Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date Is Set For Fall 2022! Here’s What You Should Expect!


Dead To Me season 3 release date is finally announced. So what do we know about it? Let us tell you!

The black comedy Dead To Me (2019) is created by Liz Feldman. The show stars Max Jenkins, Linda Cardellini, Max Jenkins, Christina Applegate, and Sam McCarthy. Released on May 3, 2019, the audience received Dead To Me season one well. Therefore, renewing the series for a second run. 

Dead To Me Season 3 is set to release in the fall of 2022. No official release date has been announced yet by Netflix. But since the show’s filming is all wrapped up, a fall release date doesn’t look that far away. 

The series revolves around the life of two individuals, Judy (Christina Applegate) and Jen (Linda Cardellini). Both have experienced a share of love and loss in their respective lives. They bond with each other in a grief support group and try to go to lengths to make each other happy. But little do they know that their past is already intertwined with each other’s present. The series takes us through the journey of their deep bond and the resentment they feel after the mysteries of their past are revealed. 

Everything We Know About Dead To Me Season 3 Date! 

Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date Is Set For Fall 2022! Here's What You Should Expect! 

The third season of Dead To Me is sure to be its last, as stated by its creator. Streamed by more than 30 million people, Dead To Me season one overshadowed all the other shows in the 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning five awards in five different categories. 

The Dead To Me season 3 ended on a cliffhanger. With many unanswered questions still waiting for an answer, fans are eagerly waiting for the Dead To Me release date to be officially announced. 

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What Happened In Dead To Me Season 1? | Recap Of Dead To Me Season 1! 

Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date Is Set For Fall 2022! Here's What You Should Expect! 

The first season of Dead To Me was released on May 3, 2019, with ten episodes. The story in Dead To Me season 3 starts with an introduction to Jen. To deal with her husband’s sudden death, she joins a grief support group. She ends up meeting Judy, who, too, is mourning the death of her fiance, Steve. 

They bond over the love and loss of their respective lives and work together to get themselves a better life. Jen is having a hard time dealing with her husband’s death and has undertaken a new obsession with going after any vehicle that could hit and run the vehicle. By the end of the first episode, it is revealed that Judy owns a very convincing hit and run a vehicle that could end up getting into some trouble. 

The first season ends with the scene of Jen and Judy standing over what looks like Judy’s ex-fiance, Steve. It is apparent that Jen has shot Steve and another secret about Jen’s husband’s killer comes to light. Yes! Judy has killed Jen’s husband in the accident. Dead To Me season 1 ends with this cliffhanger. 

What Happened In Dead To Me Season 2? Recap Of Dead To Me Season 2! 

Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date Is Set For Fall 2022! Here's What You Should Expect! 

With many secrets revealed and questions left unanswered in Dead To Me season one, the Dead To Me Season 2 had to stand on many high expectations. The second season too, had ten episodes, with a runtime of 26-34 minutes. It premiered on May 8, 2020, on Netflix.  

The original story of the two friends, Jen and Judy, continues as a saga filled with mystery and light-hearted comedy. A new character Detective Perez is included in the story. Jen confesses her crime to the detective and goes through a lengthy discussion about her future in jail with her family. She wishes to prepare herself for the responsibilities that she will now have. 

We see Jen taking Perez to where they buried Steve’s body. But after arriving on that secluded piece of land, she struggles to identify the burial place of the body. This unsuccessful police and culprit adventure took a different turn when Perex decided to let her go. 

He tells her to forget everything that happened and move on with her life. Dead To Me season 2 ends with Jen’s life again on track. She avoids going to prison, which finally resumes her life back to normal. But, a question arises! What about Steve’s body? Is he dead? To get our answers, we need to wait for the next and final season. 

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 Dead To Me Season 3 Cast And Characters!

Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date Is Set For Fall 2022! Here's What You Should Expect! 

No official cast or character list has been released yet for Dead To Me. But here are some recurring names that are sure to grace your screen again in Dead To Me Season 3.

  • Linda Cardellini stars as Judy Hale, the hit and run driver who killed Jen Harding’s husband. 
  • Christina Applegate stars as Jen Harding, a successful realtor, and grieving widow. She unknowingly forms an unbreakable bond with Judy Hale, the culprit behind her husband’s accident. 
  • Max Jenkins plays the role of Christopher Doyle, Jen’s business partner and real estate agent. 
  • Luke Roessler is Henry Harding, Jen’s younger son.
  • Sam MacCarthy plays the part of Charlie Harding, Jen’s older son. 
  • James Marsden portrays two different roles in two different seasons. He stars as Steve Wood, Judy’s ex-fiance involved with the Greek mafia in season one. In the second season, he plays the role of Steve’s identical twin, Ben Wood, a chiropractor by profession and Jen’s new love interest. 
  • Diana Maria Riva is Ana Perez, the police detective in charge of Jen’s husband’s hit and run case. 
  • Brandon Scott stars as Nick Prager, whom Judy met at the grieving retreat. He is also an off-duty police detective. 
  • Valerie Mahaffey plays the role of Lorna Harding, Ted’s mother and Jen’s mother-in-law.
  • Marc Evan Jackson stars as Jeff. He plays the role of Karen’s husband, who is thought to be gay and accused of having an affair.
  • Frances Conroy portrays Eileen Wood, Ben and Steve’s mother. 
  • Katey Sagal portrays the role of Eleanor Hale, Judy’s emotionally abusive mother, who is a drug addict and currently in prison. 
  • Suzy Nakamura stars as Karen, Jen’s neighbor. 
  • Chelsea Spack portrays the role of Heidi, Steve’s new girlfriend and employed at AKG Arts. 

What To Expect From Dead To Me Season 3?

Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date Is Set For Fall 2022! Here's What You Should Expect! 

The previous seasons of Dead To Me followed a secret reveal every season. Every season, one person’s secret was always a matter of concern and mystery. In the first season, we see Jen on a quest to uncover the mystery behind her husband’s death. And in the second season, it is revealed that Jen did not kill Steve in a self-defense streak. So, following the theme of the previous seasons, the third season will also revolve around a probable secret filled with adventure and mystery.

Jen and Judy are now very financially stable, but that doesn’t help from not getting noticed. Jen’s new injury becomes the town’s attention, and many people know the truth behind it now. It seems like Detective Perez has neutralized Judy and Jen, but wait, another trouble already awaits them in the form of the vengeful Ben. He is here to avenge his brother’s death.

A perpetrator of a serious crime himself, Ben becomes close with Jen. He does not know anything about his brother’s murder but is assured that he has died under mysterious circumstances. So, now it will be fun to see the truths of the past connect to the present. They will bring new mystery and thrill to season 3, giving the series a much-needed final closure. 

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Where To Watch Dead To Me Season 3? 

Dead To Me is a Netflix original that can only be streamed on Netflix. The first and second season of the series is available to stream on Netflix but to catch a glimpse of the third and the final season, you need to wait till fall 2022. 

Dead to Me Season 1 Official Trailer!

 Dead to Me Season 2 Official Trailer!

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Final Words

Dead To Me season release date is not announced yet, but we can expect to see it on our TV screens before the end of this year. Till then, you can catch up with the previous seasons and update yourself with the old plotlines, so that you are ready to stream the new season as soon as it shows up on Netflix. 

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