Easy Ways To Connect Ps5 Controllers To Smart Devices In Seconds!


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To all the smartphone gamers out there who want to score the best possible kills in PUBG, Call of duty, or Fortnight but can’t get the best controls in their gameplay and hope that they can connect their Ps5 controllers to their phone, we are here you help you out with some tricks and tips.

Tapping on the screen every time to shoot, kill, run and aim for the opponent is quite frustrating. We can relate to the pain when someone kills you when you are too close to victory. A better range of controls might have helped there.

Gaming console controllers can save your gameplay, and If you have a Ps5 or Ps4 and don’t have any idea how to connect Ps5 and Ps4 controllers to your iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple TV, MacBook, and Android phones. Well, it’s easy and only takes seconds to set up the connection.

Additionally, we would share how to reconnect Ps5 controllers with their consoles.

How To Connect The Ps5 Controller To Your Smart Devices? Trust Me It’s Easy!

Whether it’s an Android device, iPhone, iPad, steps are the same to connect the Ps5 controller with your smartphone. The only requirement to set up the DualSense controller to your smartphones are-

  • The latest version of iOS (14.5 or above) on Apple devices.
  • Android 10 or later for Android users.

Connecting Ps5 Controller With An Apple & Android Device

Connect Ps5 controller to Apple devices
  • Press and hold the share button on the top left corner and the Ps5 icon button on the controller simultaneously; this will enable the pairing mode on the controller.
  • The blinking blue light on the Ps5 controller indicates the pairing mode of the controller.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for a new connection.
  • Select the controller, the light bar on the Ps5 controller will blink that indicates your controller is connected. The player indicator will light up. 

The steps are the same to connect the Dualshock4 controller to your Android devices or iPhone. The only requirement is iOS 13, to pair it with the Apple devices or Android 10 or later.

You can play thousands of controller-supported games, including Apple arcade Games with Ps5 controllers.

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Advantages Of Using Ps5 Controller With iOS 15 That Android Users Don’t Have

Advantages Of Using Ps5 Controller With iOS 15 That Android Users Don't Have

With your Apple device running on the latest updates of iOS 15 or 14.5 you can:

  • Capture Screenshots of Game Play – press and hold the share button for a second on Ps5 controller.
  • Video Recording of Game Play – press the share button twice.

What’s more, is the ton of customizations you can do with the controller buttons

  • Go to settings >General > Game controller
  • Enable/disable haptic feedback> screenshot> video clips.
  • Customize what different buttons can do in a game, either applying to all contests or choosing on a per-app basis.

How To Disconnect The Ps5 Controller From The Smartphone And Reconnect It With The Console?

Steps to reconnect the ps5 controller with its console

The controller will link to one device at a time, and you have to disconnect it from the smartphone to reconnect it with the console.

  • Go to the settings and Bluetooth option on the phone.
  • Select the paired controller, then select Forget this connection or Disconnect / unpair.
  • This will unpair the device.

Steps To Reconnect Ps5 Controller With Its Console:

  • Unsync other devices from the controller. 
  • Plug the Ps5 controller with the USB cable into your console and press the PS button on the controller. This will reconnect the Ps5 controller with the console.

How To Connect Ps5 Or Ps4 Controller To MacBook/ PC? 

 connect the Ps5 or ps4 controller to Macbook

You can connect the DualSense/Dualshock4 controller with a PC or Macbook either by bluetooth (if you have a bluetooth receiver built-in or have a bluetooth dongle) using the same steps as discussed above or with the charging cable that came with it.

  • Connect your Ps5 Dualsense controller with its charging cable and Plug the controller into the spare USB port on your MAC/ PC
  • The controller is now detected and ready to use.

If you have a new Macbook pro, you need to buy a USB-C adapter to do so.

Limitations Of Using The Dualshock 4 | Dualsense Controllers With A PC or MacBook.

  • No haptic feedback.
  • Adaptive triggers won’t work.
  • You have to configure Ps5 controller buttons for every different game.

How To Connect Ps5 Or Ps4 Controllers To Apple TV?

Connect Ps5 or Ps4 controllers to Apple tv
  • Go to the settings menu and select Remotes and devices. 
  • Further, go to other devices – Bluetooth.
  • Press the share button and Ps button on the controller simultaneously to enable pairing mode.
  • Check for Dualsense controller from other devices list and select it.
  • The controller connected notification will be shown at the top-right.

Final Words

Though these controllers are expensive to buy but will definitely improve your gameplay, and I hope this article solves all your queries on how to connect your PS5 controller to smartphones and various other devices. If yes, you can thank us by leaving a valuable comment and asking questions. Yes, Xbox controllers can also be connected to smartphones following the same methods.  


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