Defending Jacob Season 2 | Is Chris Evans Returning To The Big Screen?


Is Defending Jacob season 2: dead or alive? Are you also a part of the crowd who keeps asking the same question? There aren’t many entertainment TV shows that become everyone’s favorite with a few episodes, but Defending Jacob achieved the unachievable with a thrilling storyline and impressive cast members. 

For those of you who may not know, Defending Jacob (2020) is an American crime drama TV series based on a 2012 novel under the same name written by William Landy. The plot of the miniseries revolves around the accusations held against a 14-year-old boy for being a murderer and how the family deals with it. 

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Defending Jacob made its way to everyone’s TV screens in the middle of a pandemic during April 2020. The series received a positive response from the audience and the critics. Notably, Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, and Jaeden Martell were at the receiving end for their stellar performances in the show. The series was created with the intent of covering the story in one particular season only. However, a short season couldn’t satiate the viewers’ hunger for quality content, and right now, they are demanding that the second season of the series should be released. 

With all the requests from the audience, do you think that Defending Jacob season 2 will ever make it to the screens? Let’s keep moving to find the answers. 

Is Defending Jacob Season 2 Dead Or Alive? Makers Are Moving Ahead In A New Direction!

Apple TV+ may have a limited catalog, but the network knows how to impress the audience with its limited content. Defending Jacob is one of the many impressive and original creations of the popular streaming platform. With Chris Evans playing a lead role in the mysterious crime series, Apple TV+ made sure not to leave any chance to grasp the viewers’ attention. After scoring adequate ratings and generating a noted viewership, the series’ makers have taken a back seat while the viewers are demanding a fresh season. Are the makers planning to drop the bomb and surprise the fans or break their hearts? 

1# The Current Status Of Defending Jacob | Is The Barber Family Coming Back?

The Barber Family: Defending Jacob Season 2

It may be hard for some fans to accept, but, indeed, the makers never had any intentions of returning with season 2 of Defending Jacob. The network isn’t canceling the show, but because it is a limited series, they cannot plan for the second season that connects with the story of season one. Those of you who have seen the first season know how the story of the Barber family ends.

2# Was Season 1 Enough To Prove Jacob’s Innocence? 

Andy and Laurie: Defending Jacob Season 2

A total of eight episodes were released for season 1 of the series, and they were more than enough to give a well-framed end to the story. The story starts with Andy and Laurie confronting their 14-year-old son Jacob for the murder of his classmate and then slowly progresses to reveal the layers of secrets. If you haven’t watched the series yet, we aren’t going to spoil the fun, but you should know that the end of the series came with all the answers for both the Barber family and the audience. 

3# What The Viewers Should Expect From Defending Jacob Season 2? 

Chris Evans: Defending Jacob Season 2

There is no fun in thinking about the plot of season 2 because the makers don’t have any plans to make one. Hypothetically speaking, if there is a small chance of Defending Jacob season 2 happening, the viewers should expect an entirely new plot with new cast members. Since the mystery revolving around Jacob was resolved by the end of season one, there is no fun in dragging that plot. Andy Barber (played by Chris Evans) may come back to solve a new case, we can only hope.

As per the sources, it is clear that Chris Evans has no interest in returning to the small screen as Andy Barber. It’s not that the mighty Captain America from the Marvel franchise didn’t like his role, but as the creators, he also thinks that Andy Barber is better off taking care of his wife and son behind the cameras. 

Final Words 

The chances of Defending Jacob returning with a new season lie between negative and zero on the scale. Since there aren’t any plans for the future of the series, maybe it’s time for the viewers to part with the false hopes and moves on to another binge-worthy TV series. 

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