Top 5 Cryptocurrency Movies To Watch In 2023!


Cryptocurrency has become a global trend in recent years, so I have jotted down some cryptocurrency movies that will help you understand it better. The prospect of being able to have a digital income is quite enticing and equally exciting for users. Additionally, as more and more people are getting involved with digital platforms, it is not surprising that users are trying to find ways to have a digital currency. It can also be said that tech enthusiasts think that the idea of a more advanced currency should be more heavily researched. 

With cryptocurrency becoming a rage at a global level, there was a huge Bitcoin Storm that engulfed the whole of the Internet. However, as more and more got interested in the idea of cryptocurrency, people started to question the functionality of a digital currency. Not only is it easier to scam people with such things, but digitally illiterate people are not able to grasp the concept of such things. It is obvious that with so much media coverage regarding cryptocurrency, filmmakers have created some exciting pieces regarding the issue. So here are some of the best cryptocurrency movies and documentaries you can watch in 2023.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Movies If You Plan To Become An Investor?

Cryptocurrency is a digital way to invest money for people. Additionally, the technology is not entirely centralized, and there is no way for authorities to keep track of the money invested in various cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Due to the fluctuating prices of these digital currencies, users have started to think that it will be difficult to monitor them completely. 

Cryptocurrencies essentially work on encrypted algorithms that generate certain codes to protect your information. There are multiple types of cryptocurrencies that work on different principles. The system was essentially established so that users can transact any amount of money globally without worrying about differences in their currencies. So with all this talk about questionable technology, let’s explore some popular movies and documentaries related to cryptocurrency that you should check out in 2023.

If you are interested to know more about the history of cryptocurrency and how it works, here are some movies that will help you understand cryptocurrency in a better way. 

#1 Open Source Money

This 2020 documentary series follows the journey of a well-known blockchain researcher who succeeded in doing exceptional work in cryptocurrency. The series focuses on the various troubles that cryptocurrency had to face due to various restrictions imposed by the US government. It cannot be denied that the general public is still on the fence about the efficiency of cryptocurrency, and this documentary primarily covers the market’s problems due to government intervention. 

Directed by J. D. Serpahine, this docu-series will help viewers understand better the rise of cryptocurrency. The documentary series is an exceptional watch for people who want to know about the history of cryptocurrency. Very few documentaries focus on cryptocurrency’s political aspects, so this piece is also helpful in understanding cryptocurrency’s legal and political impact. 

#2 Life On Bitcoin

One of the earliest documentaries about cryptocurrency, this 2014 watch is a deep dive into the understanding of cryptocurrency among the common masses. The documentary primarily focuses on a social experiment that was conducted in real life, following the journey of a couple who have to lead their life utterly dependent on Bitcoin. 

Written by Joseph Lebaron, the documentary tries to expand on the issues that Bitcoin users can face and how a life completely dependent on cryptocurrency can affect day-to-day life for humans. If you like to watch movies that cover real-life issues in an interesting manner, then you should check out this documentary for sure. 

#3 Crypto Rush

If you want to have a better understanding of what blockchain is and how cryptocurrency works, this documentary is something you should definitely watch. The 2020 movie is structured in the form of a dramatic adventure that interviews various hackers, blockchain experts, and journalists about cryptocurrency. 

Additionally, directed by Liliana Petrenava, this documentary will help users understand cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in simple and layman’s terms. 

#4 Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

Co-directed by Torsten Hoffman, this 2020 documentary continues the 2015 documentary Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It. To watch this documentary, it is suggested to first watch the 2015 version of the Bitcoin documentary. 

Cryptopia takes users on an extended journey as it revisits the various things that cryptocurrency provides. The documentary essentially intends to cover the various promises of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how the systems have evolved over the years. Cryptopia also compares the growth of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin based on the 2015 documentary Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It. 

#5 The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin

Having ample knowledge about cryptocurrency is not enough, as there are multiple currencies that are available digitally. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin follows the growth of Bitcoin as a currency and how it has affected the crypto market. The 2014 documentary is an amazing way for viewers to have a better perception of the earlier days of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency market has evolved quite rapidly in recent years, so if you want to understand Bitcoin from its early days, this documentary is an amazing way to do that. 

The documentary is shown from the eyes of a common computer programmer who explores the world of Bitcoin and the motivation behind the rise of the technology. Additionally, this documentary is also important for viewers who want to have a deeper understanding of the history of cryptocurrency. If you like news-format documentaries, then you should not miss out on this one. 


Cryptocurrency is not very well researched as of right now. So the advantages and disadvantages of the technology are not very well explored. However, the global media coverage related to emerging technology has paved the way for filmmakers to create some exceptional pieces that are worth watching. 

So these were some of the best cryptocurrency movies and documentaries that you should definitely check out in 2023. We hope you will learn something interesting about the world of crypto with the help of these movies and documentaries. 

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