains. Once done, rinse your shoes under cold water and let them in a warm sunny spot. 

Get Clean White Boots In Super Easy Steps!  

White boots are the most versatile type of cowboy boots girls own, but they often avoid wearing them because they don’t want mud stains. Well, not anymore because we have gathered the best white cleaning boot hacks for you today. 

#1 Suede Cleaner To Clean White Suede Boots 

clean white suede boots: clean white shoes

If you own a pair of chic suede boots, you need to be extra careful while you clean them. As suede is delicate leather material, you can only use suede cleaner to clean them. For the cleaning process, you can use a suede cleaner along with a soft bristle brush. 

Take the soft bristle brush and dip it in the suede cleaner. Now, keep your one hand inside the boot to hold your shoes firmly. Take the brush in your other hand and start rubbing the surface gently. Once you have cleaned the boots, you can use some mink oil to complete the process and add shine to your shoes. 

#2 Magic Eraser To Take Care Of White Leather Boots 

leather boots: clean white shoes

White leather boots require the same care as suede boots because they are made of highly delicate material. If you go too harsh on your leather boots, you can ruin them forever. To get rid of the stains, you can use a magic eraser, dove soap, and a toothbrush. 

Take your white boots and use a magic eraser to rub the surface of your shoes gently. Use gentle strokes; otherwise, you will end up ruining the leather. Now, take an old toothbrush with some dove soap on it and use it to remove the dirt stains altogether. Once done, use a paper towel to clean the soapy residue from the inside of the shoes. 

Final Words

Cleaning white shoes can be challenging because they are extra delicate and require a lot of care. However, if you follow the correct methods and use the right products, as mentioned in the guide above, you will have newer-looking white shoes in no time. 

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