6 Instagram Post Ideas To Spice Up Your Feed With Engaging Content


Things will never get easy for you, from managing your Instagram account to constantly coming up with creative Instagram post ideas. If you have decided to put in efforts to crack the constantly changing Instagram algorithm with your great content, it is time to take up your Instagram post ideas to the next level. 

You need to keep in mind a lot of things if you want to design an attractive feed and increase your Instagram followers. If you are looking for some inspiration to develop an engaging feed, get ready to write down the perfect recipe.  

When you plan what’s perfect for your Instagram feed, there are a few things that will always remain constant, like quality rich content, posts that do not violate the Instagram guidelines, and scheduling your Instagram posts. There is never an end to the ideas that you can incorporate, but you need to narrow it down to a few to know what works for you efficiently.  

Make sure that whatever you plan works well with your brand, as it is all about your brand’s success and popularity at the end of the day. So plan your ideas and keep in mind that your active audience should like them, which will help in driving more traffic toward your page. 

Instagram Post Ideas To Make Your Feed Look More Appealing

My dear small business owners, trust me when I say this. I know how important Instagram is for you as a platform that helps give the recognition that your brand deserves. But keep in mind that it is also essential for you to keep up with the trends and challenges on reels along with your product pictures and features. Making reels on trending Instagram music and keeping up with challenges also helps engage with your followers and increase the traffic on your page.  

#1 Post Products to Help Promote Your Business 

Me Undies: Instagram Post Ideas
Source: Oberlo

The best way that you can use to promote your products on Instagram is to post them on your Instagram feed. Whether you are using your account or your brand’s account, showing off your collection on your feed is the easiest and best way to focus on your brand’s growth and sales. 

While posting products on your feed, you need to get as much creative as possible. Your posts should not come out as spam to your audience. A few ways you can post your products are to collaborate with your friends for photoshoots, show your products as a part of your lifestyle, and post pictures of your audience using your products. 

The last idea will help you focus on two different things at the same time. One is establishing trust in your viewers and audience by posting genuine feedback, and the other is, no doubt, promoting your business. 

#2 Enjoy A Small Break With Your Audience 

It is not always essential to keep posting about your life or your business. You can instead take a small break and enjoy some time interacting with your audience. It will give your audience a chance to know more about you which can in turn help in increasing your engagement and reach. 

Casper Instagram Feed: Instagram Post Ideas
Source: WIRED

Suppose you are the owner of a skincare or makeup brand, post questions, and puzzles, or riddles that are reflecting self-love and makeup-based queries in any way if you are a clothing brand owner, post about something that will relate to it but will also prompt the user to take a quick break from their hectic lifestyle. 

It is not essential to put up a big prize for a person who answers the most questions. Instead, you can skip the prize step entirely or put a discount coupon as the prize for the winner. This way, both you and the audience will enjoy this tiny little break and yet get something out of it. 

#3 Make Full Use Of Product Tags 

By now, you should probably know what a product tag is and why do we use this. Those who are still unaware of product tags; are sticker-type clickable links that your audience can use to buy a product directly from your feed on Instagram. 

Instagram Product Tags: Instagram Post Ideas
Source: Comalytics

You can use a product tag on your Instagram post to make your audience aware of the product along with its necessary details. It reduces the burden for the audience to text you about the product details and then wait for hours to get a reply. 

Visitors can click on the product tag to know more about a product and then select the purchase option if they want to buy the product. 

Instagram Product Sticker: Instagram Post Ideas
Source: TechCrunch

Similar to product tags, Instagram has recently launched product stickers that you can use on your Instagram stories. When a user sees your story, they can click on the sticker to know more about the product and buy the product if they like it.  

#4 Take On A Challenge With Your Audience 

You can take on an existing challenge or start a new challenge with your audience. How much do you want to participate in the challenge, and how long will you keep the challenge going. Whatever you do, make sure the challenge that you take should speak for your brand. 

Instagram Challenges: Instagram Post Ideas
Source: The NewYork Times

A few things that you should keep in mind while you start a challenge are that your audience should be encouraged to take up the challenge with you, create a challenge where your audience can post their take, and use hashtags that your audience will use while posting their take challenge pictures and videos. 

Remember that Instagram hashtags will help in increasing your engagement and reach on the platform. The more creative challenge you make, your post will have a better chance to get saved and shared by the audience. 

#5 Share Behind-The-Scenes Adventures With Your Viewers 

Behind every alluring picture or highly creative video is a series of misfits that you go through while creating the content. It is essential to let your audience know that you struggle to get the perfect picture or an Instagram reel with the perfect dance moves. 

Behind the scenes is the best way to connect more naturally with your audience. The unseen footage lets your viewers see the real you and how you are behind the cameras. 

The best thing about behind-the-scenes footage is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time editing and to polish the video. You can upload wholly raw and unedited footage either on your post or your stories. If you post it on your story, you can dedicate a section of your highlights to behind-the-scenes footage. 

#6 Write Long Stories for Your Instagram Posts 

If you are a person who is helping people raise their voices against a crime or are spreading awareness about something, you need to insert extended essay-type captions on your posts with the pictures. 

You can take inspiration from any publishing account, such as an activist or a leading publishing house. Frame an essay concerning the pictures you are posting, research the topic, and pull out quotes that go perfectly with the campaign. 

If you are writing someone’s story, make sure that you have the interview recordings and pointers you can use while framing the essay for your caption. Be vocal and let your audience feel the story of your client with your words. 

Final Pronouncement: 

These are a few Instagram post ideas that you can incorporate in your Instagram feed from now on. You don’t need to use all these ideas in a single day. Take one idea and follow with it for a week, then take another for the next week, and so on. By doing this, you can analyze the engagement on all these Instagram post ideas and decide what’s best for you. 


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