Snapchat is like any other social app that helps us maintain a connection with our friends and loved ones. But this is also the same app that can be the reason behind the growing negativity in your life. To begin with social media detox and drain the negativity, finding a way to delete Snapchat accounts is the best. 

If you are under constant pressure to maintain your Snap streak or bullied on the platform, it is time to delete your Snapchat account. When you make yourself ready to delete the account, you will see a lot of steps to be followed that can lead to confusion. But if you will take a look below, you will find a quick guide to take you through the process easily. 

Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have a culture of toxicity behind them that will never come to an end. To get rid of that toxicity from our life, we must detox ourselves and take social media breaks from time to time.

Taking a break does not mean that you have to leave the platform forever. You can take time off from these platforms for a week or 15 days to gather your thoughts and manifest positivity in your life. Platforms like Snapchat come with many rules before you proceed to delete your account, so be sure to read the full article and know how to delete your Snapchat account carefully.   

Quick Guide to Delete Snapchat Account for A Small Break

Read along to find how you can delete your Snapchat account and get back to it once your little social media break is over. 

#1 Delete Snapchat Account Using Laptop or PC 

To delete your Snapchat account using your Windows or Mac system, follow the easy steps below. 

Snapchat Login Screen: Delete Snapchat Account
Source: The Today Show
  • The next step to take is to click on My Account and Security. It should be somewhere on the left side of your screen. 
  • Once you open the new menu, please find the button labeled as Account Security and click on it. 
  • Once the drop-down menu appears, find and click on the option Delete My Account. 
Snapchat Delete My Account page: Delete Snapchat Account
  • Under the subhead How to delete your Snapchat account, you will find the prospect of Accounts Portal embedded with a link. 
  • After you click on this link, a new page will appear on your browser where you will have to fill in your valid login credentials like username and password. 
  • Once you have filled the spaces with the details, click on Continue to deactivate your account. 

#2 Delete Snapchat Account Using Mobile

If you don’t want to use a laptop or PC to delete your account, you can do the same using your mobile. As we use Snapchat on our phones, it is easy to delete Snapchat accounts using the same. Follow the easy steps below to know how to delete your account on an Android or iOS device. 

Uninstall Snapchat: Delete Snapchat Account
Source: Branding in Asia Magazine
  • Launch the Snapchat application on your device. 
  • Click on your avatar present at the top-left corner of your screen. 
  • Once the new screen appears, click on the Settings icon present at the top-right corner. 
  • Find the Support label at the bottom of the list of options and click on it. 
  • After the above step, select I Need Help under the support label.
  • Once you get redirected to the Snapchat Support Page on your default browser, click on Account & Security, as explained in the desktop case. 
Delete your Snapchat Account: Delete Snapchat Account
Source: Ionos
  • Select Account Information and then click on Delete My Account. 
  • Click on Accounts Portal as defined in the above section, after which you will get redirected to enter your valid credentials. 
  • Select Continue once you have made mind to deactivate your account. 

#3 Delete Snapchat Account Permanently

Once you have taken these steps, the platform will not delete your account at that moment. Instead, it will remain deactivated for 30 days, just like an Instagram account. During these 30 days, your friends cannot interact with you on the platform via streaks or audio chat and video chat. 

Snapchat Account Deactivated: Delete Snapchat Account
Source: Mashable India

Once the period of 30 days is over, your account will be deleted permanently. After your account gets deleted, it means that you won’t have access to any of the messages on the platform. Also, all the saved pictures under the Snaps label will be deleted forever from Snapchat’s database. 

Before deactivating your account, be sure to backup all the pictures saved in Snapchat’s database, as you cannot have them once you delete the account. Even if you try to retrieve them later, there is absolutely no way for that, and you cannot hold anyone accountable other than yourself. 

#4 Recover Deleted Snapchat Account  

If you change your mind and want to get back to the world of snaps and streaks, it is pretty easy. All you need to do is log back into your Snapchat account before the 30 days are over. Be sure to log back before 30 days are over to reactivate your account successfully, or you will have to create a new account entirely. 

Note down your username and password once you deactivate your account because it will be required to activate your account later. When your account is deactivated, you can not log in using your email address, and neither can you change your password. 

Reactivate Snapchat Account: Delete Snapchat Account
Source: iMore

Sometimes, it can take more than 24 hours to reactivate your account. So, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding to deactivate your account. 

Final Pronouncement:

These are the easy steps that you need to follow while you try to delete your Snapchat account. If you still face any problems while deactivating your account, be sure to contact the Support team at Snapchat or drop your queries below to help you delete your account from the platform. 


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