Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Finale | Did The Right Couple Win?


After entertaining you through dozens of performances over the last 10 weeks, Dancing With The Stars has come to an end. The cast and judges had a great journey but the finale episode was an emotional ride for many (including me). Let’s catch up with more insights of Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Finale here!

The finale episode was not only the concluding episode of season 31 but also of Cheryl Burke. Besides being curious about the winner, the audience had to bid farewell to Len Goodman with a heavy heart. Keep reading and know more about Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Finale!

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Finale | Check The Highlights Of The Show! 

The episode started with the host, Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro on the floor to celebrate the journey of the four contestants. They opted to perform a redemption-styled dance coupled with freestyle. 

That’s not it, viewers were shown a glimpse of the entire journey of the contestants of season 31. The highlight of the finale episode was the dance performance of Selma Blair and Sasha Farber. 

Redemption Dance On Dancing With The Stars Season 31

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Finale | Did The Right Couple Win?

According to Shangela “It was full steam ahead to the mirrorball trophy”. Looking back at her journey, she said that her Halloween performance was a “breakthrough moment” because she got a perfect score at that time. 

For the Redemption dance, Shangela was assisted by Bruno Tonioli. She got a helping hand from judges to understand the technicalities for her performance. And when she gave her final performance, the judges called her “dynamic”. 

Wayne was unable to believe that he was in the finale. While speaking to one of the cameras he said “The redemption dance, I can’t even stress how important it is because everything is going to be critiqued within an inch of its life. The week is a big one- trust me, we are going to bring it”. 

Now, about Charlie, she was glad about her last week’s score and said “What a way to go into the finale!” And Bruno said she was “as good as I’ve ever seen”.

Like Charlie, Gabby also celebrated her last week’s score and said “I’m exactly where I want to be going into the finale but I’m only as good as my performance this week”. After her performance, Bruno said he “liked it a lot”.

Results Of Dancing With The Stars Season 31

Talking about the results, Charlie and Gabby ranked at the top of the leaderboard. Whereas, Wayne and Shangela ranked at the bottom with an overall score of 76/80. 

I know what you are waiting for! When the most anticipated moment of the show came, Charlie and Mark were announced as the winners of DWTS Season 31. Coming to the others, Wayne and Witney were ranked the fourth position followed by Shangela and Gleb on third (but they took it with a sporting spirit). 

While addressing the fans, Charlie said “Thank you so much for the opportunity, thank you Mark for becoming my new best friend”. She added, “It was such an honor to do this with you”. 

And if you have missed any of the episodes of season 31, stream it on Disney+ today!

Final Words 

I hope you have noted all the relevant details on the Dancing With The Stars Season 31 Finale. And if you have any questions regarding the show, feel free to drop us a line. Stay in touch with us to check all the recent updates of the show!

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