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You have, undoubtedly, spent months planning for your wedding ceremony, but then there is also the rehearsal dinner to plan for. With all the time spent on how you want your wedding venue to look, you may be worn out with decorating spaces. No worries; that’s what we’re here for. 

Rehearsal dinners can range from a formal dinner— much like the wedding—to pizza parties, so don’t worry about going all out if you’d rather save the big “hurrah!” for the wedding day. Whether you’re having a winter or summer wedding, there are plenty of options for hosting your rehearsal dinner. To help you choose the best option for your specific rehearsal dinner, consider these ideas below: 

Quick Guide to Decorate for a Rehearsal Dinner

Decorate with flowers

Decorate for a Rehearsal Dinner

Whether you’re celebrating the dinner after the rehearsal at a restaurant or in your backyard, you can always add a touch of beauty and class by adding flowers to space—wherever it may be. While you may have spent a long time choosing your wedding flowers, decorating your rehearsal dinner space can be a bit more relaxed. Decorating with flowers can be a quick and simple fix that won’t cost you too much 

or require a lot of planning. 

Consider a casual affair.

Decorate for a Rehearsal Dinner

With the wedding ceremony as the highlight of the whole experience, instead of going all out at the rehearsal dinner, consider making this event a casual affair. From pizza parties to a laid-back get-together with games and drinks, there’s no rulebook that says you have to have a swanky rehearsal dinner if you don’t want to. Blow up some dollar-store balloons and call it a day. Save the fancy wedding outfits and snazzy decor for the main event.

Decorate with a nod to your culture

Decorate for a Rehearsal Dinner

If you or your spouse’s culture is playing a major role in the wedding festivities, you could consider adding a touch of traditional décor or items to your rehearsal dinner. For example, in Armenia, it’s common for the groom’s family to bring gifts or floral arrangements to the home of the bride, where the families will meet for tea. Here, you can simply have the gifted floral arrangements as the décor. It’s always nice to add aspects of your culture or that of your future SO when celebrating your union, so take time to find traditions from your families’ cultures that you could add to your dinner.  

Choose a theme that connects you.

Decorate for a Rehearsal Dinner

Perhaps you first connected over your love for Star Wars, or you’re both crazy about travel. Whatever it may be, consider decorating your rehearsal dinner space with a theme that you both love, and that helps to tell a story about your love and the things that matter to you. You can also look at sites that can provide you with the basics for DIY décor

Add décor to your restaurant reservation.

If you’re celebrating the rehearsal dinner with a reservation at your favorite restaurant, you can consider adding décor to the tables that combine with the restaurant’s ambiance and environment. Whether it’s a rustic restaurant or a posh location, you can simply use the restaurant’s décor as a guide for what you could use. 

You could even make rehearsal dinner invitations that go along with your overall theme while providing the details of the restaurant so that it’s easy for your friends and loved ones to find. 

In Conclusion

While weddings are typically more formal, there’s no reason why you can’t have a lovely backyard meal with your family or celebrate at a local restaurant that you both love. From simple table centerpieces to lovely floral arrangements to going all out with rustic accents, there are a variety of ways to decorate a rehearsal dinner space. Unlike most weddings, rehearsal dinners can be easier to plan for, as they tend to be a bit more relaxed and casual. Have fun with it!

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