Did Snapchat Remove Ghost Trails As A Feature?


Did Snapchat remove ghost trails? Snapchat is one of the most used social media apps these days. The app has many interesting features that make it fun for users to be on the app. Not only is the app known for its privacy features, but it is also known for some unique features that are not available on other apps. Be it Snap scores or Snap streaks, Snapchat has a lot to offer to its users. However, the ghost trails feature of the app was quite heavily unliked among users of the app. So did Snapchat remove ghost trails from the app altogether?

The app Snapchat is a social media app that allows users to have conversations freely without worrying about their privacy. The app also allows users to share their location with the help of Snap Maps and even create customized 3D avatars in the form of bitmojis. Not only this, but the app has also introduced new updates like parental controls and a web version for its users. However, the ghost trail feature of Snapchat has been quite controversial among users.

We will discuss Snapchat ghost trail features and whether Snapchat removed ghost trails for good from the app. Newer app users can also learn how to tell if someone deleted their conversation on Snapchat and how to turn off the timer on Snapchat easily.

Snapchat Remove Ghost Trails!

Are you wondering whether or not Snapchat has removed the ghost trails features from the app? If yes, you have come to the right place, as we will tell you about the Snapchat ghost trails feature. We will also explore did Snapchat remove ghost trails or not from the app. So without further ado, let’s see what we know about Snapchat ghost trails and why the feature was quite controversial.

What Is Snapchat Ghost Trails?

Did Snapchat Remove Ghost Trails As A Feature?

Snapchat ghost trail feature allowed users to track their friends’ activity for 24 hours. The feature allowed people added to your friend list to track your location for the past 24 hours, even if you have turned off your location access to Snap Maps. It is a fact that Snapchat is heavily popular among younger users due to its privacy features. However, many users on Snapchat felt that the ghost trail feature was breaching their privacy by showing their location activity to other users. After the sudden disappearance of the feature from the app, many users were wondering if Snapchat removed ghost trails.

However, the feature was not necessarily breaching users’ privacy as there needed to be certain conditions for users to access the feature. First and foremost, if someone did not provide location access to their friends, no one can see their ghost trail on Snap Map. Even if users provided location access to their friends, users could select certain people to whom they want to provide location access. Additionally, the feature was only available in countries that have Snapchat+ available. To ensure further privacy, users whose location access is turned off for Snap Map can not view the ghost trails of other people as well. It can be said that despite being controversial, the feature was quite important from a security standpoint. This is why many users are questioning Snapchat’s decision to obliterate the feature from the app.

Did Snapchat Remove Ghost Trails?

Did Snapchat Remove Ghost Trails As A Feature?

Did Snapchat remove ghost trails from the app? Recently, many users of Snapchat started to tweet that the ghost trail feature is not available on the app anymore. Some questioned that the feature might have been removed, while others speculated that it could simply be an app glitch and the feature might return soon. Snapchat has recently removed certain features front he app, like Mini Games, so users think the ghost trail feature might be gone for good. Recently, Snapchat has introduced many new features for their users, so some older features of the app have also been removed.

After multiple tweets, Snapchat officially announced that the ghost trail feature has been removed from the app. They have not confirmed whether this removal is permanent, but for now, users cannot access the ghost trail feature. Alternatively, Snapchat has now allows users to turn on live location for their Snap Map even if they are not using the app. Many users on Snapchat expect a substitute for the feature as the chances of the feature returning to Snapchat are quite slim. So to answer the question, did Snapchat remove ghost trails from the app? Yes, Snapchat has decided to remove the ghost trail feature from the app.

Final Words

We have discussed everything about Snapchat ghost trails and did Snapcht remove ghost trails from the app as a feature. If you are new to Snapchat, you can also learn how to fix Snapchat location update issues in five steps. You might also want to know how to get Snapchat bots on your Snapchat friends list. If you want to know more about the latest social media features and updates, stay tuned.

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