Death Note 2 | Will The Sequel Live Up To The Audience Expectations?


With the disheartening reviews of Death Note (2017), the makers decided to come up with its second part, titled  Death Note 2. The latest movie adaptation of the hit anime series is already under pre-production, so the chances are you may see the movie earlier than you thought. 

The Netflix movie Death Note is based on the hit anime series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The director of the film Adam Wingard has a lot of films under his name that add value to the film which is about to release soon. 

Death Note 2 will be a treat for lovers of manga if the creators decide to put in more effort this time. Fans didn’t take the idea of a new storyline very well, which resulted in Death Note’s poor reception at the box office. Keeping these things in mind, screenwriter Greg Russo ensured that the sequel will focus more on the original manga and will cover all the gaps left unfilled in the previous movie. 

Before anyone else, let us know about Death Note 2 & find more details about its release on Netflix. 

What Went Wrong With The Original Netflix Movie? Death Note 2 Writers Should Take Notes 

death note 2

After the anime adaptation of the manga series concluded in 2007, a handful of movie adaptations and web series appeared on the screen in the following years. However, all of them didn’t leave an impressive mark, including the 2017 adaptation by Netflix. Therefore, the screenwriter ensured that the sequel will cover all the mistakes made in the original movie. While we wait for the sequel to release, let’s take a look at the previous adaptation of the manga series. 

Even though the movie decided to take a different path from the storyline, it remained loyal to the characters of the original manga series. If you are a fan of any character, here am I to help you with the character’s details.  

#1 Light Turner Portrayed By Nat Wolff | Member Of Kira 

Nat Wolff: Death Note 2

Light is an intelligent buy, but he remains isolated from the world because of his sadistic nature. Though Nat Wolff has brilliantly portrayed his role, his character lacks many skills in contrast to the manga series. In the original series, Light is extremely sadistic and has horrible sociopath tendencies, but his character is driven toward sympathy for humanity in the movie. 

#2 Mia Sutton Portrayed By Margaret Qualley | Member Of Kira 

Margaret Qualley: Death Note 2

Mia is Light’s high school sweetheart and his only true friend in both the original manga and the adaptations. Mia is also a part of the vigilante group Kira and later becomes obsessed with the powers of Death Note. 

Even though she looks similar to Misa, the original character in the manga, they both are not the same. In an interview, Adam Wingard, the filmmaker, revealed that Mia is an original character inspired by Light’s sociopathic nature. 

#3 Ryuk Portrayed By Willem Dafoe & Jason Liles | God Of Death 

Ryuk: Death Note 2

Ryuk is a demonic Shinigami, the God of Death, and the owner of Death Note. Ryuk makes a connection with Light as soon as he finds the mysterious book and convinces him to start using it. Ryuk’s character is portrayed by two actors in the movie. Jason Liles appears in the costume character, whereas Willem Dafoe did the voice-over. 

Death Note 2 Has A Lot To Learn From Past | A New Road Taken 

Seattle High Schooler Light Turner’s life takes a drastic turn when he comes across the mysterious Death Note. The supernatural notebook comes with instructions that state that any name written in the book will die the way you wish. The Shinigami, also known as the God of Death, visits Light and convinces him to use the Death Note. Soon, Light Turner falls into the path of darkness and vows to get rid of the criminals from this world. 

Light Turner’s high school friend Mia joins him on his journey to purify the world, but she shifts from her decision as the film progresses. Mia decides to keep the book to herself and plans to kill Light. The movie starts to lose its charm from this point onwards as it fades away from the source material. The movie could have had a better ending if the creators would have decided to do the opposite and closely follow the source material. 

There is a lot for Death Note 2 to learn from the past, especially the fact that the source material is based on Japanese culture and yet the creators avoided that. Viewers are expecting Death Note 2 to be set in Japan this time along with an Asian cast, unlike the previous film. If the makers take Death Note 2 where it belongs and avoid their previous mistakes, it will become a huge hit this time. 

The Progress Of Death Note 2 | How Is the Sequel Coming Out? 

The supernatural crime thriller by Adam Wingard is undergoing a sequel. This time the movie is set to follow the source material and other film adaptations more closely than before. If the creators and Netflix will put great efforts into the movie this time, nothing can stop Light Yagami’s latest adaptation from becoming a worldwide hit.

Death Note 2 Is In The Pre-Production Stage 

Death Note 2 poster

Upon the release of the first Death Note movie by director Adam Wingard, he made it pretty clear that he is interested in working on at least two more films inspired by the original manga. In an interview with a leading media portal, Adam said that “There are still a lot of places that are left undiscovered for the movie, and he is ready to visit them anytime Netflix orders a sequel.” 

Later in 2018, news came out that a movie is in pre-production with Greg Russo as the screenwriter. Now, fans are hoping that the creators will take inspiration from previous releases like Death Note: Last Name and L Change The World this time. Both the movies have done well at the box office and can work as a reliable source for the Netflix sequel. 

When Is Death Note 2 Coming To The Big Screen?  

Light and Misa: Death Note 2

As of now, there are no confirmed updates regarding the release of the Death Note 2 movie, but we did hear a few rumors regarding the release of the Death Note 2 anime. If the stories are true, manga fans will get to see season 2 of anime earlier than they expected. However, there is no surety as to if and when the season released. 

Final Words

We hope that this time screenwriter Greg Russo and director Adam Wingard will not mess up with Death Note 2. From their interviews, it is evident that they took notes from past mistakes and have a keen eye on the original manga story this time. If everything works according to the plan in the pre-production stage, Death Note will release tentatively by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. 


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