6 Best Detox Drinks Recipes for Weight Loss


Detox Drinks refer to the beverages that are consumed in order to eliminate various toxins from the body. In today’s world looking glamorous, keeping fit is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. We always try to be fit & look for easier options in reaching our desired body shape.

There is a number of ways and techniques to achieve it. One of the major reasons we put on weight is that we brush off the importance of detoxification that makes you fit.

Do we sleep with makeup on? No…… Similarly, we need to remove the toxins from within as well. When we first talk about DETOX or Cleanse our body, we mean to remove the toxins from our body.

Our body may need detoxification from a no. of things for eg. Drugs, pollution alcohol, to clean our liver in order to produce more bile, etc.

Although modern research is not showing enough evidence as to how much are these detox actually effective Ayurveda and recommends that fasting once a week is the best to detoxify ones’ body and soul.

Immediate Benefits of Detox Drinks

Detox water
Detox Tea, Superb 3 Facts About Thi...
Detox Tea, Superb 3 Facts About This Beverage

Here are the best detox drinks benefits which really help to reduce weight loss. Sustainable, natural, and healthy weight loss. Regular detoxing i.e once a week can help in cutting down extra flesh depending on the age, gender lifestyle of an individual.
 Provides the digestive system with some break.
 Improvement in one’s immunity reduction in gas and bloating etc.

There are a number of detox drinks available in the market and usually will find a lot of recipes on the internet. Detox drinks are easy to make at home. Detox drinks help to cleanse the body.

So to find out which one is the most suitable for your body type, it is always advisable to consult a naturopath making your own detox drinks after understanding your body needs can be easy especially when we know exactly what is going into our drinks and in what quantities.

Best Detox Drinks to Reduce Belly Fat and for Weight loss

Make sure you use the best ingredients to support your system inside out. Here are some age-old recipes that not only boost our immunity but also help in increasing our body’s metabolism. Detox drinks are very easy to make at home. here are some best recipes really help to reduce belly fat and weight loss for women.

1. Green Tea And Lemon Detox Drink:

lemon tea

Green tea is known for its’ antioxidation properties. It slows down aging & boosts your metabolism. Lemon, a rich source of vitamin C, helps in shedding our extra fat.

Ingredients: water,1 bag of green tea,1/4 lemon, organic honey (optional)

Preparation: Infuse the tea bag in boiling water in which lemon juice is already added.
Add honey if required.
Consume while still hot.

2. Detox Water:

lemon water

There is nothing better than water. Drink as much to flush out the toxins from the body. When this water is infused with the goodness of herbs and cucumber it becomes even more enriching and tasty.

Ingredients: 1-liter water, a handful of herbs ( mint, coriander, basil), slices of cucumber, a few slices of lemon.

Preparation: put the roughly chopped herbs, slices of cucumber, and lemon in a pitcher. [pour water over it. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Can be consumed anytime when you want.

3. Beetroot and Mint Juice Detox  Drinks:

beetroot drink

Beets are a rich source of betalains that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Mint has a cooling effect that relaxes the muscles of the stomach.

Ingredients: beetroot, a handful of mint leaves, a pinch of rock salt.

Preparation: toss the beet cubes, mint in the blender and give it a spin. Add some rock salt.
Consume while still fresh.

4. Carrot Juice Detox Drink:- 

carroyt juice

Ingredients:-Take 3 carrots, 1 medium cucumber, half lemon, and 1 apple and drink fast before the antioxidants destroying. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, Vitamin A, a nice amount of minerals, good for skin & powerful fat.

Preparation;- Take the above ingredients to blend them together in a blender. Add some water if you want, add little bit salt to taste, and few drops of lemon to enhance the taste. Now you can sieve the content if you want to or you can take it as it is.

5. Ginger Tea Detox Drink:-

ginger water

It helps us to burn fat, improve Digestion. It prevents inflammation. Ginger also helps not only help in weight maintenance but also helps to reduce belly fat.

Ingredients:- Ginger, Lemon, water.

Preparation;- Heat up 2 cups of water. Add 1-2 inch of Sliced ginger to the boiling point water and stew for 5-10 mins. Evacuate from the stove and add 1 freshly squeed lemon juice and 1 tbsp of honey to it.

6. Turmeric Tea Detox Drink:-

turmeric and ginegr

ingredients:- Turmeric, Ginger powder, Water,

Preparation;- Take half a teaspoon of turmeric, a pinch of ginger powder, juice of half a lemon, and a cup of water. Mix everything up and consume. It not only helps in flushing toxins from your liver, but it also prevents gallstones and cleans your bowels.

What are the Drug Detox Drinks? How Do They Work? Are They Efficient?

Drug detox Drinks have been developed for individuals hoping to achieve a quick negative drug test result on urine drug tests.  Different techniques have been developed to help people who have recently used drugs produce a sample that does not indicate any drug use.

While these drinks have to become widely popular, their production has very few regulations. The kits often feature unlisted ingredients, and there is no quality control.

detox drink

There are several mechanism drugs detox drinks use to tamper with drug tests. Adulteration refers to a detox substance being ingested into the body and resulting in a change of the chemicals in the urine.  A negative drug test will result when the chemicals mix and produce compounds undetectable by urine tests.

Due to the unregulated nature of drug detox drinks, relatively little is known about their efficiency. Manufacturers make claims that their product guarantees a negative drug test, but little scientific or medical research is available to substantiate these claims.

Do Detox Drinks Really Work?

Make sure you drink one of these detox drinks every day. Also, drink plenty of water.
Always remember detox drinks are only a way to help you remain fit. it needs to be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle which includes exercising, maintaining a good diet, and keeping a positive frame of mind. For any health-related issues, doctors must be consulted.

Q1. types of Detox Drinks for weight loss?

1.Cucumber and mint.
2.Lemon and ginger.
3.Blackberry and orange.
4.Lemon and cayenne pepper.
5.Watermelon and mint.
6.Grapefruit and rosemary.
7.Orange and lemon.
8.Lemon and lime.

Q2. which is the best detox drink to consume?

Ans – Detox drinks are basically used for eliminating toxics substances from the body and this process is called detoxification,
Best detox drink
1 Cranberry and watermelon.
2. Lime and Ginger.
3. Cucumber and Basil.

Q3. when is it time to drink detox?

Ans – There is not any specified time to consume it and let me aware you detox is an marketing term use to attract people you can prepare it at home instead of wasting money to buy it from market.

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