8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2023 That Are Wardrobe Essentials


Have you ever thought about what a girl would do without a handbag? No, right, because I neither. Handbags are an essential part of our wardrobe as much as our clothes, but with the past year at home, we have hardly had the opportunity to flaunt our collection, and now that we are into 2021, there are more handbag trends that we can add to our collection. 

But if we look at the situation right now, we can see a few chances of getting out and enjoying a breakfast date or night out with our friends. You should always be dressed in your best style in a button-down shirt or dress with the perfect handbag to match the outfit for these occasions. 

From Fendi to Zara and Balenciaga, the best fashion designers in the world are already on the outs and blessing our feeds with the best handbag trends that we have seen so far. These trends include everything from mobile bags to comfortable shoulder bags

Without waiting any further, let’s have a look at the craziest and the most famous handbag trends 2021 is enjoying so far. 

8 Essential Handbags That Every Girl Should Have 

Read along to find the handbag trends that are rocking the fashion world of 2021 so far.  

#1 Stock it in Folders

Folder Bags: 8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2021 That Are Wardrobe Essentials

These bags may not be the best for carrying many items as they are not spacious enough, but they are the best to take when it comes to your fashion game. These 2D flat handbags are one of the biggest handbag trends seen in 2021 so far. 

You can carry your files or papers easily in these bags while you are off for work or carry them to your next brunch date. Trust me; all the eyes will be on your bag this time. 

#2 Go Shopping with Totes

Netted Tote Bags: 8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2021 That Are Wardrobe Essentials

Totes were, are, and will always be of the biggest handbag trends this world has seen. Every year the designers put in efforts and come out with new shapes and sizes for this piece of beauty. From netted overalls to sleek shapes except for the regular squares, there is a lot to see this year. 

As we progress more this year, tote bags will keep making appearances, from the regular market tours to runaway stages in different shapes and sizes. 

#3 Eye Candy with Shades

Prada Bag: 8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2021 That Are Wardrobe Essentials

We have seen bags come in every shape and size, but so far this year, the ones that have appealed to us and the fashion world the most are bright and bold shades. These statement bags can boost energy and freshness to every place they are carried, radiating their energy. 

From pastel hues to bold neons, you will find bags in all these shades that are made for an ever-lasting impact. With these bags, people will notice you even before you will step into a room. 

#4 Stay Hydrated with Fashion

Water Bottle bag: 8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2021 That Are Wardrobe Essentials

Fashion designers worldwide have created this latest handbag trend of 2021, and thanks to them, you won’t have to carry your water bottle in your hand anymore. The newest addition to the world of handbags are these water bottle holders that can work as their bag, or you can also tie these to your belts. 

Imagine how cool and fashion-forward you will look while carrying such a fashionable look. You can also gift this bag to your friend or sister who loves to top her fashion game while staying hydrated. 

#5 Oversized Monochrome

Oversized Tote Bags: 8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2021 That Are Wardrobe Essentials

Have you ever heard that oversizing can go wrong? No, right. Be it your clothes or even handbags; oversizing makes you look pretty, sassy, and comfortable in your skin. If you are a person who is always on the go and has to carry a lot of stuff around, extra-large totes are the perfect choice for you. 

Take this bag with you when you are going out for a weekend, and you need to carry your stuff. This bag will bring out your fashionable side in a comfortable way that you will love. 

#6 Tech Savvy Influencer

Chanel Phone Bag: 8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2021 That Are Wardrobe Essentials

By tech-savvy, I don’t mean that your bag should perform coding or it should be automated. Tech-savvy handbag trends are one in which you have to carry your phone while you are running a few errands. These bags are easy to carry. You can hang them easily around your neck or shoulder. 

While you are off to the supermarket or taking a walk, there is no need to carry totes or shoulder bags. A small mobile bag is sufficient to keep your phone safe. 

#7 Go Shoulder Padding

Padded Shoulder Bags: 8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2021 That Are Wardrobe Essentials

Sitting at home has made us so comfortable in our skin that we can hardly carry uncomfortable accessories. Taking notes, many designers have come forward and made shoulder bags that have padding to keep our shoulders happy and rash-free. 

This season you will find many bags with soft shoulder paddings with leather in a scrunched texture. These paddings go well when the weather outside is too hot, and there is a chance that you will get sweaty quickly. 

#8 Layering with Chains 

Chain Bags: 8 Famous Handbag Trends of 2021 That Are Wardrobe Essentials

 Another famous handbag trend that we have seen go famous this year is the chain bags. They are bold, and they deliver a loud and clear message that you are a fashion diva who can pull off these bags easily. 

Not only bags, but you can also see gold chains making an appearance on footwear and other accessories like the mask chain and glass chain. Take out your favorite chain bag and get ready to rock the streets. 

Final Pronouncement:

These are the eight handbag trends that we see have seen rocking 2021 till now. There’s more to come in the world of bags, but for now, this is what it is. Drop your favorite trend of 2021 from the list in the comments section below and tell us how you would style it. 

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