Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue Was Against Jewish Community! SHOCKINGGG!


Dave Chappelle is an American Actor and stand-up comedian who hosted the Saturday Night Live show this November. Saturday Night Live, abbreviated as SNL,’ is an American live comedy television show aired on NBC and Peacock. You all have come to know about the controversy going on after the last episode of Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue. Let’s see what Dave Chappelle talked about on his show. 

Why Dave Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Lead To A Growing Controversy

Dave Chappelle, a comedian, hosts the Saturday Night Live Monologue, and recently on November 12, he hosted SNL for the third time. Earlier, he hosted this late-night live show in 2016 and 2020. 

The controversy over Dave Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ monologue started when he commented against the Jewish community. Many people criticized him on social media.

What Dave Chappelle Commented In Saturday Night Live Monologue?

Dave Chappelle’s comments on the Jewish community during his SNL monologue created growing controversy. He was criticized for such anti-Jewish comments and called antisemitic. CNN has contacted Chappelle and NBC representatives for comment.

Naturally, controversy surrounded Dave Chappelle’s most recent “Saturday Night Live” monologue. Chappelle avoided the gender and sexuality-related topics that mostly landed him into the problem. But his jokes on America’s current antisemitic troubles have sparked some backlash, which is escalating.

Kanye West and Kyrie Irving’s recent antisemitic comments were the topics of much of David Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ monologue. He started the show by making fun of their PR mistakes and indicated that Kanye should have said sorry to “buy himself some time.” He also made fun of the fact that Irving got in trouble by association because of the rapper’s antisemitism comments.

Chappelle then continues by discussing his thoughts about antisemitism. He talked about why he thinks antisemitism is a defective philosophy, notably the plan for Jewish people jointly rule the globe. He provided examples of anti-Black racism in many regions of America to show that having a majority of the population of a particular community does not always show that they are in power.

The Controversy Of David Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Growing On Social Media

Dave Chappelle's SNL Monologue Was Against Jewish Community! SHOCKINGGG!

The next day, Dave Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ monologue drew some wrath on social media. Several Jewish users and officials criticized Chappelle for commenting on a serious topic. A few people believed debunking a racist worldview, even in a comedy way, just unnecessarily normalized a harmful way of thinking.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt also criticized Chappelle’s comments on Twitter. In addition to using his platform to express regret over Chappelle making jokes about antisemitism, his organization had previously released formal statements criticizing West and Irving’s remarks.

Final Words

The controversy over Dave Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ monologue started growing after he commented on antisemitism. Talking about a serious topic in a comedy show was criticized by many Jewish officials, locals, and the CEO of the anti-defamation league. Now you know what happened in Dave Chappelle’s ‘SNL’ monologue, which led to a growing controversy. You can watch the live show to learn more about it.

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