Is Death Note 2 Releasing? 5 Movies To Enjoy While You Wait For The New!


Over the last fourteen years, fans have eagerly waited for the release of Death Note 2. Ever since the web is flooded with rumors of a potential revival, fans were unable to hold their excitement. Especially with the release of Death Note: a-Kira story and Death Note: Short Stories, fans are sure enough that the new season of anime will be released soon. 

Death Note is a popular anime series based on the Manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Death Note follows Light Yagami, a teenager who discovers a mysterious notebook with hidden powers. The notebook is named Death Note and can kill anyone whose name is present inside the notebook. 

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Recently, new information has come to light that Madhouse studio is planning to work on Death Note 2. Before you get excited, let us clear that there is no official confirmation for such rumors from Madhouse. Even if it is just an internet hoax, fans would love to see a new season of the popular anime release soon. While we cannot say much about the release of season 2, we can suggest you watch other adaptations of Manga Death Note 2 to keep the interest switch on.

Let’s get to the exciting part and find more details about the much-awaited release of Death Note 2. 

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How To Hook Yourself Up With The Death Note 2 World? 6 Amazing Recommendations!

The first season of Death Note covered 37 episodes and was first released in Japan in 2006. The series concluded in 2007, followed by an English dubbed DVD release. After that, Madhouse studios never returned to the production of Death Note 2. Apart from anime adaptation, the manga story has been adapted into several movies, a few of which were produced by Warner Bros 

#1 Death Note [2006]

The first-ever Death Note movie was directed by Shusuke Kaneko and was released in 2006. The movie’s plot revolves around Light Yagami, a college student from Tokyo who wishes to free the world from the darkness of criminals. Upon discovering the mysterious Death Note, Yagami sees it as a way to eradicate criminals by committing a global massacre. After Yagami meets Ryuk, a Shinigami and the book’s previous owner, he decides to become the God Of The New World by destroying evil. 

#2 Death Note 2: The Last Name [2006]

death note 2006

The live-action movie is a sequel to the Death Note movie and is the second film in the supernatural series. The movie continues to revolve around the plot of Yagami and the mysterious Death Note. The Last Name follows his obsession with removing criminals from the world under the guidance of Kira, a controversial serial killer. This movie also introduces a new character Misa, who becomes Light’s girlfriend, and together they embark on a journey of purification. 

#3 L: Change The World [2008]

death note 2

L: Change The World is the third movie in the Death Note series directed by Hideo Nakata. The film is set after Death Note 2: The Last Name but follows a fresh storyline. The movie’s plot revolves around the final days of L’s life when he takes his last case that involves a bioterrorist group. The terrorists are planning to wipe out humanity with the virus, whereas L is trying his best to save the world. During the fight, L takes the sole survivor of the virus from Thailand to help him along with Dr. Maki Nikaido. 

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#4 Death Note: New Generation | Mini-Series [2016]

death note

After seeing the global success of Death Note movies, Hulu decided to take a chance with the popular anime series. In 2016, network Hulu released the first-ever live-action mini-series based on the Manga. Though the inspiration for this series came from the original manga story, it followed a fresh storyline. In this series, the plot revolves around criminal investigator Mishima and cyber-terrorist Shien, who is a follower of Kira. 

#5 Death Note: Light Up The New World [2016]

The 2016 live-action movie is a sequel to The Last Name and is set after the Death Note: New Generation web series. The movie follows an original storyline and revolves around a world full of cyber-terrorism ten years after the death of Kira, L, and Light Yagami. People are dying unexpectedly in this new world, which indicates the use of Death Notes once again. A Death Note Task Force is set up to find the six missing Death Notes, maximum no. that can exist at once. 

#6 Death Note: 2017 Film 

The last supernatural thriller movie in the series was released in 2017 by popular streaming platform Netflix. The Netflix adaptation is directed by Adam Wingard and is based on the original manga series. The plot revolves around a young high school student Light Turner who discovers the mysterious supernatural notebook Death Note that can kill anyone whose name is present inside the pages. Although the movie is an adaptation of the hit anime series, it wasn’t well-received by the critics. 

Is Death Note 2 Happening? Updates From Madhouse 

As of now, there is no official confirmation from Madhouse Studios that can confirm the release of Death Note’s second season. Although, rumor is that after the release of so many movies, Madhouse can take inspiration to shape a new season. The demand for a new season is growing intense with each passing day, and we can only hope the day is near when we see season 2’s release. 

Final Words

We cannot say anything about the future of Death Note 2 currently. Though, there is a strong chance for a season revival after the release of multiple one-shots. As of now, fans can enjoy the unique story through the different movie adaptations and the anime series of the manga story. 

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