Darcey Silva And Georgi 90 Day Fiance’s Life Story | The Tragic Tale Of Darcey!!


After a couple of follows and unfollows, it’s finally done now, and I am breaking up with you. I know these lines feel bad, Folks, but it’s the final truth of Darcey Silva and Georgi’s 90 Day Fiancé -relationship. What was the whole story of Darcey and Georgi’s not working relationship? Are they still together? Know every detail in this article. 

Their relationship won’t be fun if you don’t know the complete past. So, the entire story starts on the entertainment show 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days (2020). Yeah, the same show, that documents the couples who have fallen in love on social media but have never met in person. (Crazy thing, I know) Here, Darcey Silva met Georgi Rusvel in where he proposed to her for marriage, and it led to an Instagram break out.

The proposal was shocking for viewers and Darcey, too, as it was too soon for things to get emotional, eventually, the lady said yes. After all, she has gone through a lot of heartbreaks and was prepared for another. Oops, Am I being bit*hy? No, I am not, because the relationship took a turn and Darcey had much more to suffer. What was the reason, lets explore!

Darcey Silva And Georgi 90 Day Fiance! Are They Still Together? 

I know most of you want it to end, for fun; but I genuinely want it to end just because Darcey had suffered a lot already. She had seen hardships, heartbreaks and also handled her adulting emotions (worthy of applause) with all these not-so-happy things happening in the background. Let’s Read about this strong woman, who appeared on 90 Day Fiance. 

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Darcey Silva’s Life Story | Hardships & Heartbreaks 

Darcey Silva And Georgi 90 Day Fiance’s Life Story

Darcey Salvia’sstory is not very generic, because she has gone through several tough times. Our strong lady Darcey is a divorced 42 years old woman and mother of two daughters. She is an independent woman who works in the fashion industry and owns her brand. 

As every lady deserves a second chance, she also felt that she need someone who could understand her and she can find a companion in. So, she agreed to find one, who could fit in well. Soo, she found a handsome hunk Jesse, on a social media dating app. 

Jesse and Darcey soon developed a love bond and shared their lives and stories on social media. Though they never met each other in person, they both decided to meet in Amsterdam on a six-week date. As we all have experienced that Higher expectations lead to big heartbreaks, Darcey who was already deprived of love for so many years, had huge expectations for love, but soon it ended up on a bad note.

The first breakup broke her up, but that was not the end. Soon, she met another man online, a Britisher named Tom, and the story was the same as it was with Jesse. She went on a date to the UK, where Tom proposed marriage. But soon, when the UK date ended, his calls and texts reduced to zero, becoming the reason for their breakup. 

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Darcey & Georgi’s Relationship Story

The third man that came to Darcey’s life was Georgi (masseurs from Bulgaria). She also met him online and soon fell in love. They both decided to go on a date where Georgi proposed to Darcey on a boat, and Later they kissed each other. 

Though it seemed like all the hardships that our strong lady has faced were about to end, but things soon changed after the 48 hours of the proposal. After the proposal, he left her alone at home without leaving any messages and replying to calls. As these things have happened with her many times, this scared her about the third heartbreak.

Soon Georgi returned and conveyed his situation to her. He revealed a surprising fact that he married Stacey a long time ago but is not happy with the relationship, and that’s why he wants to marry her (Darcey). He also assured her that he has given divorce to her first wife, Stacey.

Although this settled everything and their relationship got back on track, soon all his intentions were revealed. She never loved Darcey and used her, for money. Also, it was revealed later that Georgi never divorced her first wife.

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Are Darcey And Georgi Still Together? You Have Guts To Thinks So!

Are Darcey And Georgi Still Together? You Have Guts To Thinks So!

Though their relationship gave a significant boost to their Instagram profile, now they are not together anymore. The breakup took place when she realized that Georgi was using her as an ATM and had not divorced his first wife. In the end, She gave his engagement ring back and moved forward with her life. 

Final Words

A person’s true nature cannot be judged from a few simple conversations on social media platforms. The reason for saying this is because the story of Darcey Silva conveys the same. So it’s always advised to go slow when you are dating someone via social media platforms.

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