How To Clean White Sneakers? 4 Expert Cleaning Hacks


Do you avoid wearing your white sneakers because you get worried that how would you remove the pale color on them? Honestly, we all avoid this situation because it is tough to clean white sneakers. We all get worried about scrubbing them vigorously and using concentrated bleaches to get rid of the stains.

White sneakers are versatile and go with every piece of fashionable clothing you own. Whether you wear jeans or shorts, a pair of white sneakers will complement all your attires. However, their grubby state after an outing will disappoint you. 

The most common ways of cleaning your white sneakers include the use of baking soda, white vinegar, toothpaste, and even micellar water. How you can use these methods, all depends on the type of white sneakers you own. For example, if you have white leather sneakers, you have to be extra careful with the products as leather tends to get damaged easily. 

Well, now let’s move onto the section below to find more about how you can clean white sneakers effortlessly.  

4 Amazing Ways To Clean White Sneakers | Make A Smart Choice! 

The truth is that we try our best to keep our white sneakers clean and dirt-free, but it is of no use. No matter how hard we try, they are going to attract dirt one day or the other. So, instead of avoiding your white shoes, start wearing them. In the meantime, scroll below to find what products you need to clean your white shoes and prepare for the cleaning mission ahead of time. 

1# Stuffing And Brushing | Basics Of Cleaning White Shoes

shoe trees: Clean White Sneakers

The first step towards cleaning your white shoes is to fill them with a shoe tree or a crumpled newspaper. Shoe Trees will help you retain the shape of your shoes and things will be easier for you to handle. Also, the shoe tree or newspaper will help to absorb the cleaner in an efficient manner because there will be no gaps left for seepage. 

The next step is to take a shoe brush and use it to brush off the dirt on your shoes. If you don’t have a shoe brush, you can use an old toothbrush or a clean soft cloth for this purpose. This step will ensure that all the loose dirt on your shoe’s surface does not go deep into the material. 

2# Cleaning White Leather Shoes | Crep Wipes To The Rescue 

crepe wipes to clean shoes: Clean White Sneakers

Cleaning white leather sneakers can be easy, only if you use wipes to clean them. If you have crep wipes handy, take out a fresh one and use its soft side to clean your shoes gently. If there are stubborn dirt marks on the shoe surface, use the textured side but remember to wipe the surface gently. You can also use micellar water on a clean cloth to wipe out your white leather sneakers.

Alternatively, you can also use a magic eraser to clean your white leather sneakers. Here also, you only need to keep one thing in mind, ‘Be gentle.’ You can also remove the shoelaces to reach the tiniest gap where dirt is stuck but try your best not to remove the laces. Laces help in maintaining the shape of your shoes to clean them. 

3# Good Old Toothbrush And Dish Soap Will Cleanse The White Sneaker

3# Good Old Toothbrush And Dish Soap Will Cleanse The White Sneaker

Best of luck if you own a pair of white canvas sneakers because cleaning them will take a lot of your time. The dirt can easily reach deep into the shoe’s fabric and taking it out is a big task. The only benefit that the canvas fabric possesses is that it can sustain heavy scrubbing for a long time. 

For the cleaning method, you need dish soap, water, and a good old toothbrush. Take the toothbrush, damp it in water, apply some dish soap and start scrubbing your shoe surface in a light circular motion. Keep your pace slow at the beginning but if you think that dirt is not coming off, then push your speed. Once you are done, wipe your shoes with any old cloth. 

If your sneakers still have stains, then you can use a liquid stain remover. Pour the liquid remover over the stain, and let it sit for at least five minutes. Now, take a clean damp towel to wipe the liquid off in a circular motion. Once done, take another wet cloth and wipe the remaining liquid from the surface. 

4# Soapy Water Is Ready For Help | Cleaning White Knit Sneakers Is Easy 

Clean White Sneakers

Knit sneakers from Adidas & Nike are incredibly comfortable to wear regularly and painful while cleaning. Their fabric is super delicate, so you cannot risk it by using any aggressive method because it can damage the shoes easily. 

However, there is nothing that soapy water cannot do. You can use it to wash your white knit sneakers gently. Use a clean cloth and dip it into the soapy water. Gently scrub the surface of your shoes with the wet cloth in a light circular motion. Wipe off the residue with another damp and wait for the shoes to dry. 

Final Words

We hope that you won’t get worried about cleaning your white shoes anymore with our comprehensive guide. We know that making white shoes look fresh like new is impossible, but you will quickly get rid of all the stubborn stains without getting too harsh on your shoes with our easy-to-follow hacks. 

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