Countries That Start With X Across The World! Become An Expert In Atlas!


Okay, so you’re an adventurer at heart. You have got that wanderlust gene that pushes you to travel all around the world. Your middle name is an explorer, and you often catch yourself dreaming of faraway lands and planning vacations –even during the time you should be working. That’s okay. In order to honor your wanderlust syndrome, I have curated a list of countries that start with X.

If you don’t identify yourself with terms like an adventurer, explorer, etc. It’s okay! I’m assuming you’d rather be a stay-at-home cat mom/dad. The number one aim of your life is to train your cat. But, in your leisure time, you like to read good books with your cat on your lap or play wordplay games like Scrabble. Fine. Different strokes for different folks. This list of countries that start with X will help you win Scrabble, wordle, or whatever game you play. 

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Read Till The End To Find Out About Countries That Start With X!

Umm, this is going to sound pretty anti-climatic. And I’m sorry to break it to you, but as of now, there are no countries that start with X. In fact, in English, X happens to be the only letter that has not been used as the initial letter in a country’s name. 

However, In other languages, some countries are pronounced with X in the beginning. For example, in Catalan, C is replaced by X as the initial letter in a country’s name. So, Chile becomes Xile, and Cyprus changes to Xipre. Similarly, in the Galician languages, the initial letter J in a country’s name is replaced by X. That’s why Jamaica becomes Xamaica, Japan changes to Xapan, etc. Small relief, I know. 

But don’t lose heart just yet! I’ve so much more to share with you! I’ll tell you about the only two countries in the world that have X in their name–not in the starting but in the middle. 

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The Only Two Countries In The World That Have X In Their Name!

1# Mexico 

Countries That Start With X Across The World! Become An Expert In Atlas!

Mexico is situated in the southern part of North America. It is also considered to be the third-largest country in Latin America. The first two places are occupied by Brazil and Argentina. One characteristic feature of Mexico is that there are no middle-class citizens. There are only two extremes in this developing country: the wealthy and the poor. Mexico has the largest population of Spanish speakers. 

More than half of the Mexican prefer to live in the country’s center–Mexico city. And so, it is one of the most populous cities and metropolitan areas in the world.

Mexico is known for its rich and vibrant culture, ancient ruins, clear blue beaches with diverse marine life, and extravagant cuisine. The world’s largest pyramid–The pyramid of Cholula in the Mexican Federal State Puebla is here. Even though Spanish is the widely spoken language, Mexicans speak 69 different languages! Talk about linguistic diversity! 

Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is not unsafe to visit. Especially if you use common travel sense. Yes, there are safe and troublesome areas in Mexico, but the same stands for any other country. For example, Merida is recognized as the safest city in Mexico. If you need any more convincing, then know that, according to the World Tourism Organization Report, Mexico is Latin America’s most visited tourist destination. 

2# Luxembourg

Countries That Start With X Across The World! Become An Expert In Atlas!

Luxembourg, anciently called by its Saxon name Lucilinburhuc (Little Fortress), is a landlocked country in northwestern Europe. It is one of the world’s smallest countries in the world. It has a long history of being ruled by several states. Still, it has invariably been a liberated, political unit. Luxembourg has been one of the founding members of several international economic organizations like the Benelux Economic Union.

Luxembourg, being a historic crossroad in Europe, is home to a diverse set of population. Despite the pervasiveness of foreign forces, the Luxembourgers have a firm sense of sovereign identity. The Luxembourgish cuisine is a fusion of French and German cuisines. The country produces the highest grade of wine. 

Luxembourg is famous for its insanely high GDP, fantastic working conditions, high wages, and tax breaks–it is a tax haven. In fact, the country boasts the highest minimum wage rate in the entire European Union. 

Attention, travelers! Did you know that Luxembourg is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world? Crime rates are admirably low in the country. The city of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When in Luxembourg, make sure to visit the historic Old Quarter of Luxembourg, The Block Casements, and more such interesting places! 

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Final Words

I hope you’ve added both Mexico and Luxembourg to your bucket list! The walls of the Corniche is so pretty! It’s definitely on my bucket list! Which place is on yours?! Let me know in the comment section down below! 

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