Is Wait For Daybreak Season 2 Over? Will Daybreak Have A Season 2 Or Not?


Daybreak (2019) is something fresh and out-of-the-box kind of show that instantly became the majority’s favorite. The series is a perfect blend of horror and comedy based on the post-apocalyptic period. Now we all are waiting for Daybreak Season 2 or at least want an answer of- Will Daybreak have a season 2?

The 2019 American web series is an adaptation of Brian Ralph’s comic book Daybreak. It is spread over ten awesome episodes that you can watch on Netflix. Its creators- Aron Eli Coleite and Brad Peyton, have left no stones unturned to entertain us here!

Daybreak season 1 had a lot of turns and twists that ended, making one of the leads into a villain! So, Daybreak 2 would have focussed story from that previous segment and its after-effects. However, the official announcement for the cancellation of further seasons has left fans heartbroken! Yes, there would be no Daybreak Season 2 and no new episodes. However, there is an ongoing petition demanding its renewal.

Worry not and pretend like the saddest fans because here I have some more interesting details to share with you! Join me in this mysterious journey and learn more from here!

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Current Status Of Daybreak Season 2 | Is It Going To Release On Netflix?

Is Wait For Daybreak Season 2 Over? Will Daybreak Have A Season 2 Or Not!

For those who are eagerly waiting for Daybreak 2, get your tissue papers ready! The creator of the series, Aron Coleite, tweeted that there is no other season of this epic series. He thanked all for the support and love and left a heartfelt note on his Twitter account. 

Some die-hard fans have not left hope and started a petition demanding Season 2. The best part of this petition is that it gained the attention and signatures of around 38,000 supporters till now. For now, all of the ten episodes of Daybreak are available on Netflix that you can binge-watch with your squad. 

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Why Does Daybreak Become Sensational? What Was The Plot All About?

Is Wait For Daybreak Season 2 Over?

If you are a newcomer and wondering what this fuss is all about. Hold on, let me clear your basics first. The television series is an adaptation of a comic book of the same title Daybreak. However, there is a lot of difference in the intensity of platforms. The comic series is way darker and more intriguing. 

The TV series is based on post-apocalyptic timezones, comic satires, a lot of drama, mind-boggling characters, and a horror environment with lots of chaos and challenges. The male lead is a teenager named Josh Wheeler, who is new to his current school and constantly bullying. The story embarks on a mission when his love interest, Sam Dean, gets missing during the post-apocalyptic.

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After many comedic tussles, Josh manages to build a team of misfits comprising his nemesis and an aspiring samurai Wesley, a ten-year-old fire-raiser named Angelica. On their journey, they come across zombie-like creatures, ghoulies, Amazonian warriors, and the greatest villain- Matthew Broderick. As the episodes progress, it unfolds many secrets and well-written characters.  

In the ending episode, Team Josh manages to overcome every hurdle, frees Sam, and defeats villain Baron. As everything seemed perfect and a happy ending, here comes the TWIST!!! Josh proposes to Sam, only to get rejected and instead gets betrayed! Sam emerges as the new leader of the gangs of Jock and Cheermazon. Thus, the story gets a new villain in its very last episode!

What Could Have Been In The Store Of Daybreak Season 2? Do You Have Any Better Points On Your Mind?

Is Wait For Daybreak Season 2 Over? Will Daybreak Have A Season 2 Or Not?

If we ever get the opportunity to watch Daybreak 2 (I wish, petition do some magic!), we would witness a lot of drama, horror creatures, dynamic social structures, and spectacular performances. Though we hate to see Sam as the new villain, it would be interesting to watch her and the future of Josh. The roller-coaster experiences of Josh would surely be a treat to our eyes!

Till then, you can catch up on some of the brilliant and longest-running web series available on Netflix.

Final Words

If you are as thrilled as I am after watching this awesome series and silently praying for Daybreak 2, welcome to my club! Though we do not have any new updates, we can relive all previous episodes only on Netflix! We deserve to know the future of Josh… Don’t you agree with me? Tell me in the comment section! 

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