30+ Crazy Pranks To Make Your Day Hysterical


I know we are fed up with those dark jokes or making jokes on funny names; now, what can treat our boredom? I have prepared a list of some 30+ pranks which you can pull off with your friends and family and can take a big sip of entertainment.

Pranks are usually funny but sometimes can turn into an actual shi*t; you should be apologetic about it at that time! And never try it ever again with the same person. On the other hand, pranks can be fun if executed well.

Pranks are crazy and can make you laugh out loud (LOL Internet slang) and turn your day into a fantastic ride. However, some of them are like texting someone inappropriate from someone else’s phone or hiding all the cutlery at home.

Let us know a few more; I know you are a wicked person ready to roll with few more pranks.

30+ Best Pranks Ideas| Save Them For April Fool Day

Following are the best pranks that anyone of you can perform during April fools or any time of the year-

1# You can replace your sister’s water in the water bottle with 1:2 ratio vinegar and water.

(Do not make it hard, it may lead to specific problems)

2# You can act of falling and see if your parents come and pick you up. A lot of tries may put you in trouble because then they will stop believing you.

3# You can replace the keys of a keyboard with some other alphabet, putting your friend in trouble.

4# You can squeeze a whole lemon into your friend’s food to click his/her nasty pics while eating food because of the lemon’s tanginess.

5# You can place some crunchy Cheetos or Chips under the linen of your friend, parents, or girlfriend and capture how do they react.

30+ Best Pranks Ideas| Save Them For April Fool Day

6# You can dive into the swimming pool upside down and release red color to make it seems like blood and wait, how other members behave

7# You can take someone’s phone and send a text to random people to call them at 9 in the evening for some urgent work.

8# You can make some funny Instagram Reels from your friend’s phone and upload it as a story with some funny captions.

9# Gift a car to your girlfriend, wrapped in a box. Of course, I am talking about a remote control car.

10# You can make your family run out of the house, telling them that you have seen a snake.

11# You can put paint on the wipers of the cars so that when your father switches it on, he will see a rainbow.

12# You can hide all the ladles and spoons in your brother’s bag and inform your mother that you have seen your brother doing that, then wait to see the entire show between your mother and brother.

13# You can wet your brother’s clothes and bed before he wakes up to make him feel ashamed of peeing in pants.

14# You can freeze milk in the container and see what his mother up to in the morning.

15# You can swap to language settings on your partner’s phone from standard English to Chinese.

30+ Best Pranks Ideas| Save Them For April Fool Day

16# You can burn a few accumulated papers and leaves And tell your family that there is a fire in the backyard. Holy Crap, I hope God saves you

*take proper precautions before performing this prank.

17# You can change the face recognition on your friend’s iPhone.

18# You can swap your sim card with your friend’s sim card without informing him/her. What fun, keep continuing till evening.

19# Use a broken screen guard on your best friend’s laptop or phone, whichever is possible for you.

20# Order something else instead of the known order for one specific individual in the group. Everyone should make that he ordered the same reveal that before leaving the restaurant.

30+ Best Pranks Ideas| Save Them For April Fool Day

21# Puy latex snakes, lizards, and cockroaches in your child’s bag and let him be a part of the drama in school. Be that Villain Parent.

22# Switch the light of the entire house from the mainboard and let it be like that for an hour and reveal the same after an hour.

23# You can do that Instagram Reel with your dog, where you eat his paw, and he gets sacred.

24# You can replace butterscotch ice cream from the cone with turmeric mixed toothpaste.

25# You can fill the entire vodka bottle with water and make people believe that they are drinking Vodka, or you can do it with the help of the 70:30 Water Whisky ratio.

26# You can curl your girlfriend’s hair while sleeping to make her wonder who did that.

27# Yu can put a mustache on your son’s face and make him believe that he is a grown-up now.

28# Fill the snacks bowl with artificial snacks to make fun of your foodie partner.

29# You can call your partner with a funny name and make his friends and colleagues believe it is his real name.

30# You can call your friends home, and before they arrive, you lock your doors and put your phone on silent

31# you can text everyone that there is a party at his house from your friend’s phone and then see how he arrives at this unknown birthday bash.

32# Keep some air crackers under your partner’s bedsheet and hear those funny sounds.

30+ Best Pranks Ideas| Save Them For April Fool Day

Final Thoughts

You can perform any of these described Pranks, at any time, specifically on April Fool Day. I wish you all the best for the success of pranks but make sure you don’t hurt anyone.

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