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Let’s admit the fact- Directors are the backbone of brilliant movies. Without good direction, one cannot expect a good movie. So, how about knowing more about one of the finest directors of this generation- David Fincher. The director is credited for making amazingly entertaining movies that we have loved to watch. So, here is a complete list of David Fincher movies with 8 IMDB rating that you should watch ASAP!

David Fincher is a popular American movie director. He was born on 28 August 1962. His complete name is David Andrew Leo Fincher. He is well known for creating complex-themed movies belonging to sci-fi thrillers, biography, and action genres. His awesome brilliant directional skills got him several prestigious award nominations and he is also a winner of the MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction.

David Fincher can create suspense and jaw-dropping twists in simple-looking movies quite easily to make them iconic movies. If you doubt me on this, here is the complete list of his awesome movies that have more than 8 IMDB rating. So, till the end to know all the details.

David Fincher Movies With 8 IMDB Rating | Watch The Best!

All David Fincher Movies With 8 IMDB Rating | The Unlimited Fun!

David Fincher’s movies are way too classic and you will need a lot of attention to understand the tangled details. The below-mentioned movies are considered evergreen favorites for all the right reasons. How many of these movies have you seen? Or which one you should pick up to watch or rewatch today? Read the complete article to clear your doubts!

#1 Fight Club (1999) | David Fincher Movies With 8 IMDB Rating

All David Fincher Movies With 8 IMDB Rating | The Unlimited Fun!

Some movies never fade their charm. These movies age like fine wine with growing years and become cult classics. This can be said for the two-decades-old movie- Fight Club

The movie has a stellar cast and some really underground boxing mania to sensationalize the tone of the story. It has a love triangle, mafia action, and some high-level drama that are worth watching.

The story revolves around a man who struggles really hard to fall asleep at the night. He is an insomniac like me! Well, he decides to divert his mind and opens an underground fight club in partnership with a hot-headed soap salesman named Tyler.

The underground club rises very fast and goes through a lot of transformations that alter the lives of everyone involved in it forever.

RELEASE DATE11 November 1999
DIRECTORDavid Fincher
CASTBrad Pitt, Edward Norton, Meat Loaf, Zach Grenier
WHERE CAN YOU WATCHNetflix, Prime Video

#2 Se7en (1995) | David Fincher Movies With 8 IMDB Rating 

All David Fincher Movies With 8 IMDB Rating | The Unlimited Fun!

Though you have seen many serial killer movies and shows, I can bet you have not seen a movie like Se7en yet. The bone-chilling psychological thriller will surely give you long nightmares and keep you awake many nights. 

The movie has a sinister serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins code to brutally murder his victims. However, the killer has a bigger plan to execute which will alter the fate of many.

The FBI, local police, and private detectives try their best to find out the real criminal but always fail to nab the culprit. Thus, two brilliant detectives take the charge to dig out evidence related to the murder and find out the truth. 

However, as the story unfolds, a layer of subplots and characters keep changing the course of the movie. Now, the detectives have limited time to stop the killer before he kills the most vulnerable section of the city.

RELEASE DATE22 September 1995
DIRECTORDavid Fincher
CASTMorgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Andrew Kevin Walker

#3 Gone Girl (2014) | David Fincher Movies With 8 IMDB Rating 

All David Fincher Movies With 8 IMDB Rating | The Unlimited Fun!

How about watching one of the most mind-bending thriller movies? Of course, it is a good idea! So, the next awesome movie by David Fincher is Gone Girl. The film has amazing actors and actresses who have nailed their characters and delivered memorable scenes. 

The movie starts with the sudden disappearance of the protagonist’s (Nick Dunne) wife during their marriage anniversary celebrations. The couple was having tough times in their relationship. Thus, the media and the police started accusing Nick of killing his wife and hiding her dead body.

When the police start the investigation, everything points out that Nick is the culprit. Thus, Nick escapes the police to find his missing wife. The story starts to unfold through several flashbacks that suggest some very shocking revelations. 

As Nick digs deeper into the missing case, he finds out that he is being framed by someone who is very close to him. Now, Nick must prove himself innocent and reveal the real culprit behind the whole facade. The movie has many jaw-dropping twists and turns that you will surely love to watch.

RELEASE DATE10 October 2014
DIRECTORDavid Fincher
CASTBen Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry
WHERE CAN YOU WATCHNetflix, Prime Video

Final Words

The above-mentioned movies cover all the David Fincher movies with 8 IMDB rating. You can also check out David Fincher movies with 7 IMDB rating list here. Apart from David Fincher, which other directors’ movies list you would love to watch? Tell us in the comment section below and we will surely bring a compiled list of movies them. Do visit our official page to read the latest entertainment-related articles.


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